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Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns 701 – 750

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Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns 701 – 750

(S S &S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns. This is S S & S, otherwise known as Sacred Songs and Solos. It is a collection of spiritual worship hymns and songs for churches. Students use it in their assembly in many Christian schools.

S S & S songs are up to 1,000 hymns and counting. For the sake of convenience, we are splitting them into hundreds.

SS & S 701  Long in darkness we have waited

For the shining of the Light ;

Long have felt the things we hated

Sink us still in deeper night.

Blessed Jesus, loving Saviour !

Tender, faithful, strong, and true,

Break the fetters that have bound us,

Make us in Thyself anew !


Now, at last, the Light appeareth,

Jesus stands upon the shore ;

And with tender voice He calleth,

” Come to Me, and sin no more ! ”


Nothing have we but our weakness,

Naught but sorrow, sin, and care;

All within is loathsome vileness,

All without is dark despair.


All our talents we have wasted,

All Thy laws have disobeyed ;

But Thy goodness now we’ve tasted,

In Thy robes we stand arrayed.

SS & S 702  Sound the battle-cry ! See ! the foe is nigh ;

Raise the standard high for the Lord !

Gird your armour on, stand firm every one,

Rest your cause upon His holy Word !

Rouse then, soldiers ! rally round the banner !

Ready, steady, pass the word along ;

Onward I forward ! shout aloud Hosanna !

Christ is Captain of the mighty throng !


Strong to meet the foe, marching on we go,

While our cause we know must prevail ;

Shield and banner bright gleaming in the light,

Battling for the right, we ne’er can fail !


O Thou God of all, hear us when we call;

Help us one and all, by Thy grace ;

When the battle’s done, and the victory won,

May we wear the crown before Thy face !

SS & S 703  Christian, dost thou see them on the holy ground,

How the powers of darkness compass thee around ?

Christian, up and smite them, counting gain but loss ;

Smite them by the merit of the holy cross.


Christian, dost thou feel them, how

they work within, [into sin ?

Striving, tempting, luring, goading

Christian, never tremble, never be downcast ;

Gird thee for the conflict, watch and pray and fast.


Christian, dost thou hear them, how

they speak thee fair?

” Always fast and vigil, always watch and prayer?”

Christian, answer boldly, ” While I ‘

breathe I pray” ;

Peace shall follow battle, night shall end in day.

SS & S 704  Over hill and lofty mountain,

Hear the gospel trumpet call ;

Listen to the strains inspiring,

‘Tis a message for us all.

Fall into line for the con – – flict !

Fall into line for the con – – flict !

Rally at the trumpet’s call, rally I rally !

Rally, Christian soldiers all !


Girding on the royal armour,

Wave the glorious banner high !

While for truth and right contending,

Angels watch you from the sky.


Sound again the silver trumpet !

Sound aloud the battle-cry !

” All for Jesus, all for Jesus ! ”

We shall conquer though we die !

SS & S 705  Onward, Christian soldiers ! marching as to war,

Looking unto Jesus, who is gone before.

Christ, the Royal Master, leads against the foe ;

Forward into battle see His banners go.

Onward, Christian soldiers I marching as to war.

Looking unto Jesus, who is gone before.


At the name of Jesus Satan’s host doth flee ;

On then, Christian soldiers, on to victory !

Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise :

Brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise !


Like a mighty army moves the church of God :

Brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod ;

We are not divided, all one body we—–

One in hope and doctrine, one in charity.


Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane ;

But the church of Jesus constant will remain :

Gates of hell can never ‘gainst that church prevail ;

We have Christ’s own promise and that cannot fail.

SS & S 706  Standing by a purpose true,

Heeding God’s command,

Honour them, the faithful few !

All hail to Daniel’s Band !

Dare to be a Daniel !

Dare to stand alone !

Dare to have a purpose firm !

Dare to make it known !


Many mighty men are lost,

Daring not to stand,

Who for God had been a host,

By joining Daniel’s Band !


Many giants, great and tall,

Stalking through the land,

Headlong to the earth would fall,

If met by Daniel’s Band !


Hold the gospel banner high !

On to victory grand !

Satan and his host defy,

And shout for Daniel’s Band !

