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Birthday Prayer Service from “Jesus the Good News

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Birthday Prayer Service from “Jesus the Good News.


I stumbled upon a birthday Prayer service by JESUS THE GOOD NEWS with “You hold my Hand tenderly song”. The service was dated Friday, October 10, 2014. It was titled “Birthday Prayer Service”.

“Do you Want to Read Sweet Birthday Messages, Wishes, and Blessings for our Loved Ones?”

This service is meant for birthday celebrations. Hymns and short prayers have been celebrated for the service.



***********Expose the Blessed Sacrament.


Introduction :

Every person born into this world represents something new, something that never existed before, something original and unique. There has never been anyone like him/her in the world; for if there had been anyone like him/her there would have been no need for him/her to be in the world.

Every person in the world is called upon to fulfill his/her particularity in this world. Therefore we are special. And the Lord has specially called each one of us to continue His mission in this world.

Today as our dear ______ is celebrating his/ her birthday, let us thank God for his/her uniqueness and for the uniqueness of each one of us with all its minute details.


Birthday Prayer Service from “Jesus the Good News

(This prayer is to be read by any ONE)

***Heavenly Father, we praise and thank you for creating us in your own image and likeness, the most complex part of your creation is the man’s brain. Thank you, Lord, for our brains which are like precious computers that enable us to remember, think, and reflect.

Thank you for the senses you have given us which are wonderful instruments to acquire knowledge and to communicate with the world outside us. Thank you for the tiniest cell in the human body which contains untold secrets. Everything in man speaks of your wisdom and love. Every fiber of our beings is your gift to us.

Thank you Lord for the health of mind and body; Thank you for the strong limbs, the memory, the bodily and spiritual power. Thank you Divine designer for making us what we are, the wonderful, challenging mystery you love to hide in.

Thank you for all the marvels that you surround us with. Thank you for the wonder of your creation. The grandeur of your handiwork.

Hymn: Tape

Now each of us will say a short prayer for the birthday child of God and place a petition or thanksgiving flower in the vase which will be passed down. And at the end, our birthday child of God will place the vase before the Altar and make a self-offering.

– By reciting the Prayer – You Hold my life Tenderly.

Concluding Hymn.

Credit: Jesus the Good News