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Anglican Bible STUDY 7 Quinquagesima Sunday, February 14, 2021

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Anglican Bible STUDY 7 Quinquagesima Sunday

Welcome to study seven Anglican Bible study 2021 for today’s Sunday. Anglican Bible STUDY 7 Quinquagesima Sunday. In today’s study, we tried to provide answers to the study questions as much as we could.


Quinquagesima Sunday, February 14, 2021
SUB-THEME 2: The living God and other gods (5)
TOPIC: The Infinite God and finite gods
TEXT: Psa.139:7-13; Jer. 23:24.

i. to expose any object of worship apart from the Almighty God as limited in time and space
ii. to show the supremacy of the infinite God over all gods.

INTRODUCTION: Quinquagesima Sunday is the next to the beginning of Lent and it tells that
we are fifty days to Easter. As we prepare for a period of Christian chastity, let us continue to
pray for all the faithful to remain upright till the Second Coming of Christ.

One factor that should move all to the worship of the Almighty God is His infinite (unlimited)
power. Scriptures make it clear that He is present everywhere, at the same time. People across
the world call on Him at the same time and He hears and answers all. On the contrary, man-made
gods are limited to only one place at the same time, that is, finite. How then can we prove that it
is worthless to worship such gods?

Anglican Bible STUDY 7 Quinquagesima Sunday

1. What is your understanding of “Infinite God” and “finite god”?

Answer: Infinite God means that he is not limited by time, space or event. It means that God can be in all places at the same time. It can also mean ‘unending’, inexhaustible and supreme. While finite gods means the opposite. The gods are kept in a place and invoked when they are needed to work.

2. Read Acts 12:5-12 for proof that God is Infinite. Prov.15:3.


Acts 12 verses 5 to 12 shows that God’s power is not limited to the prison wall or chain. No situation or condition can limit His Infinite nature. 

The proof of the Infinite nature of God is seen in Prov. !5 verse 3 where it says that the eyes of the Lord are everywhere watching. He is everywhere. Whether you are in a closed-door or inside the cupboard, doing anything, good or evil, God sees them all.


3. Apart from the finite nature of man-made gods, discuss the reasons they must not be
worshipped. Ex.20:3-6.

Answer: They must not be worshipped because it a command from the Almighty God. There is also punishment for any man and his generations who will worship them.

4. In a religiously plural world, how can we convince those who are in the Church to steer
clear of the worship of other gods? 2Tim 4:1-4.



There are 4 things prominent in the 2Tim 4: 1-4. These what we need today to convince those in the church to steer clear of the worship of other gods.

First, it demands we must be patient in teaching them. The rest 3 say we need to teach with convincing words, reproach, and encouragement.

CONCLUSION: It is an awesome thing to know that our God is infinite. There is absolutely
nothing beyond His knowledge. Put your trust in Him and you will be preserved to eternity.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The Infinite and finite: which will you serve?
MEMORY VERSE: Jeremiah 23:24 – Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see
him? saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD.

Anglican Bible STUDY 7 Quinquagesima Sunday

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