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Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns 751 – 800

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Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns 751 – 800


(S S &S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns. This is S S & S, otherwise known as Sacred Songs and Solos. It is a collection of spiritual worship hymns and songs for churches. Students use it in their assembly in many Christian schools.

S S & S songs are up to 1,000 hymns and counting. For the sake of convenience, we are splitting them into hundreds.


SS & S 751  To the work ! to the work ! We are servants of God,

Let us follow the path that our Master has trod ;

With the balm of His counsel our

strength to renew,

Let us do with our might what our

hands find to do.


Toiling on ! . . . Toiling on ! . . .

Toiling on ! . . . Toiling on ! . . .

Let us hope, . . Let us watch, . .

And labour till the Master comes.



To the work ! to the work ! Let the hungry be fed,

To the fountain of Life let the weary be led ;

In the cross and its banner our glory shall be,

While we herald the tidings,  Salvation is free.



To the work ! to the work ! There is

labour for all,

For the kingdom of darkness and error shall fall :

And the name of Jehovah exalted shall be

In the loud swelling chorus,  Salvation free.


SS & S 752  Hark! ’tis the shepherd’s voice I hear,

Out in the desert dark and drear,

Calling the sheep who’ve gone astray,

Far from the shepherd’s fold away.


Bring them in, bring them in !

Bring them in from the fields of sin;

Bring them in, bring them in !

Bring the wandering ones to Jesus.



Who’ll go and help this Shepherd kind,

Help Him the wandering ones to find ?

Who’ll bring the lost ones to the fold,

Where they’ll be sheltered from the cold?



Out in the desert hear their cry,

Out on the mountain wild and high,

Hark ! ’tis the Master speaks to thee :

Go, find My sheep where’er they be.


SS & S 753  Ho, reapers in the whitened harvest !

Oft feeble, faint, and few ;

Come, wait upon the blessed Master,

Our strength He will renew.


For  they that wait upon the Lord . . . shall

renew their strength : . . they shall mount up

with wings, . . . they shall mount up with

wings as eagles : they shall run . . . and not be

wea – – ry ; they shall walk and not faint ; . . .

i hey shall run . . . and not be wea – – ry ; they

shall walk and not faint ; . . . they shall run and

not be weary ; shall walk and not faint.



Too oft aweary and discouraged,

We pour a sad complaint ;

Believing in a living Saviour,

Why should we ever faint ?



Rejoice ! for He is with us alway,

Lo, even to the end ! [ward â€

Look up ! take courage and go for-

All needed grace He’ll send !


SS & S 754  In the harvest field there is work to do,

For the grain is ripe, and the reapers few ;

And the Master’s voice bids the workers true

Heed the call that He gives to-day.


Labour on ! . . . labour on ! . . .

Keep the bright reward in mView ;

For the Master has said, He will strength renew :

Labour on till the close of day !



Crowd the garner well with its sheaves

all bright,

Let the song be glad, and the heart be light ;

Fill the precious hours, ere the shades of night

Take the place of the golden day.



In the gleaner’s path may be rich reward,

Though the time seems long, and the labour hard ;

For the Master’s joy, with His chosen shared,

Drives the gloom from the darkest day.



Lo ! the Harvest Home in the realms above

Shall be gained by each who has toiled and strove,

When the Master’s voice, in its tones of love,

Calls away to eternal day.

SS & S 755  Have ye heard the song from the golden land ?

Have ye heard the glad new song?

Let us bind our sheaves with a willing hand,

For the time will not be long,


The Lord of the harvest will soon appear,

His smile, His voice we shall see and hear!

The Lord of the harvest will soon appear,

And gather the reapers home !



They are looking down from the golden land,

Our beloved are looking down;

They have done their work, they have

borne their cross,

And received their promised crown.



Oh, the song rolls on from the golden land,

And our hearts are strong to-day.

For it nerves our souls with its music sweet,

As we toil in the noontide ray.



Oh, the song rolls on from the golden land,

From its vales of joy and flowers ;

And we feel and know by a living faith

That its tones will soon be ours.


SS & S 756  Behold, the Master now is calling

For reapers brave and true ;

The golden harvest fields are waiting,

But labourers are few.


Go forth, with patience, love, and kindness ;

And, in the Master’s name,

The blessed news of free salvation

To all the world proclaim !



Go forth, and rescue those that perish,

Where sin and darkness reign;

Go, lend a helping hand to save them,

And break the tempter’s chain.