SS & S 707  We will not despair,

Though storms our bark may sever ;

Knowing everywhere,

Jehovah can deliver !


When in death’s dark vale,

By Jordan’s rolling river,

Earthly helpers fail,

Jehovah must deliver !


Oh, let come what will,

We’ll trust our faithful Giver;

And our song is still—–

Jehovah will deliver !

SS & S 708  O troubled heart, be thou not afraid,

In the Lord thy God let thy hope be stayed ;

He will hear thy cry, and will give thee aid,

Whate’er thy cross may be.

He is able still to deliver thee,

And His own right hand thy defence shall be :

He is able still to deliver thee,

Then be thou not afraid.


O troubled heart, though thy foes unite,

Let thy faith be strong and thy armour bright ;

Thou shalt overcome through His

power and might.

And more than conqueror be.


O troubled heart, when thy way is drear,

He will rescue thee and dispel thy fear ;

In thy greatest need He is always near—-

To Him all glory be !

SS & S 709  O weary heart, there is a Home,

Beyond the reach of toil and care ;

A Home where changes never come :

Who would not fain be resting there ?

Oh wait, . . . meekly wait, and murmur not !

Oh wait, . . meekly wait, and murmur not i

Oh wait, … oh wait, . . .

Oh wait, and murmur not ! . . .


Yet when bowed down beneath the load

By heaven allowed, thine earthly lot ;

Look up ! thou’lt reach that blest abode :

Wait, meekly wait, and murmur not !


If in thy path some thorns are found,

Oh, think who bore them on His brow ;

If grief thy sorrowing heart has found,

It reached a holier than thou.


Toil on ! nor deem, though sore it be,

One sigh unheard, one prayer forgot ;

The day of rest will dawn for thee :

Wait, meekly wait, and murmur not !

SS & S 710  What though clouds are hovering o’er me,

And I seem to walk alone—-

Longing, ‘mid my cares and crosses,

For the joys that now are flown !

If I’ve Jesus, ” Jesus only,”

Then my sky will have a gem ;

He’s the Sun of brightest splendour,

And the Star of Bethlehem.


What though all my earthly journey

Bringeth naught but weary hours ;

And, in grasping for life’s roses.,

Thorns I find instead of flowers !

If I’ve Jesus, ” Jesus only,”

I possess a cluster rare ;

He’s the ” Lily of the Valley,”

And the ” Rose of Sharon ” fair.


What though all my heart is yearning

For the loved of long ago—-

Bitter lessons sadly learning

From the shadowy page of woe !

If I’ve Jesus, ” Jesus only,”

He’ll be with me to the end ;

And, unseen by mortal vision,

Angel bands will o’er me bend.

SS & S 711  O child of God, wait patiently,

When dark thy path may be ;

And let thy faith lean trustingly

On Him who cares for thee ;

And though the clouds hang drearily

Upon the brow of night,

Yet in the morning joy will come,

And fill thy soul with light.


O child of God, He loveth thee,

And thou art all His own ;

With gentle hand He leadeth thee—-

Thou dost not walk alone ;

And though thou watchest wearily

The long and stormy night,

Yet in the morning joy will come,

And fill thy soul with light.


O child of God, how peacefully

He calms thy fears to rest;

And draws thee upward, tenderly,

Where dwell the pure and blest !

And He who bendeth silently joy

Above the gloom of night,

Will take thee home, where endless

Shall fill thy soul with light.

SS & S 712  Be still, O heart ! why fear and tremble ?

What evil can thy steps betide ?

Though foes, a mighty host, assemble,

Fear not, for God is on thy side.

Be still, . . O heart ! . .

What evil can betide thee ?

Fear not, . . fear not, . .

With God to walk beside thee.


Be still, O heart ! the Lord of glory

Was once a man acquaint with grief;

He stoops to hear —–tell all thy story—-

He loves, He cares, He’ll send relief.


Be still, O heart ! cease fearing, fretting

About the future all unknown ;

Ne’er think the Master is forgetting

About His child—-His loved and own.


Be still, O heart ! thy Lord will send thee

The clouds or sunshine as is best ;

His own right hand shall e’er defend thee ;

Then trust His love, and be at rest.

SS & S 713  O aching heart, with sorrow torn,

Thy Lord is near and knows !

