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Pure Water Business In Nigeria: Cost and How To Start Explained (2022)

Do you have the innate desire to invest your capital into the Pure Water Business in Nigeria? If so, you just landed on the right page, as this article was specially packaged for you.

The sachet water business, sometimes known as “pure” water, is one of Nigeria’s most profitable small-scale companies. The company is unlikely to be large-scale, as it may require fewer finance and resources to get started. The pure water company has thrived in the country’s available market, bringing riches to its proprietors. Because of the benefits of the business, many entrepreneurs and others have inquired about how to establish a sachet water business in Nigeria. This post will look into what goes into running a pure water business and will describe the steps for starting one anywhere in the country.

The pure water business is a firm that produces and sells sachet water. Most of the time, the firm expands to include marketing and selling these products to customers or retailers. There are numerous factors and inputs that go into making this type of business possible. Everything from the business plan to production to marketing contributes to the company’s success. In Nigeria, there are a large number of people who are interested in starting a pure water business. We’ve created this guide to help you understand what it takes to start a business in the country.


How To Start Pure water business in Nigeria

Before starting a pure water business, there are certain key factors to consider, just as there are before starting any other business. There are a lot of competitive makers and sellers on the market nowadays. These stats, on the other hand, will not make you lose interest; rather, they will make you compete to be the greatest. In order to break into Nigeria’s enormous business, the following instructions should be followed before launching a pure water firm.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to start a clean water business in Nigeria is provided below.

STEP 1: Have a business plan

To begin, you must have a strategy for what you want to do. This plan will be accommodating in that it will cover all aspects of your business. To assist in determining the amount of money required to finance the firm from the start, the business plan should incorporate these charges. The need of a business plan at this stage is critical because it establishes the amount of financing necessary and the immediate or possible sources of finance. Your strategy should also include vital details such as lodging. Depending on the category and size of the proposed business, the pure water business can use anything from a two-bedroom flat to a block of flats as a starting point.

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STEP 2: Get factory site in a good location

Always consider a linked and market-friendly location while looking for a decent location for your pure water factory. You should either find acceptable accommodation with market access or construct suitable accommodation. Your pure water factory should also be close to and accessible to markets and cost-of-acquisition locations. Other infrastructure, however, must be in place at the industrial site, including critical production aspects such as factory security, power, and access roads, among others.

STEP 3: Set up water source

The source of your raw water is required for starting a pure water factory and thus obtaining the required certification. This is critical because it is one of the requirements for obtaining endorsement from various registration agencies such as NAFDAC. Water is the raw resource of business, and it defines the company. For the fracturing lagoon aeration systems to work properly, your company needs a steady supply of clean water. It is preferable to have a borehole on your manufacturing site for this type of business that requires water on a regular basis.


STEP 3: Registration with NAFDAC

Getting government clearance for your pure water business is something you should think about. To begin, you must meet the following requirements: factory location, water source, and environmental concerns. After you’ve met these requirements, you’ll need to register with NAFDAC, the Nigerian agency in charge of food and drug control. Registration with the agency costs around 30,000 dollars. You cannot manufacture pure water in the country without the agency’s consent and certification. Getting a NAFDAC registration is the first and most significant step in starting a clean water business in Nigeria.

STEP 4: Access to facilities

The quality difference between your pure water factory items and others is what sets them apart. The infrastructure in place to support this production have a big impact on this.

For your pure water company, the Water Purification System is essential. It’s what sets your sachet water apart from the competition and makes it sellable. As a result, you’ll require a high-quality water purifying system. Distillation, reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, ultraviolet light filtration system, and other methods of water purification are among them. The most widely utilized water filtration methods in Nigeria, however, are ultra-violet light filtration and reverse osmosis. However, in terms of mass manufacturing, the latter sort of filtration system is preferable.

The sealing machine is another feature. There are various sorts of sealing machines, ranging from very little to quite large, as well as automatic devices that are more advanced. For your factory, you should select and settle on a good sealing machine. It is advisable to get one of those specialist automatic pure water production lines with numerous operations such as filling, sealing, counting, cutting packaging, and bag making in terms of quality, efficiency, and time. These devices are pricey, costing around $500,000, but if you can afford them, they are ideal for your pure water business.

STEP 5: Hire factory workers and staff

Because there are so many operations involved in pure water manufacture, you’ll require high working strength. Despite the fact that it contains some automated production lines and the use of equipment, it requires a large amount of trained humans to run the business. As a result, the business, which focuses primarily on manufacturing, is too large for one individual to run. Workers to assist with loading and unloading, counting, driving, accounting, and supervision would be required. Start-ups and new pure water businesses, on the other hand, will require a sufficient number of employees.

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STEP 6: Vans and distributors

Your pure water company should, ideally, have distributors registered under it. These are marketers who would purchase your things at a discounted price and then resell them to others for a profit. This would ensure that your things would sell faster and be distributed more easily.

Another thing you’ll need in the business is a distribution van. This is a transporting vehicle that will make it easier for you to supply things to customers.

While all of these guidelines are followed when starting a pure water business in Nigeria, it will result in a profitable venture. We feel you now have a better understanding of how to launch a profitable pure water business in the country.