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“You Hold My Life Tenderly” Birthday Prayer Service

“You Hold My Life Tenderly” Birthday Prayer Service

This is Birthday Prayer Service from Jesus the Good News. “You Hold My Life Tenderly” Birthday Prayer Service.

It is a prayer said in every birthday service by Jesus the Good news. I have to share it here due to how people are searching for prayer.

A birthday celebration is a thing of joy. Some Christian children of God go to their different worship centers for birthday prayer services.

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This is a short service led by spiritual heads in the church. Depending on the denomination, it follows patterns and has prayers allotted to it. But the major prayer for the Birthday service is;


Here is the Prayer:

“Lord hold my hand tenderly forever”.

Thank you Jesus for a season of love, restoration, and growth. Stretch my hands, even further to do your will, next to green pastures. Lead all disciples closer to you so that they never stray!

O Lord, Thank you for Your faithfulness.

Today, I just want to say, Thank you for my life even with its ups and downs. Thank you for the blessings that you have bestowed upon each one of us and thank you for answered prayers and what is still to come. We give you all the glory, honour, and praise.

Lead each one of us in faithfulness even when the storm rages so that we rain ingrafted in you and always standing firm on the rock for our salvation.

When the storms of this world keep rolling, we will say we do not fear for our God is with us and He is our refuge and strength, our God, in Whom we trust.


Have a joyous Birthday.  I wish you everything good in life.