He knows it all —–the feet way-worn,

The weary cares and woes,

The load of grief in anguish borne,

Thy Lord is near: … He knows.

He knows, . . He knows ; . .

Thy Lord is near : He knows.


O fainting soul, with doubts oppressed,

Thy Lord is near and knows !

He knows it all—–how thou art pressed

On every side with foes,

He waits to be thy cherished Guest ;

Thy Lord is near: … He knows.


O weary head, that fain would rest,

Thy Lord is near and knows !

He knows it all, and on His breast

Thou raayest now repose ;

Drop every care at His behest ;

Thy Lord is near : He knows.


O lonely one, live thou thy best,

Thy Lord is near and knows !

He knows it all, sees every test—–

Yes, every tear that flows :

Rejoice, faint heart, His way is best ;

Thy Lord is near : He knows.

SS & S 714  Hope on, hope on, O troubled heart !

If doubts and fears o’ertake thee,

Remember this—–the Lord hath said,

He ” never will forsake thee.”

Then murmur not, still bear thy lot,

Nor yield to care or sorrow;

Be sure the clouds that frown to-day

Will break in smiles to-morrow.


Hope on, hope on ! though dark and deep

The shadows gather o’er thee;

Be not dismayed : thy Saviour holds

The Lamp of Life before thee.

And if He will that thou to-day

Shouldst tread the vale of sorrow,

Be not afraid ; but trust and wait—–

The sun will shine to-morrow.


Hope on, hope on ! go bravely forth,

Through trial and temptation;

Directed by the Word of truth,

So full of consolation.

There is a calm for every storm ;

A joy for every sorrow ;

A night from which the soul shall wake

To hail an endless morrow.

SS & S 715  O troubled heart, there is a balm

To heal thy every wound !

In thy Redeemer’s bleeding side

That balm alone is found.

The hidden anguish of the soul,

The burning tears that fall,

The sigh that rends thy aching


Thy Saviour knows them all.


Go where no ear but His can hear,

No eye but His can see ;

Has He not said that as thy day

E’en so thy strength shall be ?

Though heaven and earth should pass away,

His Word can never fail,

If thou by faith approach His throne,

By faith thou shalt prevail.


Then why cast down ? these passing ills,

Thy path that sometimes dim,

Will work together for thy good

If thou but trust in Him :

The many blessings of the past

With gratitude recall ;

Then tell thy sorrows at the feet

Of Him who knows them all.

SS & S 716  Oh, weary pilgrim, lift your head :

For joy cometh in the morning !

For God in His own Word hath said

That joy cometh in the morning !

Joy cometh in the morning !

Joy cometh in the morning !

Weeping may endure for a night;

But joy cometh hi the morning !


Ye trembling saints, dismiss your fears :

For joy cometh in the morning !

Oh, weary mourner, dry your tears :

For joy cometh in the morning !


Rejoice ! the night will soon be gone :

For joy cometh in the morning !

And then shall come the glorious dawn :

For joy cometh in the morning !


Oh, may we all be glad to-day !

For joy cometh in the morning !

Our God shall wipe all tears away :

For joy cometh in the morning !

SS & S 717  My God, my Father, while I stray

Far from my home, on life’s rough way,

Oh, teach me from my heart to say,

” Thy will be done ! ”

Thy will be done !

Thy will be done !

Oh, teach me from my heart to say,

” Thy will be done ! ”


What though in lonely grief I sigh

For friends beloved, no longer nigh,

Submissive still would I reply,

” Thy will be done ! ”


Let but my fainting heart be blest

With Thy sweet Spirit for its guest,

My God, to Thee I leave the rest:

” Thy will be done ! ”


Renew my will from day to day :

Blend it with Thine ; and take away

All now that makes it hard to say,

” Thy will be done ! ”


Then when on earth I breathe no more

The prayer oft mixed with tears before,

I’ll sing upon a happier shore,

” Thy will be done ! ”

SS & S 718  Come, ye disconsolate ! where’er ye languish,

Come to the mercy-seat, fervently kneel :

Here bring your wounded hearts,

here tell your anguish ;

Earth has no sorrow that heaven

cannot heal.


Joy of the desolate ! light of the


Hope of the penitent, fadeless and pure !

Here speaks the Comforter, tenderly


Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot cure.


