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Parents, Guide Your Children. See The Dangerous Notification I got From Facebook

This post is a call for action for parents to censor how their children use Facebook. Most especially, the immature ones like the young school leavers and underages. A notification popped up from my Facebook this evening and it is giving me concern.

Facebook is becoming a marketing ground for cultists and porn stars. Native doctors, witch doctors, Ogbanje groups are on Facebook. I have received a friend request from these groups. I have even received a friend request from ‘Lucifer’.

But this very notification is giving me concern. We are in a generation where our youths have avalanche for quick wealth. Everybody wants to make it big without doing anything. They are inviting me to join the occultic group for money rituals.

This is very dangerous. The person even released a phone number. A desperate youth who sees this will not hesitate to apply.

This notification is unhealthy for teenagers who have their phones in their hands. Parents should watch out for what their children consume on social media, Facebook to be precise. To clear, my doubt, I clicked on the notification link. This is what I saw.

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