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This Is How to Report Blog that Plagiarized (Copy) Your Content

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How to Report Blog that Plagiarized (Copy) Your Content

Report Blog that Plagiarized (Copy) Your Content this way:

  • Contact Google
  • Contact Webhost
  • Contact Advertising company

Any of these will help to bring down the blog. But before then, do put outcall to the blog owner and lay a complaint.

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Getting unique content to be posted on your blog is not so easy. It takes time and exerts energy. It is very painful to see your content lying on the blog of another just the way you posted it on your blog. To make it worse, the thief will never give you the due credit.

It took you days to come up with such an article. But someone will just highlight and lifted. Upon that, he or she will boldly sign on the content and claim  ownership

It is bad and disheartening. It is only a dull head and lazy blogger that does that. But believe me, it is rampant now. People now reap where they did not sow.

I just spoke to a blog owner via WhatsApp, who copied my word to word and pasted it his blog. Then  I got from him is “f**k you and get lost. He also said he has blocked me. That is what it is. Plagiarism is an increase among the Nigerian bloggers who have the make it quick syndrome. They are ready to tongue-lash you when you confront them.

They are pissed off when your intellectual property has been stolen and on top, the thief tries to intimidate you. I will teach you a few steps to follow to report the culprit to Google and have his blog brought down. If the blogger has ads running in his blog, the advertisement will be disabled.

How to Report Blog that Plagiarized (Copy) Your Content

Plagiarism is a great offense. Google does not smile with it. It is lifting the whole or part of someone’s written materials or images or photographs without making a proper acknowledgment of the source. Lifting part of work with due attribution is not plagiarism is copying the body of a piece and including your name at the end.

Even if you made mention of the author’s name in the middle, as long as you lift the whole work and write your name in the end, you are a thief. You have just duplicated someone else work. You want to reap where did not sow.

How to Report Blog that Plagiarized (Copy) Your Content
Example Plagiarized or Copied Content

I published this article; “Banana seller that calms down...” on Opera News Hub, then on my blog. It was published on the 29th of August. When I searched for it on Google, I saw that it has been copied verbatim by a blogger He didn’t change a single dot in the article. I searched for his contact and WhatsApp him, this is the reply I got from the intellectual thief.


How to Report Blog that Plagiarized (Copy) Your ContentHow to Report Blog that Plagiarized (Copy) Your Content

There is one important thing to note here. I may not succeed in getting justice if I decide to report this blogger. The reason is that I am not the owner of the Opera News Hub.

Once I published an article on the Hub, I have lost the right to the article. Opera pays me for this article and may decide to sell it to a third party without my consent. the only backup I will have to pin this thief is to fall back on Opera News Hub and report to them.

They have the full right to bring the blogger to book by reporting the blog to google. That is if they feel that he stole from them.

How to Report Blog that Plagiarized (Copy) Your Content

I have the full right to report the blog if I have a full right to the article or piece. If the article was originally published on my blog. That is when I have the right to report.

But if you are as kind as me, you can write to the blogger first before doing anything. He may decide to bring it if he has a remorseful heart. One disadvantage of having your article copied by other blogs is that it affects your SEO ranking on Google.

The screenshot of the article image I showed you was gotten from the Google search engine. Once I typed the title of the article, Opera News Hub appeared, followed by the copy and paste Blop. Even if it is Opera that copies the blog, Opera will appear first because of its popularity in SEO ranking.

If you have the full right to the article, follow these instructions carefully to the report on the blog. Remember the first approach is writing to the scrappers. If he or she is not responding positively, take the following actions:

  • Contact Google

If the scraper is making money from your article then you feel free to contact Google and report them about the illegal activities by the scraper. I have already written a complete guide for the same, and you can refer to it below:

  • Contact Webhost

You should also contact the Webhosting company of the site and report about the illegal activities by the scraper. If the WebHost found the site is involved in such activity then it could be possible that the whole site would be flagged by the Webhosting company. There are several handy tools available to check the WebHost like

  • Contact Advertising company

Most advertising companies like AdSense, MediaBurst, Adsterra, etc have strict TOS regarding plagiarism. You can send them an email giving all the details and wait for them to take action.

Use this link to  Report Adsense violations if the blogger is making money out of your sweat. There are many reasons for which people copy your blog post.

It could be any reason. No matter who is copying your blog, it’s bad for you in many ways and especially for search engine ranking. Sometimes blog copying your content ranks better than yours and thus you lose all the traffic despite your hard work. When someone copies your blog content, you would be definitely losing:

  • Your bandwidth
  • Search engine ranking
  • Image hotlinking
  • Money

The point here is if someone is copying your blog, you should take it seriously. The first approach should be contacting the author and make them understand the concept of plagiarism.

I took my research seriously on how to bring down the thief who is trailing me and reaping where he did not sow. So, I stumbled on this wonderful information.

It is a helpful guide written by an expert on how to report to the Webhosting of the blog where your contents have been plagiarized. The table below is the list of Webhost names with the contact page to report abuse.

You should first find out the company where the website is hosted. You can find any of them here. And these are the report links.

Hosting Report Link
Blogspot Blogspot spam spam
Dreamhost Dreamhost Spam
AdSense AdSense Abuse reporting
Youtube YouTube Spam

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