Here see the Bread of Life ! see

waters flowing

Forth from the throne of God, pure from above :

Come to the feast of love; come,

ever knowing,

Earth has no sorrow but heaven can remove.

SS & S 719  Night has fallen on the city,

And the streets at last are still,

Where the noisy crowd, the day long,

Did the air with shoutings fill ;

And the weary, way-worn travellers,

Preaching Jesus through the land,

Are in deepest dungeon darkness,

By the magistrates’ command.


Many stripes to them are given,

Many curses on them cast ;

Many bolts and bars surround them ;

In the stocks their feet are fast ;

While the cruel Roman jailer,

All securely sleeping on,

Little dreams the mighty wonders

Of the morrow’s early dawn.


Hark the sighing of the prisoners !

Hear their moanings loud and long !

No : again, and louder, clearer,

‘Tis the voice of prayer and song !

See, the prison walls are shaking,

And the door wide open stands !

Lo, behold the earth is quaking,

Loosed are every prisoner’s bands !

SS & S 720  O eyes that are weary and hearts that are sore,

Look off unto Jesus, and sorrow no more ;

The light of His countenance shineth

so bright, [be no night.

That on earth as in heaven there need


Looking off unto Jesus, my eyes

cannot see

The troubles and dangers that throng around me ;

They cannot be blinded with sorrowful tears ;

They cannot be shadowed with unbelief-fears.


Looking off unto Jesus, my spirit is blest ;

In the world I have turmoil, in Him I have rest ;

The sea of my life all about me may roar ;

When I look unto Jesus, I hear it no more.


Looking off unto Jesus, I go not astray ;

My eyes are on Him, and He shows me the way ;

The path may seem dark as He leads me along,

But following Jesus I cannot go wrong.

SS & S 721   How oft our souls are lifted up,

When clouds are dark and drear;

For Jesus comes, and kindly speaks

These loving words of cheer :

“In My Father’s house are many mansions ;

If it were not so, I would have told you ;

In My Father’s house are many mansions,

I go to prepare a place for you ! ”


How oft amid our daily toil,

With anxious care opprest,

We hear again the precious word

That tells of joy and rest :


Oh, may our faith in Him be strong,

Who feels our every care,

And will for us—–as He hath said—–

A place in heaven prepare !


Then let us work, and watch, and

Relying on the love [pray,

Of Him who now prepares a place

For us in heaven above.

SS & S 722  Sometimes a light surprises

The Christian while he sings ;

It is the Lord who rises

With healing in His wings.

When comforts are declining,

He grants the soul again

A season of clear shining,

To cheer it after rain.


In holy contemplation,

We sweetly then pursue

The theme of God’s salvation,

And find it ever new ;

Set free from present sorrow,

We cheerfully can say—-

E’en let th’ unknown to-morrow

Bring with it what it may :


It can bring with it nothing

But He will bear us through ;

Who gives the lilies clothing,

Will clothe His people too :

Beneath the spreading heavens

No creature but is fed ;

And He who feeds the ravens

Will give His children bread.

SS & S 723  How dear to my heart, when the pathway is lonely,

That wonderful promise of Jesus my Lord—-

That message of mercy, of love and compassion,

I read on the page of His own blessed Word.

” Fear not I I am with thee,” thy strength

and Redeemer,

The Rock where in safety My own shall abide ;

I’ll never forsake thee—–My Word hath declared it;

I’ll never forsake thee, whatever betide.


When chilled by the waves that are

surging around me,

And clouds of affliction like billows may roll,

I’ll cling to His word, which can

never be broken,

And joy in the comfrot it brings to my soul.


Though tried in the furnace, my faith

shall not falter, [I will bear ;

But, trusting in Jesus, the cross

And hoping, enduring, believing, obeying,

I’ll cling to His promise, and rest in His care.

SS & S 724  Where’er my Father’s hand may guide me,

All, all is well !

With Jesus walking still beside me,

All, all is well !

Though shadows gather darkly o’er me,

Still His love I’ll tell;

He trod the path of tears before me,

All, all is v/ell !

He trod the path of tears before me :

All, all is well !


Though what I ask He oft denies me,

All, all is well !

With what I need His grace supplies me,

All, all is well !

