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He Broke up with me 2 days before our Wedding But He Didn’t Know about this 3-Year-old Secret of His

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He Broke up with me 2 days before our Wedding- True Life Story

He Broke up with me 2 Days before our Wedding But He Didn’t Know about this 3-Year-old Secret of His. He Broke up with me 2 days before our Wedding- True Life Story.

He Broke up with me 2 Days before our Wedding- True Life Story.

My name is Janeth, I’m 30 years old and single. I know you might be thinking how come a 30-year-old lady is still single although this beautiful. Well, I don’t think I can answer that, but let me just give you a breakdown of what happened to my last failed relationship.


In my first year at the university, I met John, tall and very handsome that I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I prayed within me that he comes to me and talk to me. Oh! Forgive my manners….how we met? it was during a friend’s birthday party, he was a friend to the celebrant.

It was like magic as we connected almost immediately. We loved each other and were always seen together. We were the perfect match as friends and neighbors would always say. We dated from year one till a final year and continued with the relationship after school.

He Broke up with me 2 days before our Wedding- True Life Story

Seven years into the relationship I started feeling concerned about where the relationship was heading. Because as at that time, many of my friends who started their relationships while I was already years into mine, had settled down with their partners. At this time it seems I was the only one left in the market.

I recall times I couldn’t just go home to visit my parents because of my mum. She will mock me for not being able to find a husband. Am I a husband-giver? The pressure was much from all corners. Often times I ask John when we’ll be tying the knot, his response has always been that I should be patient with him for a little while.

Money wasn’t the issue just in case you’re having such a thought. John was doing pretty well for himself. He earns over N200k monthly from his place of work and in addition, the company provided him an official car and accommodation, so money was never the problem.

I endured and was patient with John until our tenth (10th) year dating anniversary when John finally engaged me. I was super excited, finally, I’ll be getting married, I can now boldly walk down the streets with my heads up high and flaunting my very expensive ring on my hand, I thought within.

We planned the whole wedding stuff together. The date was fixed and everything well sorted out. But when I thought I had my breakthrough, I never knew the earth was opening to swallow my whole being.


Two days to the wedding my phone ranged at this time John wasn’t at home, he went on a business trip and was expected to be around a day to the wedding, it was urgent. I rushed to my phone, picked it up, and saw what shattered me totally. The message reads “Janeth, I’m sorry I’m saying this now but I have been meaning to say this a long time ago, I can’t continue with this. I believe you’ll find the right man for you”.

My world crumbled before my very eyes. What kind of embarrassment is this? How do I face my mother and friends? Why would John do this to me, after all, I sacrificed for him? And I was going to tell him about his son shortly after we get married.

He Broke up with me 2 days before our Wedding- True Life Story

It happened three years ago while John was still job hunting, we slept together and it resulted in pregnancy. I thought of telling him about it but my friend advised that I shouldn’t, so I don’t scare him away.

We came up with a plan. I had to lie to John that I was traveling to Abuja to learn a new trade for the next year. Everything went as planned. My aunt and friend played their part very efficiently. After giving birth, I left the baby with my aunt and returned back to Lagos and up to date, John is clueless about his baby boy.

I never expected this from John. Although I felt bad, I have decided to move on with my baby. At the age of 30, it will be difficult finding a man but I have vowed never to let him know about his son. This will be my little secret I’m willing to die with!

I am doing the right thing? Share your thought on this and remember to share the post.

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