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Cooking Gas Cost – Price of Cooking Gas in Nigeria Today

How much does cooking gas cost in Nigeria?

Cooking gas is one of the main and popular methods employed by households in cooking nowadays. This modern innovation has taken over the traditional ways of burning firewoods or using charcoals to cook. In this article, we will be taking a look at how much does cooking gas cost in Nigeria now?

If you have noticed, the rate at which stoves are been used nowadays has reduced drastically compared to around 2014 – 2016 when this was a popularly employed means of cooking. Suddenly the growth of cooking gas in Nigeria became popular and a lot of households started employing it as a means of cooking. You may read: How much does it cost to buy a 12.5kg gas cylinder in 2022?

The affordability of the gas and also how comfortable it is used when cooking made a lot of people drop the kerosene method which was considered slower when compared to the cooking gas. Cooking gas also makes work faster in the kitchen and this influences one of the reasons it is popular nowadays.

How much does cooking gas cost in Nigeria?

The cooking gas is also considered odorless and stress-free compared to having to look for space to burn firewood before you can cook and eat. However, the price of cooking gas is nowadays considered a headache to a lot of people.

The price of cooking gas has been fluctuating over the past few months and the rate at which the price increases is quite too alarming for a lot of people to afford. Nowadays, it is assumed that only those engaged in fraudulent activities will use the cooking gas to cook beans. This is because of the time beans require to get done and the amount of gas it would consume.

Cooking gas cost in Nigeria

Due to the increase in the price of gas, a lot of people have resulted to using firewood or charcoal to cook. However, this method of cooking can be quite intense to handle especially for people who did not grow up using it. The stifling smoke emanating from the cooking can also cause some damage to the body like cough and cold. This method is especially dangerous for people with asthma.

In 2019 and 2020, the price of cooking gas was at ₦4200 and ₦4120 respectively. However, the recent price of cooking gas has almost doubled that of the previous years. Read also: the current price of cooking gas in Nigeria in 2022.

The price of cooking gas ranges in different states. While some states have a high price for cooking gas, it is considered low in some States. According to the National Bureau of statistics, it has been found that the price of gas in the South West and South-South region are high compared to gas in the northeast and North-central region. This can be quite due to the modernization in this region.

Price of Cooking Gas in Nigeria Today

Today, the average price of refiling a 12.5kg cooking gas in Nigeria ranges according to your location. In Ondo, the price is about ₦8720 while in Oyo it is ₦8650. In Osun, it is ₦8430 and in Imo it is ₦8200. In Enugu, it is sold at #660 per kg. The price in Kwara State is ₦8100. The price of the 12.5kg of cooking gas in areas like this is considered high when compared to Borno, Yobe, and Akwa Ibom. The price of 12.5kg cooking gas in Borno is ₦5420 and in Yobe 6300 while in Akwa Ibom is about ₦6700.

Cooking gas is sold in weights like 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 6kg, 12.5kg, and so on. However, the amount you will spend on cooking gas will determine the cylinder size you have in the house. For an average Nigerian household, the cylinder size is usually 12.5kg. This is because this size lasts longer and won’t put you through the stress of having to constantly visit the filling station to get your gas refilled. Also for salary earners, this cylinder size can take you for a month so you do not have to worry about where to get the money to refill a new one.

How much does cooking gas cost in your Location?

For students, the 3kg gas cylinder is the most popularly used. This cylinder comes with a burner which makes it easier and more comfortable to cook. The price of cooking gas will depend on the size of your cylinder. The gas cylinder also ranges up to 25kg and 50kg. However, these cylinders are mostly used for industrial purposes and it is a rare case to see them in a household. Let’s take a look at cooking gas price at each cylinder level below:

This price is the average of different locations in Nigeria. If you are in Enugu, you will buy 1 Kg @ #700 while the person in Borno buys at #440 per kg.

1kg- ₦700

2kg- ₦1400

3kg- ₦2100

5kg- ₦3500

6kg- ₦4200

10kg- ₦7000

12kg- ₦8400

12.5kg- ₦8850

50kg- ₦35000


The prices listed above are to give you a rough estimate of how much it currently costs. However, these prices are subject to changes depending on the location or area in which you are based. As we previously said, the prices of cooking gas vary according to location. And also the price fluctuates at intervals. However, you can use these prices to have an idea of how much to pay according to your cylinder size.