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Billionaire Prince White Biography, Real Name, Family, Wife, State and Cars, Houses, Net Worth

Billionaire Prince White Biography Real Name, Family, Wife, State and Cars, Houses, Net Worth

If you are a fan of Billionaire Prince White, the first slangs you will remember are: punch in, You Get The Point Now, Pipe Low, Poor Masses, my upper echelon and banana Island. These are more are the popular phrases he uses in his skits which distinguish him from other comedians. He doesn’t just use those words, he pronounces them with authority, exhuding that rich man aura and charisma. Here is all you should know about Billionaire Prince White Biography Real Name, Family, Wife, State and Cars, Houses, Net Worth.

Emmanuel Chidera Uchegbu professionally known as Billionaire Prince White is a Nigerian actor, skit-maker, singer, comedian, stage performer, and Master of Ceremonies (MC). Although still a fast-rising figure in the movie industry, Billionaire Prince White has gained recognition within and beyond the country. Billionaire Prince White Biography Real Name, Family, Wife, State and Cars, Houses, Net Worth. You May also read about Officer Woos Biography, Age, Real Name, State of Origin, Wife, Family, Net Worth.

Billionaire Prince White’s Age

Like a few other fast-rising actors on the internet, the real age of Billionaire Prince White has not been disclosed. Nevertheless, it is widely held, and obtained from him that he was born on July 3. Sources said he was born in the 1990s.

Personal Life

Billionaire Prince White being a Nigerian, grew up in a prominent part of the country. He was born into an average Jewish family. The said actor was born and bred in Ogwa, Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State. This means that he is an Igbo man by ethnicity. In a family of one, Emmanuel is the only child of his parents. Read about Lasisi Elenu Biography, Age, State, Marriage, Family and Net Worth.

Billionaire Prince White Biography Real Name, Family, Wife, State and Cars, Houses, Net Worth

Video shared by Billionaire Prince White on YouTube


Since he was born and bred in Imo State, it should not be a piece of breaking news to restate that the actor attained his primary and secondary school certificate in the state. He attended Ojims College Rumuji, after which he went on to Saint Patrick High School and Marist Brothers Juniorate, respectively.
As for his degree program, Billionaire Prince White was reportedly a student at the Imo State University (IMSU).

Relationship Status (Billionaire Prince White’s Wife) 

Whether or not the artist is in a relationship with anyone, is not yet known to the general public. But one thing is certain, he must have crushes around being a celebrity. Billionaire Prince White is dedicated to what he does and might for this reason, not have the chance to engage in any relationship at the time. Better still, we should admit that all of these are speculations of fans and not really as gathered from the actor himself. We propose that he might be in an undisclosed relationship. Nevertheless, he has not displayed or tagged anyone as his partner on the internet before.

Acting Career

Billionaire Prince White is a great Nigerian entertainer that is business-oriented. He has a good knowledge of expanding his brand name. Emmanuel’s stage name has gone far in creating a space for him in the Nigerian movie industry. He has worked really hard to sustain his name. Read alsoSarkin Dariya – MC 3310 Kenneth Biography, State, Age,Tribe and Net Worth.

One of the things Prince White has done is coming up with the World’s Billionaire Day – a day which has never been celebrated before his coming into the industry. July 3rd, which is on the other hand his birthday is the day he chose to celebrate other Billionaires around the world. Although one would think that this day is for Billionaires alone, he noted in an interview that the day is meant for all to celebrate themselves regardless of their state of life. Hence, people say Happy World’s Billionaire Day as a way of wishing the actor a happy birthday every July 3rd.

Starting his career, Prince White was hungry for fame and thus had to reason so critically about the ways he could become known to the world. As a result, he started as a Master of Ceremonies after which he started acting.

Billionaire Prince White Biography Real Name, Family, Wife, State and Cars, Houses, Net Worth

In the early stage of his acting career, Prince White has not been known as a Billionaire, so he takes up several roles in his plays. He had acted as a Policeman, talkative, etc. before he realized the role that befits him is a wealthy man’s lifestyle.

In view of this, Billionaire Prince White creates content that revolves around interviews, drama, motivation, and lifestyle – making sure he touches various aspects of life. He revealed that his plays are inspired by life experiences, his teammates, and sometimes critical reasoning.

He started to act as a Billionaire when he noticed he does his MC job in a really classic way. Prince White noted that he has always been after qualities and for that reason, will not let out any video that’s not well shot. He studied that his personal life character and charisma are that of a wealthy man and took up the role, which fits him very well.

Billionaire Prince White became very good at what he does because he learned how to, by imitating rich individuals around the globe. He imitates rich people, making his audience see life from another angle of positivity.

How did Billionaire Prince White get his name?

The actor which we all know to be Emmanuel Chidera, originally, has got to bear Billionaire Prince White on the stage. According to him in an interview, he got this name from a friend who after noticing that people like Emmanuel’s role of bragging as a wealthy man, suggested to him to add ‘Billionaire’ to his then username, Prince White.

Nevertheless, he also disclosed that the name suggests what his personal life looks like as he is now said to be a Billionaire in reality.

Net worth

Some online skit makers are living large. Of the few, Billionaire Prince White is one. No source has provided us with the exact estimation of the actor’s net worth. As a matter of fact, several sites have different opinions of what his net worth looks like.

To this end, we have put together the estimation of several other sources and declare that on average, Billionaire Prince White’s net worth should be somewhere around $200,000 (Two hundred thousand dollars).

His major source of income is his acting career. Not only did Billionaire Prince make skits for himself, but he is also often featured in other people’s works. This surely will earn him some money. Moreso, he gets money from online video streaming and brand influencing. He also makes money performing as a Master of Ceremonies at parties.

Billionaire Prince White Biography Real Name, Family, Wife, State and Cars, Houses, Net Worth

In conclusion, Billionaire Prince White’s career has been a successful one because he was determined and consistent. Today, he owns the “White House Entertainment ” brand. The now popularly recognized actor started from nothing to something. He had in the past suffered from low views and engagement on his social media handles.

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