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Mr Macaroni Biography, Age, Name, Marriage, State, Awards and Net Worth

Mr Macaroni Biography, Age, Name, Marriage, State, Awards and Net Worth

Nigerian entertainer, Mr Macaroni who is originally known as Adebayo Adebowale was born on May 3, 1993. The significant figure in the Nigerian movie industry has taken his brand to lengths, being an online skit maker and an activist. Mr Macaroni Biography, Age, Name, Marriage, State, Awards and Net Worth. Watch Mr Macaroni Comedy (The Exam) Mr Macaroni New Comedy Video – Professor Hardlife.

Personal Life

Adebayo Adebowale was born into an upper-class family of a Muslim and Christian. His family was so supportive, that he might not have had his degrees if not for his parents. Activism is in Adebayo’s nature. Mr Macaroni’s biography is not complete unless this is noted. He was known as a strong voice for justice during his days in school. Furthermore, the Freaky Freaky Daddy was arrested in 2021, at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos, for being part of the End Sars Movement.

Mr Macaroni Marriage

It is not a common tradition among Nigerian online skit makers to flaunt their loved ones online. Many of them keep their relationship status private. Mr. Macaroni’s relationship status is an ironic part of the actor. Read also Sarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Kenneth Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth.

At the time of this report, Mr Macaroni has not been officially said to be in any relationship with a woman. No source has acclaimed that, neither did he make an attempt to show that off, despite his “Sugar Daddy” character in his plays.

Many would not believe he does not have a woman of his own, yet. Anyway, people speculate he might be in some private relationship – and choose not to make it known to all.

Recall that in an interview with Pulse Nigeria in 2020, while talking on how he came about his stage name, the actor noted a girl’s name, Adedun, the one which he noted his special love for. Hence, we can say not based on solid facts though, that Mr Macaroni is in a relationship with Dedun.


There is something unique about Mr Macaroni’s education. Talking about it in an interview, he noted that it was not a fantastic experience. Mr Macaroni spent about nine years in school before he could attain his degree pursuit. A lot of things which we must cut short delayed his education. See Officer Woos Biography, Age, Real Name, State of Origin, Wife, Family, Net Worth.

For his education before the tertiary institution level, Macaroni has no significant problem. He got his secondary school certificate in Lagos. Macaroni attended Tendercare International Nursery and Primary school in Ojota, Ogudu, Lagos State. Thereafter, he went to Babcock University High School where he got his secondary school certificate.

Mr Macaroni who eventually completed his degree program in 2018 faced a lot of challenges before his graduation was possible. He was asked in an interview to talk about his education, sometimes after he has reportedly graduated. Macaroni noted that at the very beginning of his education in the higher institution, he had to drop out alongside others who chose to study law in his school.

It was 2009 when Mr Macaroni was admitted to Leads University, Ibadan to study law. According to him, ‘one morning the NUC just woke up and said Law was not accredited in his school.’ Before leaving, Mr Macaroni reportedly led a protest against the school’s management to give them reasons why they were admitted to take up a course that was not accredited in the first place. Shortly afterwards, all law students had to leave for another institution.

Thereafter, Mr Macaroni moved to the university of Houdegbe North American, Cotonou in the Republic of Benin to continue his education in the pursuit to be a lawyer. This attempt in 2011, was also cut short due to his nature of activism; Adebayo does not always keep to himself any unjust act he notices. And as a result, he was also forced to leave the school before completing his course.

Thirdly, Adebayo attended Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti, Ekiti, hoping to study “Theater Arts, that which he was admitted to take.” The whole thing turned out like a dream when Debayo got to the schools and was urged to study English or other related courses due to the non-availability of Theater Arts at the moment. He felt like he was been fooled because he knew what he actually wanted for himself. But this time, he wouldn’t waste his time any longer, so he took the course, anyway.

About a year after, he transferred his admission to the final university where he completed his education by studying what he loved to do. In 2018, Mr Macaroni graduated from the Redeemer’s University Nigeria, Osun State with a degree in Theater Arts.

Hence, studying from 2009 to 2018, Mr Macaroni attended four universities completing his studies in just one of them. See Isbae U Biography, Real Name, Family, State, Wife, Girl Friend and Net worth.

Mr Macaroni Biography, Age, Name, Marriage, State, Awards and Net Worth


Mr Macaroni does not originally have the intention to be an entertainer. He was going to become a lawyer when two schools consecutively failed him. After his attempt to retake Law at Cotonou University failed, Adebayo thought school was not meant for him, and so he started going for shows and several auditions – acting as if he had planned for it before.

Along the line, his parents urged him to complete his degree program. Then he proposed that he was not going to study law again, so he took up Theater Arts at an Ekiti university because he had started going for movie auditions.
Fast forward, he completed his degree program in Theater Arts in 2018. He had started acting before then, though.

In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Mr Macaroni noted that he never saw himself making skits. As a Theater Arts student and a Nollywood actor, he had at first underrated the skit-making thing which he later realized was for him. As a result of this, he disclosed that he would not quit the movie industry for skit making because it was his first dream. Hence, Mr Macaroni remains a Nollywood actor and an online skit maker.

How Did Mr Macaroni come about his name?

The entertainer revealed that he got his name when he had started attending auditions to take up some roles in Nollywood movies. It happened one day when he was given a character to play and the director asked him to name himself for the play. He did and Mr Macaroni was the name that came to his mind, extemporaneously.
Nevertheless, he might not have kept this name, if not for “Dedun,” who he noted always made him feel special whenever she called him that name.

Catchphrases Mr Macaroni has created

Freaky Freaky
You are doing well. He has some other public catchphrases, but Mr Macaroni is popularly known for these.

Mr Macaroni Biography, Age, Name, Marriage, State, Awards and Net Worth

Mr Macaroni Net Worth

As of 2022, Mr Macaroni’s net worth is estimated to be $100,000 (hundred thousand dollars).
His major source of income is from his acting career. Mr Macaroni earns by streaming online and also does brand influencing for companies that are interested in him.

Mr Macaroni Awards

Being an award-winning entertainer, who simultaneously makes skits and performs as an actor in Nollywood movies, etc. Mr Macaroni has gotten a few awards since he has been in the industry. Some of the notable awards are:
1. The Future Awards Africa
2. Afro X Digitals Awards
3. City People Music Awards.

Mr Macaroni has been nominated for about five other awards, and he has one pending result – for now. This is to say that Mr Macaroni has had fruitful years as an actor. Mr Macaroni Biography, Age, Name, Marriage, State, Awards and Net Worth.

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