Go, bid the poor with joy and gladness

The feast of love to share ;

And He, the Bread of Life Eternal,

Will make them welcome there.



Go forth, the summer days are waning

Their light will soon be o’er ;

The solemn hour is quickly coming,

When we can work no more.


SS & S 757  Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness,

Sowing in the noontide and the dewy eves :

Waiting for the harvest, and the time

of reaping,

We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves !


Bringing in the sheaves ! bringing in the sheaves !

We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves !



Sowing in the sunshine, sowing in the shadows,

Fearing neither clouds nor winter’s chilling breeze

By and by the harvest, and the labour ended,

We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves !



Go then ever, weeping, sowing for the Master,

Though the loss sustained our spirit often grieves :

When our weeping’s over, He will bid

us welcome,

We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves !


SS & S 758  Leave not for to-morrow the work of to-day,

For time, like an arrow, is speeding away ;

The harvest is ready, look out on the plain ;

Go, thrust in the sickle and gather the grain.


Go, gath – – er the golden grain ;

Go, gath – – er the golden grain ;

The harvest is ready, lock out en the plain ;

Go, gather the golden grain.



Leave not for to-morrow the work of to-day,

The moments are precious, then why should we stay ?

The Master is calling again and again ;

Go, thrust in the sickle and gather the grain.



Leave not for to-morrow the work of to-day,

The summer is waning, no longer delay ;

The sheaves for the reaping wave

bright o’er the plain ;

Go, thrust in the sickle and gather the grain.

SS & S 759  Sow in the morn thy seed,

At eve hold not thine hand ;

To doubt and fear give thou no heed,

Broadcast it o’er the land.



Thou know’st not which may thrive,

The late or early sown :

Grace keeps the chosen germ alive,

When and wherever strown.



And duly shall appear

In verdure, beauty, strength,

The tender blade, the stalk, the ear,

And the full corn at length.



Thou canst not toil in vain ;

Cold, heat, and moist, and dry,

Shall foster and mature the grain

For garners in the sky.



Hence, when the glorious end,

The day of God, is come,

The angel-reapers shall descend,

And heaven cry, Harvest-home !


SS & S 760  Is thy cruse of comfort failing ?

Rise and share it with a friend !

And through all the years of famine

It shall serve thee to the end.

Love divine will fill thy storehouse,

Or thy handful still renew ;

Scanty fare for one will often

Make a royal feast for two.



For the heart grows rich in giving :

All its wealth is living grain ;

Seeds——which mildew in the garner—-

Scattered, fill with gold the plain.

Is thy burden hard and heavy ?

Do thy steps drag wearily ?

Help to lift thy brother’s burden—–

God will bear both it and thee.



Lost and weary on the mountains,

Wouldst thou sleep amidst the snow?

Chafe that frozen form beside thee,

And together both shall glow.

Art thou wounded in life’s battle ?

Many stricken round thee moan;

Give to them thy precious ointment,

And that balm shall heal thine own.

SS & S 761  Ho ! reapers of life’s harvest,

Why stand with rusted blade,

Until the night draws round you,

And day begins to fade ?

Why stand ye idle, waiting

For reapers more to come ?

The golden morn is passing,

Why sit ye idle, dumb ?



Thrust in your sharpened sickle,

And gather in the grain,

The night is fast approaching,

And soon will come again.

The Master calls for reapers,

And shall He call in vain ?

Shall sheaves lie there ungathered,

And waste upon the plain ?



Come down from hill and mountain,

In morning’s ruddy glow,

Nor wait until the dial

Points to the noon below ;

And come with the strong sinew,

Nor faint in heat or cold ;

And pause not till the evening

Draws round its wealth of gold.


SS & S 762  Jesus calls us o’er the tumult

Of our life’s wild, restless sea ;

Day by day His sweet voice soundeth,

Saying,  Christian, follow Me !



Jesus calls us from the worship

Of the vain world’s golden store ;

From each idol that would keep us,

Saying,  Christian, love Me more!



In our joys and in our sorrows,

Days of toil and hours of ease,

Still He calls, in cares and pleasures,

Christian, love Me more than

these !



Josus calls us ! by Thy mercies,

Saviour, may we hear Thy call;

Give our hearts to Thy obedience,

Serve and love Thee best of all !

SS & S 763  Lift up your eyes to the fields that are whitening ;

Hark ! ’tis the voice of the Master and Lord :

See ! on each side there is work for the reaper,

Sheaves that are golden shall be the reward.


