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The 3 Magical Ways To Ignite Your Sexual Relationship And Stop Him/Her From Cheating

Photo by Mateus Souza from Pexels

I have been telling couples who care to listen that sex is not all about couples or partners having sexual knowledge of each other or one lying down and another being on top. You should know to spice up things and ignite your sexual relationship.

For those who understand what is varieties in the relationship, they know sex happens in various means. It can be spoken, it can be played, it can be delayed or postponed, it can be promised, and it can be done.

I am qualified to discuss this topic because of my years of experience in relationship matters, theoretically and otherwise.

Sex is a big talk as long as marriage, dating, and courtship are concerned. People are not comfortable talking about it. But the truth of the matter is, we cannot comfortably discuss love and relationship without including sex and intimacy.

What baffles me about sex is why I will be on yesterday and become off today? Why will my spouse follow me around and I will not be on for the game? That is actually how we see ourselves most times.

But that was then. I have learned some tricks that help to overcome this “I am not in the mood attitude”. These tricks will make a cheating spouse stop.

Sex Promise

This trick helps to keep him or her busy. Promising him sex is a kind of discharging or postponing mechanism. It doesn’t cost much other than a phone call, dropping a note, and messaging.

I came back last night tired and couldn’t respond to his touch. I left early this morning but not without a sex promise sent on his phone.

Sweet, you escaped last night. I hope you will not run away before 2 pm? I shall give you “Sali meals”.

Don’t even bother to find out what Sali meal means. I don’t even know. It means nothing. It is part of the sex promise. In his mind, it means many things. I have given him an assignment, a horny one at that. He will keep imagining how the Sali meal will be like until I return.

This tool helps the feelings the couples have for each other to always be warm. A child whose mother or father makes a promise to buy a gift while returning is always looking at the gate, expecting the mother’s return. That is what sex promise does in couples’ lives.

Talking Sex:

Don’t ever say “I am tired”. I don’t.

This is because I have grown to understand that sex can be done in two ways. Either it is spoken or it is done. I use talking sex to postpone sex when I am not on.

This too is another way to turn yourself and your partner on. When caressing is not working, engage yourself with sex talk. Talk about the things you do in the bedroom. Talk about how you feel when you scream. Talk about the movement of his banana in the inside.

Bae; how about licking your dash right now.

I said “dash”.

I am always using strange words to see his body reaction. His reaction will lead me to the dash exact dash where I think the licking should be.

One thing I have been able to gain from sex talk with my partner is, it always helps me to know how he feels. It is like an appetizer, it prepares the stomach for food. It is also a postponement mechanism.

I have engaged my spouse on sex talk and before I knew what was happening, He dozed off. Exactly what I wanted. I needed some sleep at that very moment. We can continue after the nap.

Playing Sex

*Image credit: from Pexels

This act is not strange to lovers or couples. We see it often played out in the Movies. The running in the garden, the falling and fainting game, all of these and more are forms of playing sex.

But you don’t have to wait to take him or her to the garden before you play sex. In the absence of these places, sex can be played in the home; in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the dinning, in the car. It is the sweetest when it comes as a surprise.

I do it when my spouse is least expecting it. That moment when he is depressed and got distress calls. That moment when he bends to slide into his boxer; a soft and quick touch on his balls and a smile that follows.

That moment when she hustles around in the kitchen, she needs to be seized from the back and holds tightly.

“You are a banquet. I don’t think I need food. Or, should we just cook for the sake of cooking?”

The mistake some lovers make is playing sake only when they need sex. Sex mustn’t be done every day. But it should be refreshed on a daily basis and one of the ways for refreshing it is playing it.

Birthdays are not the only time for flower giving, it should be a constant practice. Take him or her to an odd place and play it.

Some people are very much satisfied after, talking, promising, and playing sex. Others use them as appetizers. Whatever they are, lovers are learning to use these three great tools to prepare themselves and get ready for the great day of the feast.

Finally, sex is enjoyable. Sex is given for honor of the union of two. It is a great meal. How you prepare and present it will determine its enjoyment.