Thro’ joy or grief, thro’ pain or pleasure.

Still His love I’ll tell;

He is my soul’s eternal treasure :

All, all is well !


Though round my bark life’s storms are beating,

All, all is well !

I hear my Saviour’s voice repeating,

All, all is well !

And when I come to Jordan’s river,

Still His love I’ll tell;

And shout, while safely passing over,

” All, all is well ! ”

SS & S 725  Peace ! perfect peace ! in this dark world of sin ?

The blood of Jesus whispers peace within.


Peace ! perfect peace ! by thronging duties prest ?

To do the will of Jesus, this is rest.


Peace ! perfect peace ! with sorrows surging round ?

On Jesus” bosom naught but calm is found.


Peace ! perfect peace ! with loved ones far away ?

In Jesus’ keeping we are safe, and they.


Peace ! perfect peace ! our future all unknown ?

Jesus we know, and He is on the throne.

SS & S 726 Let not your heart be troubled ;

Rest in the Lord your King ;

Not without hope your weeping ;

Those who in Christ are sleeping

He in the clouds will bring.

“Where – – fore comfort ye, comfort ye one

anoth – er, .

Comfort ye, comfort ye, comfort ye with these words ; . .

Where – – fore comfort ye, comfort ye one

anoth – er, .

Comfort ye one anoth – er, . with these words.” . .


“Let not your heart be troubled ; ”

If ye on Christ believe,

Joy for each night of sorrow,

Life, and a bright to-morrow,

Ye shall from Him receive.


Watch, for the Lord is coming ;

Watch, for the time draws near ;

He by His saints attended,

Ke that to heaven ascended,

Soon will again appear.

SS & S 727  Weary of wandering long, my sore heart saith ;

“Show me Thy way, O Lord ! teach me Thy path ! ”

I thought these weary feet straight-

way would find

All rough and rugged paths left far behind.


But as I onward passed, the way grew steep ;

And black clouds gathered fast, and skies did weep ;

And darkness seemed to hide the

toilsome road :

Amazed, again I cried, ” Thy way, O God ? ”


“A lamp unto my feet ” God’s Word

did prove;

A “still, small voice,” and sweet,

spoke thus in love:

“Whoso, through night and day, God’s way pursues,

‘Him shall He teach the way that He

shall choose.'”

SS & S 728  We may not climb the heavenly steep:?

To bring the Lord Christ down :

In vain we search the lowest deeps,

For Him no depths can drown.


But warm, sweet, tender, even yet

A present help is He ;

And faith has still its Olivet,

And love its Galilee.


The healing of His seamless dress

Is by our beds of pain ;

We touch Him in life’s throng and press,

And we are whole again.

4   O Lord and Master of us all,

Whate’er our name or sign,

We own Thy sway, we hear Thy call.

We test our lives by Thine !

SS & S 729  Calm me, my God, and keep me calm ;

Let Thine outstretched wing

Be like the shade of Elim’s palm,

Beside her desert-spring.


Yes, keep me calm, though loud and rude

The sounds my ear that greet—-

Calm in the closet’s solitude,

Calm in the bustling street :


Cairn in the hour of buoyant health,

Calm in my hour of pain ;

Calm in my poverty or wealth,

Calm in my loss or gain ;


Calm in the sufferance of wrong,

Like Him who bore my shame ;

Calm ‘mid the threatening, taunting throng,

Who hate Thy holy name.

SS & S 730  Beyond our sight a city foursquare lieth,

Above the clouds, the fogs and mists of earth ;

And none but souls that Jesus purifieth

Can see its walls, or hear its holy mirth.

Beyond our sight, . . . beyond our night, . . .

Beyond this world’s sad story ;

That city bright, … it stands in light, . . .

The home of all the holy.


Secure and strong, this heavenly city


By Christ the Lamb for all the blood-washed throng,

Gleams fair and bright, with golden glory gilded,

For ever thrilling with triumphant song.


There, on the throne, the Lamb once

slain is seated,

The Shepherd’s joy upon His holy face ;

While countless hosts, their warfare

all completed, [songs of praise.

In circling bands, lift ceaseless

SS & S 731  Rest in the Lord, O weary, heavy-laden !

Look unto Him, your ever-present Guide :

Rest in the Lord, whose Word is

truth eternal ;

Leave all to Him, whatever may betide.