Are you a reaper ? Are you a reaper ?

Gath . . . ering fruit . . . unto life evermore ?

Lift up your eyes, for the harvest is ready ;

Hasten, oh hasten to gather your store I



Look on the fields how the harvest is wasting,

Waiting for reapers to garner it in !

He that is faithful receiveth his wages ;

Joy everlasting the reaper shall win.



Souls that are ready to enter the kingdom,

Wait for the glad invitation today :

Go ye and tell, is the word of the Master—-

Servant of Jesus, oh hear, and obey !


SS & S 764  Are you sitting idle ? Still there’s work to do ;

In the Master’s vineyard there’s a place for you :

Be a faithful servant, ever ready stand ;

Where the Master calls you—- lend a helping hand !


Lend a hand, lend a hand, lend a helping hand ;

Weary ones are falling, lend a helping hand !

Lend a hand, lend a hand, lend a helping hand !

Jesus still is calling, lend a helping hand !



Is your voice now silent ? There are

songs to sing ;

Come and swell the chorus, make His praises ring !

Till the strains are wafted over sea and land,

Reaching up to heaven—–lend a helping hand !



Do your prayers no longer reach the

throne of grace, [steps retrace ?

Asking that some wanderer might his

Earnest prayer may keep him—–from

the sinking sand,

Yours to-day may save him—–lend a helping hand

SS & S 765  Let us with a gladsome mind

Praise the Lord, for He is kind ;

For His mercies shall endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.



He, with all commanding might,

Filled the new-made world with light :

For His mercies shall endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.



All things living He doth feed,

His full hand supplies their need :

For His mercies shall endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.



He His chosen race did bless

In the wasteful wilderness :

For His mercies shall endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.



He hath with a piteous eye

Looked upon our misery :

For His mercies shall endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.



Let us, then, with gladsome mind,

Praise the Lord, for He is kind ;

For His mercies shall endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.


SS & S 766  In the early morning, verdant fields adorning,

While the golden sunlight wakes the dewy leaves ;

Haste we now with gladness, banish care and sadness,

Go and help the reapers gather in the sheaves !


Gather in the sheaves ! Gather in the sheaves !

While the voice of nature sweetest music breathes :

Hear the Master calling, hear the echoes falling,

Go and help the reapers gather in the sheaves !



When the days are brightest, when

our hearts are lightest ;

When the lovely summer fairest

beauty weaves ;

In the noontide beaming, in the twilight gleaming,

Go and help the reapers gather in the sheaves !



Should our way be dreary, let us never weary ;

Earnest, faithful labour greatest joy receives ;

Though we toil in sorrow, soon will dawn the morrow,

When we’ll cross the river, bearing

home the sheaves.

SS & S 767  Arise and shine! thy light is come!

The Lord hath made thee free !

The chains of darkness bind no more ;

Go forth in liberty !


Arise and shine ! thy light is come I

Arise, arise and shine !

With love’s bright adorning shine forth as the morning—-

Arise, arise and shine !



Arise and shine ! thy light is come!

Let sin and sorrow hide ;

Go forth and show to all the world

That Light and Life abide !



Arise and shine ! thy light is come!

Thy God thy glory is ;

Show forth the wonders of His love,

And let all praise be His.



Arise and shine ! thy light is come!

And night shall be no more !

Shine till the glory of the Lord

Is known from shore to shore.


SS & S 768  Oh, scatter seeds of loving deeds

Along the fertile field ;

For grain will grow from what you sow,

And fruitful harvest yield.


Then day by day, . . . along your way, . . .

The seeds of pro . . .  mise cast, . . .

That ripened grain, . . . from hill and plain, . . .

Be gathered home … at last. . . .



Though sown in tears through weary years,

The seed will surely live ;

Though great the cost, it is not lost,

For God will fruitage give.



The harvest-home of God will come ;

And after toil and care,

With joy untold your sheaves of gold

Will all be garnered there.

SS & S 769   Sowing to the Spirit, sowing day by day,

Dropping seeds of kindness all along the way ;

Sowing to the Spirit, trusting in the Lord,

Sweet will be our labour, blessed our reward.


Sow – – – ing, till in beau – – – ty fades . . the

setting sun ; . . .

Weary not, nor falter, till the work done.



Sowing to the Spirit, praying as we go,

From the seed we scatter soon the blade will grow ;

Sowing and believing, God will send the rain,

We shall see before us fields of golden grain.



