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How To Kickstart Block Industry Business In Nigeria (2022)

How to Start Block Industry Business in Nigeria (2022)

The block industry business in Nigeria, is quite evolving into a profitable and viable venture due to the fact that more building structures are being erected and new innovations are being adopted into the process. Basically, it is one business model that can easily bloom in both township and village areas. If you have any desire to pursue a path in the block industry business in Nigeria, this post is definitely written for you. In the article, you will be taught the ropes and every vital details you need to know before kick starting a block production firm.

Let’s have a look at what needs to be done right now in Nigeria to develop a successful building block firm. This is a highly profitable business opportunity that will demand a great deal of commitment to succeed. The following are the stages to starting a cement block manufacturing company in the country.

The following are the stages to creating a block factory or industry in Nigeria:

STEP 1: Develop A Business Blueprint

To be successful in this industry, you must take fundamental precautions at the start. This will aid you in comprehending the business’s risks and potential dangers. As a result, conducting research on the business sector, as well as the sorts of high-demand blocks, costs, and competitiveness, is vital.

This should help you establish a market competitive advantage as well as a winning strategy. In order to construct your block industry strategy plan, you must document the results of this step.

STEP 2: Obtain A Business License

The next stage is to file the firm with the CAC and other designated authorities when the block industry framework has been documented. By registering your company, you will obtain access to funding and other business-related choices.

You can also bid on contracts to supply blocks and other building supplies for the local, state, and federal gov’t, as well as private companies, if you have a company registered.

STEP 3: Raise The Business Capital

Block production is a capital-intensive enterprise, with startup costs ranging from millions to billions of dollars, depending on the size at which you want to get started. The cost of purchasing land in a desired area could be rather high. You’ll also need raw materials, a borehole, and block-making machines, among other things. Set aside at least two months’ worth of the employee’s salary.

In Nigeria, a manual moulder costs between 10,000 and 15,000 Naira, whereas a vibrating machine runs between 100,000 and 150,000 Naira. In addition, you’ll need to get a lister generator and other utilities. Depending on your scale, you can start with one or two moulders.

Overall, if you don’t want to be short on cash, budget roughly $2 million for the start-up capital.

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STEP 4: Obtain A Land

Renting, leasing, or purchasing land in a specific region might be used to develop a block industry. This location should not be situated in a soggy or wet area because it can drive down the price of your block. Above everything, be sure your location can be reached by car, truck, or other method of transportation.

STEP 5: Set Up A Water System

A considerable supply of water is required for a block-making operation. Hydrate is used to mix the sand and cement, form the blocks, and water them on a regular basis until they are sturdy. If you don’t have access to a natural water source, such as a stream or river, drill a borehole or dig a well, and then construct tanks. Simply keep a continual supply of water on hand.

STEP 6: Purchase Necessary Machinery

A listing of some of the equipment used for the block business is as follows:

A lister generator is widely used to create blocks.

A shovels, a headpan, a barrow, and other items will still be required.

STEP 7: Hire Extra Human Resources

In a typical block industry operation, machinery controllers, mixers, workmen, lifters, and drivers are all required.

The machine operator is in charge of regulating and operating the machine. While the mixers blend the cement and sand which goes into the molder, the workers move the bricks from the mould to the drying station.

You might also hire a cashier or a supervisor (optional). You’ll also need loaders to load and unload the blocks, as well as a driver to carry the blocks to various customers.

STEP 8: Get Raw Materials

Sand, cement, and water are the raw materials used to make blocks. To avoid running out of resources at a key time, start by gathering a stockpile that can last at least a week.

Sharp sand, crushed stone, and typical mud sand are the three main types of sand required for block production.

For the cement, do some research and select the best cement for constructing a robust block.

STEP 9: Start Making Blocks

Obviously, the trade of moulding blocks is engaged in manufacturing of blocks, and that is how income is generated. Definitely, you’re on your way.

You can start making the blocks after you’ve gathered all of your equipment and materials. Cement, sand, and gravel must be mixed with water in order to do this.

A bag of cement can make 35–40 (9 inch) blocks, 50–55 (6 inch) blocks, or 60–65 (6 inch) blocks (4 inches). They can be purchased for a variety of prices.

Also, look for ways to grow your output on a daily basis to maximize profit.

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Bottom Line

With this information, I believe you can start a block industry business in Nigeria. If you apply the information in this article to the field-tested technique, it will be quite beneficial. Making blocks is a profitable venture that requires excellent attention to detail and a strong drive to succeed. Start with the basics and gradually build up if you have no previous experience in the business world.

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