Rest in the Lord, and tell Him all

your sorrow ;

Trust in His love, so boundless, full, and free ;

He will not leave, nor will He e’er

forsake you ;

Rest in the Lord, and sweet your rest shall be.


Rest in the Lord, and when your

toil is over, [have passed—-

When every storm and danger you

Lo ! He has said, whose Word

abideth ever,

You shall receive His welcome home at last.

SS & S 732  Only a beam of sunshine “—

But oh, it was warm and bright ;

The heart of a weary traveller

Was cheered by its welcome sight.

” Only a beam of sunshine ”

That fell from the arch above :

And tenderly, softly whispered

A message of peace and love.

Only a word for Jesus——

Only a whispered prayer——

Over some grief-worn spirit

May rest like a sunbeam fair !


” Only a beam of sunshine ”

That into a dwelling crept ;

Where, over a fading rosebud,

A mother her vigil kept.

” Only a beam of sunshine ”

That smiled through her falling tears,

And showed her the bow of promise,

Forgotten perhaps for years.


Only a word for Jesus,

Oh, speak it in His dear name ;

To perishing souls around you

The message of love proclaim.

Go, like the faithful sunbeam,

Your mission of joy fulfil ;

Remember the Saviour’s promise—–

That He will be with you still.

SS & S 733  On the mountain’s top appearing,

Lo ! the sacred herald stands,

Welcome news to Zion bearing—–

Zion, long in hostile lands :

Mourning captive,

God Himself will loose thy bands.


Has thy night been long and mournful ?

Have thy friends unfaithful proved ?

Have thy foes been proud and scornful,

By thy sighs and tears unmoved ?

Cease thy mourning,

Zion still is well beloved.


God, thy God, will now restore thee ;

He Himself appears thy Friend :

All thy foes shall flee before thee,

Here their boasts and triumphs end ;

Great deliverance

Zion’s King shall surely send.


Enemies no more shall trouble,

AH thy wrongs shall be redressed ;

For thy shame thou shalt have double,

In thy Maker’s favour blessed :

All thy conflicts

End in everlasting rest.

SS & S 734  There is never a day so dreary,

But God can make it bright ;

And unto the soul that trusts Him,

He giveth songs in the night.

There is never a path so hidden,

But God will lead the way,

If we seek for the Spirit’s guidance,

And patiently wait and pray ;

If we seek for the Spirit’s guidance,

And patiently wait and pray.


There is never a cross so heavy,

But the nail-scarred hands are there,

Outstretched in tender compassion,

The burden to help us bear.

There is never a heart so broken,

But the loving Lord can heal ;

For the heart that was pierced on


Does still for His loved ones feel.


There is never a life so darkened,

So hopeless and unblest,

But may be filled with the light of God,

And enter His promised rest.

There is never a sin or sorrow,

There is never a care or loss,

But that we may bring to Jesus,

And leave at the foot of the cross.

SS & S 735  When our heads are bowed with woe,

When our bitter tears o’erflow,

When we mourn the lost, the dear—–

Jesus, Son of David, hear !


Thou our feeble flesh hast worn,

Thou our mortal griefs hast borne ;

Thou hast shed the human tear :

Jesus, Son of David, hear !


When the heart is sad within,

With the thought of all its sin ;

When the spirit shrinks with fear ;

Jesus, Son of David, hear !

SS & S 736  Quiet, Lord, my froward heart ;

Make me teachable and mild,

Upright, simple, free from art ;

Make me as a little child—-

From distrust and envy free,

Pleased with all that pleases Thee.


What Thou shalt to-day provide,

Let me as a child receive ;

What to-morrow may betide,

Calmly to Thy wisdom leave :

‘Tis enough that Thou wilt care—-

Why should I the burden bear ?


As a little child relies

On a care beyond his own,

Knows he’s neither strong nor wise,

Fears to stir a step alone—–

Let me thus with Thee abide,

As my Father, Guard, and Guide !

SS & S 738  Come unto Me, ye weary,

Sorrowing ones oppressed ;

I am your tender Shepherd,

Waiting to give you rest.

Come, come, come unto Me,

Weary and sore distressed ;

Come, come, come unto Me,

Come unto Me and rest.