Sowing to the Spirit, though our

faith be small, [tears may fall ;

Sowing in our weakness, though the

Sowing late and early, till our work is o’er,

Then will come the reaping, joy for evermore.


SS & S 770  Bear the cup of loving service,

Sons and daughters of the King ;

Water from the living fountain

To the faint and thirsty bring ;

Tendered in His loving spirit,

Blessed will the mission be ;

E’en the smallest cup that’s offered,

Christ, our gracious Lord, will see.



Bear the cup of loving service

To the weary and the sad ;

For the draught held out to others

Makes the giver more than glad :

So ’twill yield a double blessing,

Waking sweetest chords of praise,

While we strive to follow Jesus

In His pleasant, peaceful ways.



Bear the cup of loving service,

Listening for the Master’s voice ;

Ready always for His errands,

In the blessed work rejoice.

Yes, we know, for He hath told us—-

And His word is still the same—-

He will bless the cup of water

Humbly offered in His name.

SS & S 771   Cast thy bread upon the waters,

Ye who have but scant supply ;

Angel eyes will watch above it,

You shall find it by-and-by.

He who in His righteous balance

Doth each human action weigh,

Will your sacrifice remember,

Will your loving deeds repay.



Cast thy bread upon the waters,

Sad and weary, worn with care ;

Often sitting in the shadow—-

Have you not a crumb to spare ?

Can you not to those around you

Sing some little song of hope,

As you look with longing vision

Through faith’s mighty telescope ?



Cast thy bread upon the waters,

You who have abundant store ;

It may float on many a billow,

It may strand on many a shore.

You may think it lost for ever ;

But, as sure as God is true,

In this life, or in the other,

It will yet return to you.


SS & S 772  Throw out the Life-Line across the dark wave,

There is a brother whom someone should save ;

Somebody’s brother ! oh, who then will dare

To throw out the Life-Line, his peril to share ?


Throw out the Life- Line !

Throw out the Life-Line !

Someone is drifting away !

Throw out the Life-Line i

Throw out the Life-Line !

Someone is sinking to-day.


2 Throw out the Life-Line with hand

quick and strong :

Why do you tarry, my brother, so long ?

See †he is sinking; oh, hasten today—-

And out with the Life-Boat ! away then, away !



Throw out the Life-Line to danger-

fraught men,

Sinking in anguish where you’ve never been :

Winds of temptation and billows of woe

Will soon hurl them out where the dark waters flow.



Soon will the season of rescue be o’er,

Soon will they drift to eternity’s


Haste then, my brother ! no time for delay,

But throw out the Life-Line, and

save them to-day.

SS & S 773  OH, the precious love of Jesus,

How it cheers us on our way !

Lightening every heavy burden,

Brightening every weary day !

How it sweetens every sorrow,

Driving all our fears away !

How it shines out in the darkness,

Making sunshine all the way !



Yes, the precious love of Jesus

Gives us smiles in place of tears !

Gives us courage in our troubles,

Helps us conquer all our fears !

It will make our life worth living,

It will help us when we die,

Bear us safely o’er the river,

To our home beyond the sky.



I must have the love of Jesus

If I do His service here ;

I must feel His arm beneath me,

I must know His presence near :

Then He’ll bless me in my labour,

Then He’ll lead me in the right,

Help me win lost souls for heaven

Out of darkness into light.


SS & S 774  One little hour for watching with the Master,

Eternal years to walk with Him in white ;

One little hour to bravely meet disaster,

Eternal years to reign with Him in light.

Then, souls, be brave, and watch until the

morrow !


Awake ! arise ! your lamps of purpose trim ;

Your Saviour speaks across the night of sorrow ;

Can ye not watch one little hour with Him ?



One little hour to suffer scorn and losses,

Eternal years beyond earth’s cruel frowns ;

One little hour to carry heavy crosses,

Eternal years to wear unfading crowns.



One little hour for weary toils and trials,

Eternal years for calm and peaceful rest;

One little hour for patient self-denials,

Eternal years of life where life is


SS & S 775  Oh, list to the voice of the prophet of old,

Proclaiming in language divine,

The wonderful, wonderful message of truth—-

That  they that be wise shall shine !


They shall shine as bright as the stars

In the firmament jewelled with light ;

And they that turn many to righteousness

As the stars for ever bright.



Though rugged the path where our duty may lead,

Oh, why should we ever repine ?

