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This Is How To Deal With Social Media Bullies

I have discovered a new way of dealing with Social media bullies. This way, you can Win every Argument on Social Media without hurting your feelings or anyone’s feeling.

How to deal with social media bullies
Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

Social media is a subscribed apartment that accommodates all manners of people, people of different tribes, races, colors, civilization, and of varying thinking faculties. Until you are engaged in an argument on social media, you will never appreciate the breeds of humans that are on this earth.

Some social media users are tigers; always using their pawns. Some other users do not actually chew their words before they spew it. I may not have actually won a single argument on social media, but I have always had a way of arguing satisfactorily without letting anyone hurting my feelings.

The Medium’s Facebook pages are the only Facebook group pages I have seen with well-cultured participants or so I thought. I give credit to the group’s rules which have somehow bridled the beast in us.

Have you ever involved in a social media argument which is so annoying, and the people involved are rude and intimidating? Yes, I have and I belong to so many of the group pages that house bullies as members.

I am not afraid to argue or state my points on social media, but I detest these categories of people who argue on Social Media:

  • Those who will leave the topic and attack your personality
  • Those who will never understand the topic of discussion
  • Those who will take the post personally
  • Those who will never lose out in any argument, even when they are wrong, they will continue to prove otherwise.
  • Those who are there to hurt other people’s feelings.
  • Those who are there to bully others.

I have learned how to tackle these kinds of people when it involves Social Media arguments. It has actually given me the feeling of victory each time I apply this trick.

It also saves me the headache of arguing further and trying to prove a point. More to that, I will not see those trollers who will come later under the post to call me names, those who will not attack the topic but my personality.

How do you win all these groups of people in an argument?

In every heated argument, I have learned to constructively state my view on the issue and MUTE notifications on the post.

You will have to pay the controversial post a second visit in a week’s time.

By that time, the Social Media tigers have been exhausted with arguments.

State all your views on or under the controversial post and mute all the notifications on the post.

This is the only way to win an argument on Social Media. Someone’s nasty comments cannot continue to give us headaches.