Come unto Me, ye weary :

List to the voice so dear,

Sweeter than angel music

Falling upon the ear.


Come unto Me, ye weary :

List to that voice again,

Over the barren mountain,

Over the lonely plain.


Come unto Me, ye weary :

Why will ye longer roam ?

Come to the arms of mercy,

Come to a Father’s home.

SS & S 739  Thou art my great Physician,

My Saviour and my All ;

I look to Thee for blessing,

And on Thy mercy call.

With tenderest care Thou watchest

Beside the couch of pain,

And givest health and healing,

When human help is vain.


When in the midnight watches,

With anxious care oppressed,

I often hear Thee whisper,

” Come unto Me and rest.”

Thou carest for the weary,

Dost mark the sparrow’s fall :

Then surely I can trust Thee,

Thou art my ” All in All.”


Thou art my ” Tower of Refuge,”

My ” Strength ” upon the way ;

My “Hope ” of endless glory,

When ends life’s fleeting day !

Thou art the only ” Healer ”

For body, mind, and soul,

And when all others fail me,

Thy touch can make me whole.

SS & S 740  Not now, but in the coming years—-

It may be in the better land—–

We’ll read the meaning of our tears,

And there, some time, we’ll understand.

Then trust in God through all thy days ;

Fear not ! for He doth hold thy hand ; . .

Though dark thy way, still sing and praise ;

Some time, some time we’ll understand.


We’ll catch the broken threads again,

And finish what we here began ;

Heaven will the mysteries explain,

And then, ah then, we’ll understand.


We’ll know why clouds instead of sun

Were over many a cherished plan ;

Why song has ceased when scarce begun;

‘Tis there, some time, we’ll understand.


Why, what we long for most of all,

Eludes so oft our eager hand ;

Why hopes are crushed, and castles fall,

Up there, some time, we’ll understand.

SS & S 741  Precious words like music stealing

O’er the troubled heart opprest ;

To the weary, fainting spirit.

Breathing comfort, hope, and rest.

Thou . . wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose

mind . . is stayed on Thee, . . .

Because . . he trusteth in Thee . . because . .

he trusteth in Thee. . . .


Precious words that cheer us onward,

When the day is dark and drear ;

Lighting up the path before us,

While their loving tones we hear.


Precious words of holy promise,

From the home of angels bright ;

By the Spirit softly whispered

In the silent hours of night.


Precious words that lift us upward,

All our earthly cares above ;

To the Fount of life eternal,

And the source of endless love.

SS & S 742  I see God’s sun behind earth’s clouds,

Heaven’s blue, beyond earth’s grey ;

The gleaming of the jasper walls

Across earth’s dusty way ;

God’s light above the darkening mists,

God’s calm amidst the strife ;

Bright currents of God’s sweetest peace

In darkest seas of life.


I see my Father’s smile of love

Light up earth’s dreariest frowns ;

Fair stars for heaven-diadems

Shine round earth’s thorniest crowns ;

Betwixt my heart and aught of harm

That sin or sorrow brings,

I see the Everlasting Arms—–

The shadow of His wings.


I see the glory from the cross,

Like morning’s crimson ray,

Touch from afar earth’s night of sin,

And brightening into day :

I see, like sunshine everywhere,

God’s goodness, mercy, grace ;

And for the rest, I trust His love

Until I see His face.

SS & S 743  God holds the key of all unknown,

And I am glad ;

If other hands should hold the key,

Or if He trusted it to me,

I might be sad.


What if to-morrow’s cares were here

Without its rest !

I’d rather He unlocked the day ;

And, as the hours swing open, say,

” My will is best.”


The very dimness of my sight

Makes me secure ;

For, groping in my misty way,

I feel His hand ; I hear Him say,

” My help is sure.”


I cannot read His future plans ;

But this I know :

I have the smiling of His face,

And all the refuge of His grace,

While here below.

SS & S 744  Mourner, wheresoe’er thou art,

At the cross there’s room !

Tell the burden of thy heart ;

At the cross there’s room !

Tell it in thy Saviour’s ear,

Cast away thine every fear,

Only speak, and He will hear ;

At the cross there’s room !


Haste thee, wanderer, tarry not,

At the cross there’s room !