When faithful and true is the promise to all—-

That  they that be wise shall shine !



The grandeur of wealth, and the

temples of fame,

Where beauty and splendour combine.

Will perish forgotten, and crumble to dust;

But  they that be wise shall shine !



Then let us go forth to the work yet to do,

With zeal that shall never decline ;

Be strong in the Lord, and the

promise believe—-

That M they that be wise shall shine !


SS & S 776  Where is my wandering boy tonight—–

The boy of my tenderest care,

The boy that was once my joy and light,

The child of my love and prayer ?


Oh, where is my boy to-night ?

Oh, where is my boy to-night ?

My heart o’erflows, for I love him he knows !

Oh, where is my boy to-night ?



Once he was pure as morning dew,

As he knelt at his mother’s knee;

No face was so bright, no heart more

And none was so sweet as he, [true,



Oh, could I see you now, my boy,

As fair as in olden time, [a joy,

When prattle and smile made home

And life was a merry chime !

SS & S 777  Go bury thy sorrow, the world hath its share,

Go, bury it deeply, go, hide it with care ;

Go think of it calmly, when curtained by night ;

Go tell it to Jesus, and all will be right,



Go tell it to Jesus, He knoweth thy grief;

Go tell it to Jesus, He’ll send thee relief;

Go gather the sunshine He sheds on

the way ; [weary one, pray.


He’ll lighten thy burden —– go,



Hearts growing a-weary with heavier woe

Now droop ‘mid the darkness —- go,

comfort them, go !

Go bury thy sorrow, let others be


Go give them the sunshine, tell Jesus the rest.


SS & S 778  Work, for the night is coming,

Work through the morning hours ;

Work while the dew is sparkling,

Work ‘mid springing flowers ;

Work when the day grows brighter,

Work in the glowing sun ;

Work, for the night is coming,

When man’s work is done.



Work, for the night is coming,

Work through the sunny noon ;

Fill brightest hours with labour,

Rest comes sure and soon.

Give very flying minute

Something to keep in store ;

Work, for the night is coming,

When man works no more.



Work, for the night is coming,

Under the sunset skies ;

While their bright tints are glowing,

Work, for daylight flies.

Work till the last beam fadeth,

Fadeth to shine no more ;

Work while the night is darkening,

When man’s work is o’er.

SS & S 779  Gather them in ! for there yet is room

At the feast that the King has spread ;

Oh, gather them in !—-let His house be filled,

And the hungry and poor be fed.


Out in the highway, out in the byway,

Out in the dark paths of sin,

Go forth, go forth, with a loving heart,

And gather the wanderers in !



Gather them in ! for there yet is room ;

But our hearts—-how they throb with pain,

To think of the many who slight the call

That may never be heard again !



Gather them in ! for there yet is room ;

‘Tis a message from God above ;

Oh, gather them into the fold of grace,

And the arms of the Saviour’s love !


SS & S 780  Would we be joyful in the Lord ?

Then count the riches o’er

Revealed to faith within His Word,

And note the boundless store.


There is par . . .  don, peace, and power, . . ,

And purity, . . . and Paradise ; . . .

With all of these … in Christ for me, . .

Let joyful songs of praise to Kim arise !



For every sin, by grace divine,

A pardon free bestowed ;

And with the pardon peace is mine,

The peace in Jesus’ blood.



Of grace to break the power of sin,

He gives a full supply ;

The Holy Ghost the heart within

From sin doth purify.



The power to win a soul to God

The Spirit too imparts ;

And He, the gift of Christ our Lord,

Dwells now in all our hearts.

SS & S 781  Here below, on life’s rough billows,

‘Neath our Saviour’s smile,

Let us fight as Christian soldiers—-

‘Tis but for awhile.


Life’s billows cannot harm us.

If our hopes be stayed

On the blessed loving Saviour,

Who our ransom paid !



Soon our fighting shall be ended,

Soon shall warfare cease ;

Then, in the celestial city,

We shall reign in peace.



Sweet the Name on which forgiven

Sinners love to dwell !

Go ye to the poor and wretched,

And the good news tell.



Many, on their bed of anguish,

On this world depend :

Go and point them to the Saviour—-

He’s the sinner’s Friend !


SS & S 782  Who will man the life-boat ? who the storm will brave ?

Many souls are drifting helpless on the wave ;

See their hands uplifted, hear their bitter cry :

Save us ere we perish, save us ere we die !


Who will man the life-boat ? who will launch away ?

