You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! Isbae U Biography, Real Name, Family, State, Wife, Girl Friend, Net worth

Isbae U Biography, Real Name, Family, State, Wife, Girl Friend and Net worth

Isbae U Biography, Real Name, Family, State, Wife, Girl Friend and Net worth

Isbae U real name is Abebayo Ridwan Abidemi. He is popularly known as Isbae U. He is a Nigerian comedian, YouTuber, social media influencer, and actor. We shall be looking into his biography today. Isbae U was born on April 5, 1995, in Lagos where he grew up. Isbae U Biography, Real Name, Family, State, Wife, Girl Friend and Net worth. Read also Sarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Kenneth Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth.

Isbae Personal Life

Abebayo was born and bred in Lagos State, Nigeria. The actor sees himself as a practical example of “When there is life there is hope.” Growing up with just a parent made life seem a bit tough for the comic skit maker, but he wouldn’t quit striving.

Isbae U’s mother died leaving him behind when he was very much younger. And as a result, he has stayed in many people’s houses. Bae U noted that he had done a lot of things against his wish during this phase of his life. The fast-rising skit maker disclosed that he had done a lot of things he was not proud of – he had begged to eat, he had hustled along the road. He didn’t actually know his father until the death of his mother.

At a point in an interview with TheKrativo, Isbae U asserted that people around him would not have been surprised if he turned out to be a tout or street lord because he does not have good guidance. “I wish I had someone to direct me on how to leave my life,” he asserted in the interview. See Officer Woos Biography, Age, Real Name, State of Origin, Wife, Family, Net Worth.

Sources revealed that Kamal Adebayo, who turned out to be Isbae U’s father is a prominent Nollywood actor. A significant way in which his father has contributed to Bae U’s success was with his wise saying, “If one does not see a positive sign after a year of consistency in doing something, that thing is being done wrong.” This also was the kind of mentality Bae U held on to at the beginning of his career as an actor like his father.


Regardless of how tough things seemed to be for him, Isbae U’s people ensured that he was enrolled in school.
Although there is no information readily available about his higher education, we know Bae U obtained his primary and secondary school education in Lagos state.

Isbae U Relationship Status/ Girl Friend

Kemz Mama who is known as Mummy Wa in Mr macaroni Comedy Skit is the girlfriend of Isbae U. Whether he is legally married to her or not, as far as the general public can see, Isbae U is in a relationship with Kemz Mama.


Like a few other Nigerian celebrities, Isbae U has tried to create for himself a sort of trademark. He is known for:
F*ck Shit; and Alhamdullilah – most often at the end of his skits.

Isbae U Biography, Real Name, Family, State, Wife, Girl Friend and Net worth

Isbae U Success Story

Isbae, who is now popularly known in Nigeria today said he struggled all through his life alone. He stated that loneliness had become part of him, after growing up without a mother. The skit maker in an interview revealed that he lost his mother at a very tender age. Read about Billionaire Prince White Biography, Real Name, Family, Wife, State and Cars, Houses, Net Worth.

Isbae U rose to the limelight sometime in 2019 when he was discovered in one of Mr Macaroni’s skits. The comedian is so happy about his success in the industry especially because he noted that he has got no help hands to raise him, coming up. He is a great man bringing hope to many Nigerians out there who are also in helpless conditions. Before fame, Isbae did not originally have the intention to be a skit maker.

As a matter of fact, he was seen as a lazy and jobless man after his secondary school education. Isbae U noted that he was not feeling good about himself whenever people refer to him as a lazy man. He then got motivated by those who would tell him that as a man you don’t just remain indoors all that. Thus, Bae U got out and got something to do.

He started by learning tailoring within the neighborhood. Bae U said he found some money and paid someone close to where he resided to learn the tailoring skill not because he was interested in cloth making, but just to get something doing. The skit maker grew up without people to put him through the way on what to and what not to do.

Sometimes after he had enrolled himself in tailoring, IsBae U said he thought of acting and gathered a few people around for the creation of his first skit. Before starting, he had promised himself that he will only check if this is his way, and would quit if, within a year of acting, he does not get any sign from God to show that acting is meant for him.

Strangely enough, he got top blogs on the internet sharing his first skit. This was so motivating to him, and so he sat up to make better content. However, his second, third, fourth, and a few other skits after the first did not gain engagements from bloggers. In view of this, people around him discouraged him proposing that the first one was a stroke of luck.

But Isbae U who preached consistency to fans kept pushing at least hoping that he wouldn’t give up until a year.
Old friends contacting him to tell him they enjoy his skits online was another encouragement Isbae U got within the span of some months. As time goes on, when he was beginning to think that some of those friends were not been honest with him, he started getting the attention of strangers. Massive comments and reactions to his skits online made him know comedy was for him.

Shortly afterwards, he met Oluwardollarz, Mr Macaroni, and a few others. For the time he’s been in the industry, Isbae has been open to a lot of Nigerian celebrities and thus become famous himself.

Isbae U Biography, Real Name, Family, State, Wife, Girl Friend and Net worth

Isbae U Net Worth

Isbae U, having come on the surface in the comic skit-making industry, has accumulated a lot. The comedian’s net worth as of 2022, is said to be anywhere around $200,000. He gets his money as a YouTuber, by streaming videos.

We must admit that despite his success as a skit maker, the internet has not gotten enough information about Bae U to put together a complete profile for him. Hence, very little is known about the actor for the time being. Isbae U Biography, Real Name, Family, State, Wife, Girl Friend and Net worth.

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