Seek that consecrated spot ;

At the cross there’s room !

Heavy-laden, sore oppressed,

Love can soothe thy troubled breast ;

In the Saviour find thy rest ;

At the cross there’s room !


Thoughtless sinner, come to-day ;

At the cross there’s room !

Hark ! the Bride and Spirit say,

At the cross there’s room !

Now a living fountain see,

Opened there for you and me,

Rich and poor, for bond and free ;

At the cross there’s room !

SS & S 745  When upon life’s billows you are tempest tossed,

When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost,

Count your many blessings, name

them one by one,

And it will surprise you what the

Lord hath done.

Count . . your blessings, name them one . by . one ;

Count . . your blessings, see what God . hath . done !

Count . . your blessings, name them one by

one ;

And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.


Are you ever burdened with a load of care ?

Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear ?

Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly,

And you will keep singing as the days go by.


When you look at others with their lands and gold,

Think that Christ has promised you His wealth untold ;

Count your many blessings; wealth

can never buy [home on high.

Your reward in heaven, nor your


So, amid the conflict, whether great or small,

Do not be disheartened, God is over all ;

Count your many blessings, angels

will attend,

Help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.

SS & S 746  Only a little while

Of walking with weary feet,

Patiently over the thorny way

That leads to the golden street.


Suffer if ’tis God’s will,

And work for Him while we may ;

From Calvary’s cross to Zion’s crown

Is only a little way.


Only a little while !

For toiling a few short days,

And then comes the rest, the quiet rest,

Eternity’s endless praise,

SS & S 747  The cross that He gave may be heavy,

But it ne’er outweighs His grace :

The storm that I feared may surround me,

But it ne’er excludes His face,

The cross is not greater than His grace,

The storm cannot hide His blessed face

I am satisfied to know

That with Jesus here below,

I can conquer every foe.


The thorns in my path are not sharper

Than composed His crown for me :

The cup that I drink not more bitter

Than He drank in Gethsemane.


The light of His love shineth brighter,

As it falls on paths of woe :

The toil of my work groweth lighter,

As I stoop to raise the low.


His will I have joy in fulfilling,

As I’m walking in His sight :

My all to the blood I am bringing,

It alone can keep me right.

SS & S 748  Christians, wake, no longer sleep :

Shall we rest while others weep ?

Shall we sit with folded hands

When the Lord Himself commands ?

Go and work ! . . . this hour begin ; . .

Go and seek . . . the lost to win ; . . .

From the dark . . . abodes of sin, . . ,

To the feast, oh, bring them in ! . . .


Do we love the Saviour’s Dame ?

Can our faith His promise claim ?

Have we pledged to Him our all ?

Shall we not obey His call ?


Do we trust Him as we ought ?

Do we live as He has taught ?

Are we His, and His alone ?

Let our faith by works be shown.


There’s a cross that we must bear

If the crown we hope to wear :

Onward, then, with vigour new :

Time is short, the days are few.

SS & S 749  Oh, where are the reapers that garner in

The sheaves of the good from the fields of sin ?

With sickles of truth must the work

be done,

And no one may rest till the ” harvest home.”

Where are the reapers ? Oh, who will come

And share in the glory of the ” harvest home ” ?

Oh, who will help us to gamer in

The sheaves of good from the fields of sin ?


Go out in the byways and search

them all :

The wheat may be there, though the weeds are tall :

Then search in the highway, and pass none by,

But gather from all for the home on high.


The fields are all ripening, and far and wide

The world now is waiting the harvest-tide :

But reapers are few, and the work is great,

And much will be lost should the harvest wait.


So come with your sickles, ye sons of men,

And gather together the golden grain :

Toil on till the Lord of the harvest come,

Then share in the joy of the ” harvest home.”


SS & S 750  Arise and away, ye reapers ;

The fields of the golden corn

Are ripe and fully ready for you ;

Go forth in the early morn.

Press on, press on, to gather the sheaves,

The work is for you alone ;

Then haste away, no time for delay ;

Go, gather the harvest home.


The gleaners are there before you,

The garners are open wide ;

No time to lose, so hasten away,

All day in the field abide.


Toil on till the day is over,

Too soon will the darkness come ;

The sun is sinking now in the west ;

Then gather the harvest home.