Who will help to rescue dying souls to-day ?

Who will man the life-boat ? who will breast the wave ?

All its dangers braving, precious souls to save ?



See ! amid the breakers yonder vessel tossed !

Onward to the rescue : haste, or all is lost !

Waves that dash around us cannot overwhelm,

While our faithful Pilot standeth at the helm.



Darker yet, and darker grows the fearful night :

Sound the trump of mercy, flash the signal light !

Bear the joyful message o’er the raging wave,

Christ, the heavenly Pilot, comes the lost to save !

SS & S 783  The walls of Jericho were strong ;

But stronger was the mighty Lord :

And He —–the Captain of God’s host—-

Had given them His faithful word :—–

That if they would the walls surround,

And would the trumpets blow;

He then would give them victory,

And overthrow their foe.



The gates of Jericho were strong—

They could not any stronger be :

But there was One who them defied—-

And with the host of God was He.

No work for Him would be too great,

Too hard to undertake ;

For He could burst the gates of brass

The bars of iron break.



And we, O Lord, are waging war

Against the mighty hosts of sin :

And neither skill nor strength have we,

So oft have we defeated been.

But if Thou wilt our Captain be,

Our weakened ranks command,

Then led by Thee we’ll face the foe.

His fierce assaults withstand.


SS & S 784  Who, who will go to bind the broken heart ?

Burdened with grief and heavy in its woe,

Longing to find in life some better part :

Who, who will go to bind the broken heart ?


Lord, here am I ; send me ! send me !

To bind the broken heart,

To find the better part :

Lord, here am I ; send me ! send me i



Who, who will go to wipe away the tear

From eyes long used to sorrow’s briny flow ?

To comfort those who stand beside hope’s bier ?

Who, who will go to wipe away the tear ?


Lord, here am I ; send me ! send me !

To wipe away the tear,

To stand beside hope’s bier :

Lord, here am I ; send me ! send me I



Who, who will go to seek the Iambs astray ?

To lift the fallen where he lies so low,

Into the sunlight of the heavenly way :

Who, who will go to seek the lambs astray ?


Lord, here am I ; send me i send me !

To seek the lambs astray,

To point the heavenly way :

Lord, here am I ; send me ! send me !

SS & S 785  Dismiss me not Thy service, Lord,

But train me for Thy will ;

For even I, in fields so broad,

Some duties may fulfil ;

And I will ask for no reward,

Except to serve Thee still.



How many serve, how many more

May to the service come :

To tend the vines, the grapes to store,

Thou dost appoint for some :

Thou hast Thy young men at the war.

Thy little ones at home.



All works are good, and each is best

As most it pleases Thee ;

Each worker pleases when the rest

He serves in charity ;

And neither man nor work unblest.

Wilt Thou permit to be.



Our Master all the work hath done

He asks of us to-day ;

Sharing His service, every one

Share too His Sonship may :

Lord, I would serve and be a son ;

Dismiss me not, I pray.


SS & S 786  Lord, speak to me, that I may speak

In living echoes of Thy tone ;

As Thou hast sought, so let me seek

Thy erring children lost and lone.



Oh, lead me, Lord, that I may lead

The wandering and the wavering feet !

Oh, feed me, Lord, that I may feed

Thy hungering ones with manna sweet !



Oh, strengthen me, that while I stand

Firm on the Rock, and strong in Thee t

I may stretch out a loving hand

To wrestlers with the troubled sea !

SS & S 787  I am thinking to-day of that beautiful land

I shall reach when the sun goeth down ;

When through wonderful grace by

my Saviour I stand,

Will there be any stars in my crown ?


Will there be any stars, any stars in my crown,

When at evening the sun goeth down ? . . .

When I wake with the blest in the mansions of rest,

Will there be any stars in my crown ? . . .



In the strength of the Lord let me

labour and pray,

Let me watch as a winner of souls,

That bright stars may be mine in the

glorious day

When His praise like the sea-billow rolls.



Oh, what joy will it be when His face

I behold,

Living gems at His feet to lay down ;

It would sweeten my bliss in the city of gold,

Should there be any stars in my crown


SS & S 788  Are you shining for Jesus, my brother,

Shining so clear and so bright,

That the souls that are perishing round you

May be guided to Him by your light ?


Shining for Jesus, are you shining to-day ?

Shining for Jesus, shining ail the way ;

Shining for Jesus, in this world of care ;

Shining for Jesus, shining everywhere.



