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This is how to make Money by Selling Corn Cobs – 2021

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This is how to make Money by Selling Corn Cobs – 2021

This is how to make Money by Selling Corn Cobs – 2021. Let’s talk about the corn cobs business. Don’t throw Corn Cobs away again. This is how to make money with it. I sell Corn Cobs. This is How Much I Made millions selling corn cobs.

– The Markets to sell your Corn cobs


This is how to make Money by Selling Corn Cobs - 2021
Corn cobs

One thing most people don’t know is that corn cob is money. I mean, it is a market. Corn cobs are sold on different online platforms while we eat ours here and throw them in the bush or inside the wastebaskets.

According to an article in on “10 ways, we use corn”;

“Corn cobs might seem like the throwaway part of corn, but have their uses -and more uses are discovered or developed all the time”.

Corn cobs are the hard part of the corn on which the corn seeds or Kernels are laid. I have heard someone defined Corn cobs as the gums on which corn seeds germinate. That is a layman’s definition but it is true. I concur.


This is how to make Money by Selling Corn Cobs - 2021
Image by me (My corn farm)

This is how to make Money by Selling Corn Cobs – 2021

Corns are made up of many parts: the leaves which sprout from the stem, the Husk. The Husk is made up of different layers of leaves. It is the back of the corn. It is not edible but it can be cooked with corn. When cooked together with the corn, it gives it a special taste and flavor.

Another part of the corn is called the Kernels. The Kernels are the corn seeds as they are laid on the cob. The Kernels are what we eat from the corn. The third part is the corn Silk.

When I was a child, I called this part of a corn “Corn bear bear”; meaning corn beard. As little children, we thought corns grow a beard like the men.

I didn’t know one could make fortune from selling corn cobs until a few months ago.

“Corn is for eating. The cob is for the fire”.

This is an old-time slogan by corn eaters; by us. My eyes were opened a few months ago when I went online to order a product. I saw something on Alibaba that turned my eyeballs. I saw corn cobs placed for sale for $140 to $220.

What! Yes, here is it.

(Dry Corn Cob from Vietnam: Source

After seeing this, a business idea came into my head. Don’t call me an opportunist, call me a hustler and an adventurer. I love both.

I quickly made a research on what people can do with corn cobs or the benefits of corn cobs. I was baffled the more. This thing is money but some of us allow it to end up in our wastebaskets.

Corn cobs cost a fortune in and other online platforms. You can buy corn cobs as high as $150 and above.

Other online markets where you can sell your corn cobs include Here, corn cobs cost a fortune. They are sold in Kilo.

This is how to make Money by Selling Corn Cobs – 2021



There are many things we can do with corn cobs but I shall limit its uses on the monetary aspect and that of our homes.

  •  Livestock feed

Dry and grounded corn cobs are sweet feed for livestock like cattle, goats, and rams. You can make a huge income out of it by gathering it in a large quantity, drying them. You can sell them in their original form or take them to the grinding machine.

Grounded corn cobs are used to feed animals. It is a popular demand in the Animal farm business.

  •  Animal Bedding

Dry and grounded corn cobs are used in animal bedding in a typical traditional animal farm. Poultry farms are everywhere now. Backyard poultry is trending everywhere. Poultry and animal farm owners are always looking for sawdust to buy for their animal bedding. This corn cob is the best and it is a sought-after market.

Grounded corn cobs are needed in the piggery business. Birds rearer needs grounded dry corn cobs for bedding. Animal bedding is a good market during the rainy seasons because the animal house is always messed up and the rearers are always looking for ways to keep it neat and dry.


  • Landfill

Corn cobs are useful at home and in our environment. Do not throw them away. Store them in bags or in a corner. They can be used to fill potholes on the road or in the house. They can be stacked in sack bags and use to fill erosion sites or wedge erosion.


  • Cooking:

Corn cobs are also useful in the kitchen. Some people boil them in a pot and sieve the water into containers with lids, save them in the refrigerator for future cooking.

It can be used to smoke fish or meat. Meat or fish smoked with corn cobs have sweet and better flavor.

  •   For Industrial Use

Corn cobs are used for industrial products.

Modern industrial products made from corn cobs include absorbents for oil and hazardous waste, insecticides, fertilizer, and grit for tumbling and blasting. Cobs, as well as corn stalks, are starting to be used to produce ethanol Mentalfloss.

If you are wondering why ordinary corn cobs are sold as high as $200, this is the reason.

This is how to make Money by Selling Corn Cobs – 2021


My corn cobs business didn’t cost me anything to start up. It only cost my pride. I put my pride and class in the pocket and went out to hunt for disposed corn cobs in the streets.

This period is the corn season. There is hardly any place you will go without seeing corn cobs. Corn roasters are everywhere in the street selling to the people. I went to all these places and undertake to carry away corn cob wastes from the corns.


I have done it for more than one month. I sell to the animal farm owners. Recently, I got a contact from industry and I was told the quantity they accept. I am on it.

But so far, I have made #28,000.00 ($74) from the new business. This may look little to some people but to me, it is very big, especially when I remember that I made the money from the wastebasket.


This month’s sales are going to surpass that of the last month from every indication. I am also aware that the business will be seasonal because corn cultivation in my area is seasonal. There is no problem with that. I am enjoying the abundance now while it lasts.

This a new business opportunity. You’re welcome to join in the hunt. There is wealth in the wastebaskets.