Are you shining for Jesus, my brother,

Shining in deed and in word ?

Is your life by its purity showing

The likeness of Jesus your Lord ?



Are you shining for Jesus, my brother,

Shining for truth and for right,

Where bold unbelief and its minions

Are posing as angels of light ?

SS & S 789  Must I go—–and empty-handed ?

Thus my dear Redeemer meet ?

Not one day of service give Him,

Lay no trophy at His feet?


Must I go—–and empty-handed ?

Must I meet my Saviour so ?

Not one soul with which to greet Him ?

Must I empty-handed go ?



Not at death I shrink or falter,

For my Saviour saves me now ;

But to meet Him empty-handed,

Thought of that now clouds my brow.



Oh, the years of sinning wasted,

Could I but recall them now,

I would give them to my Saviour,

To His wilt I’d gladly bow.



Up, ye saints, arouse, be earnest !

Up and work while yet ’tis day ;

Ere the night of death o’ertake you,

Strive for souls while yet you may.


SS & S 790  Bear the cross for Jesus, bear it every day;

Though the path be rugged, bear it all the way;

Bear the cross for Jesus, whatsoe’er it be ;

Bear it, and remember all His love for thee.


Bear the cross, bear the cross, bear it every day ;

Bear the cross for Jesus, bear it all the way.



Bear the cross for Jesus, bear it

through the strife ;

On through storm or sunshine, up the hill of life ;

Bear the cross with patience, though

you sigh for rest;

Just the one He giveth is for you the best



Bear the cross for Jesus ; would you

know the power

Of His grace to keep you, keep you every hour ?

Bear the cross for Jesus, never mind

its weight ;

We shall leave our burden at His palace gate.

SS & S 791  When Jesus comes to reward His servants,

Whether it be noon or night,

Faithful to Him will He find us watching,

With our lamps all trimmed and bright ?


Oh, can we say we are ready, brother ?—-

Ready for the soul’s bright home ?

Say, will He find you and me still watching,

Waiting, waiting when the Lord shall come ?



If at the dawn of the early morning,

He shall call us one by one,

When to the Lord we restore our talents,

Will He answer thee ?—-  Well done !



Have we been true to the trust He left us ?

Do we seek to do our best ?

If in our hearts there is naught

condemns us,

We shall have a glorious rest.



Blessed are those whom the Lord

finds watching,

In His glory they shall share;

If He shall come at the dawn or midnight,

Will He find us watching there ?


SS & S 792  Who is on the Lord’s side ? who will serve the King ?

Who will be His helpers, other lives to bring ?

Who will leave the world’s side ? who

will face the foe ?

Who is on the Lord’s side ? who for Him will go ?


Who is on the Lord’s side ? who will serve the King ?

Who will be His helpers, other fives to bring ?

By Thy grand redemption, by Thy grace divine,

We are on the Lord’s side ; Saviour, we are Thine !



Not for weight of glory, not for crown and palm,

Enter we the army, raise the warrior-psalm ;

But for love that claimeth lives for

whom He died :

He whom Jesus nameth must be on His side!



Jesus, Thou hast bought us, not with gold or gem,

But with Thine own life-blood, for Thy diadem ;

With Thy blessing filling all who come to Thee,

Thou hast made us willing, Thou hast made us free.



Fierce may be the conflict, strong

may be the foe ;

But the King’s own army none can overthrow ;

Round His standard ranging, victory is secure,

For His truth unchanging makes the triumph sure.

SS & S 793  Arise, young men, arise !

Thy Saviour’s loving voice

Now bids thee lift thine eyes,

And in His life rejoice ;

He raised the sleeping dead,

And made it grand to live ;

For thee His blood was shed,

All help His arm will give.



Arise ! for death is nigh,

Life’s day is all too brief;

Like light its moments fly,

Its gladness and its grief;

Arise, and take thy part

In God’s tremendous fight ;

To arms ! stir up thy heart—

Go forth in heaven’s great might !



Arise from dreams of fame,

From sensual slumber rise ;

Keep spotless Christ’s dear name,

Thy wealth seek in the skies;

The noblest works await

Thine aid with high reward,

And, crowned at glory’s gate,

Thou’lt meet thy risen Lord.


SS & S 794  Speak kindly ! for our days are all too few

For angry strife ;

There is deep meaning, if we only knew,

In our brief life.

No nobler mission can be ours, if we knew,

A pang can stay ;

Or if, amidst the rush of tears we see,

Wipe one away.



Speak kindly ! gracious words God-sent, God-given,

Are never lost ;

They come all fragrant with the breath of Heaven,

Yet nothing cost,

Kind words are like kind acts—-they steal along

Life’s hidden springs ;

Then, in the darkest storm, some little song

The sad heart sings.



Speak kindly, graciously; for all around

Are pains and smarts ;

The very air is full of moans and sound

Of breaking hearts.

Oh, seek to bind them up at once, as did

Thy gracious Lord ;

Then surely will His hand bestow on thee

A bright reward.

SS & S 795  Do you fear the foe will in the conflict win ?

Is it dark without you, darker still within ?

Clear the darkened windows, open wide the door,

Let the blessed sunshine in.


Let the blessed sunshine in, . .

Let the blessed sunshine in ; . .

Clear the darkened windows, open wide the door.

Let the blessed sunshine in.



Does your faith grow fainter in the

cause you love ?

Are your prayers unanswered from the

throne above ?

Clear the darkened windows, open wide the door,

Let the blessed sunshine in.



Would you go rejoicing on the upward way,

Knowing naught of darkness—-dwelling in the day ?

Clear the darkened windows, open wide the door,

Let the blessed sunshine in.


SS & S 796  If in the valley where the bright waters flow,

Jesus my Saviour leads me, gladly I’ll go ;

If by His hand directed o’er ocean’s wave ;

Gladly I’ll bear His message, lost ones to save.


Where the Saviour leads me, I will gladly

follow ;

Where the loving Saviour leads me, I will gladly go.



Out on the barren mountains, dreary and cold,

Seeking the sheep that wander far from the fold ;

Storm-clouds may frown above me,

fierce winds may blow ;

Yet if my Saviour leads me, onward I’ll go.



Where’er the Saviour leads me, I’ll follow still,

Patient in joy or sorrow, biding His will ;

He knows the path of safety, He bright as day.

knows the way,

Home to the many mansions bright,

SS & S 797  Only a little word, softly and kindly

Breathed in the ear of the sad and opprest ;

Oh, how it tenderly steals like a melody

Over life’s billows, and lulls them to rest !


Only e little word I Only a little word !

Only a little word, whispered in love I



Only a little word, softly and kindly

Dropped in a heart that is blighted and chilled;

Oh, how its gentle strain tunes every chord again,

Waking the echoes that sorrow has stilled !



Only a little word, carefully spoken,

Borne to the lost on the desert that roam,

Breaks like the morning light, chasing the dreary night,

Pointing them upward, and leading them home.


SS & S 798  Fading away like the stars of the morning,

Losing their light in the glorious sun—-

Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,

Only remembered by what we have done.


Only remembered, only remembered,

Only remembered by what we have done ;

Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,

Only remembered by what we have done.



Shall we be missed, though by others

succeeded, [time have sown ?

Reaping the fields we in spring-

Yes, but the sowers must pass from their labours,

Ever remembered by what they have done.



Only the truth that in life we have spoken,

Only the seed that on earth we have sown ;

These shall pass onward when we are forgotten,

Fruits of the harvest and what we have done.

SS & S 799  Work, for time is flying,

Work with hearts sincere ;

Work, for souls are dying,

Work, for night is near;

In the Master’s vineyard,

Go and work to-day ;

Be no useless sluggard

Standing in the way.



In this glorious calling,

Work till day is o’er;

Work till, evening falling,

You can work no more ;

Then your labour bringing

To the King of kings,

Borne, with joy and singing,

Home on angels’ wings.



There where saints adore Him,

Where the ransomed meet,

Joy they show before Him,

Bowing at His feet ;

Hear the Master saying,

From His heavenly throne,

When thy toil rewarding,

Labourer, well done !




SS & S 800  My Father, this I ask of Thee —

Knowing that Thou wilt grant the plea :

For this, and only this I pray

Strength for to-day — just for to-day.


Strength for each trial and each task,

What more, my Father, should I ask ?

Just as I need it, day by day,

Strength for my weakness — this I pray.



I do not ask a lifted load,

Nor for a smooth and thornless road ;

Simply for strength enough to bear need

Life’s daily burdens anywhere,



Strength for the present hour and

This given, then I’m blest indeed,

For each day, as it comes, will bring

Sufficient strength for anything.



Strength for to-day, that I may make

Some sad souls glad for Jesus’ sake ;

Then they with me at eve shall say —

Thank God for strength He gave to-day.