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How much is a 12.5kg Gas Cylinder Sold?

How much is a 12.5kg Gas Cylinder in Nigeria?

How much is a 12.5kg Gas Cylinder? In Nigeria, one of the most popularly adopted means of cooking is the use of cooking gas and this is because of how fast and convenient it is to cook. In this article, we will be taking a look at how much is a 12.5kg gas cylinder in Nigeria? We mean to say; How much is a 12.5kg Gas Cylinder Sold?

How much is a 12.5kg Gas Cylinder in Nigeria?
12.5kg Gas Cylinder

Do you know the current price of cooking gas in Nigeria per kg? Find out here. Before cooking gas became a popularly adopted method of cooking, we relied on the use of firewoods and charcoals. However, this method of cooking has some impacts on the body and it is quite uncomfortable to use especially on rainy days.
It gets worse when your firewood or charcoal is wet as a result of the rain. However, the invention of cooking gas makes cooking more easy and convenient irrespective of whether it’s raining or not. It is impossible to get the gas wet due to the rain. Also, some households adopt the use of electric cookers at home. However, this can be of a disadvantage when there is no light to power the cooker.

Cooking with Gas

Cooking gas is very comfortable to use at home when cooking. This method of cooking also does not cause any inconvenience to your neighbors, unlike firewood or charcoal which can cause a smoke disturbance. Cooking gas is of advantage in the sense that it burns faster and makes cooking more easier. This means of cooking is non-toxic and does not pollute the hair. In most circumstances, it is considered a much rather safer means of cooking.

How much is a 12.5kg Gas Cylinder in Nigeria?
Cooking gas is stored in gas cylinders and this ranges in different sizes. The affordability of your pocket will determine the size you buy. The gas cylinder ranges in Size and this includes 3kg gas cylinder, 5kg gas cylinder, 6kg, 10kg, 12kg, 12.5kg, 25kg, and 50kg. However, for this article, we will be focusing more on how much it costs to buy a 12.5kg gas cylinder and some of the advantages it is.

How much is a 12.5kg Gas Cylinder in Nigeria?

In an average household, the 12.5kg gas cylinder is the most used and this is because of the size of the cylinder. As a salary earner, you probably fill your gas once a month after collecting your salary. The 12.5 kg gas cylinder helps you eradicate the stress of visiting the filing station regularly to refill your gas apart from that, you do not have to worry about how to get money to buy a new one until your next salary. An average household can use the 12.5kg gas cylinder for a month and above depending on the type of food they cook. The average cost of filing the 12.5kg gas is ₦8500.
Gas Cylinder is of two types and this includes the traditional gas cylinder and Lite safe LPG composite cylinder. The Lite safe LPG composite gas is used to keep people safe from an explosion and is also UV protected. The traditional gas cylinder is the most popularly used cylinder at home. The cylinder is built with high quality which makes it very strong and durable to use.

How much is a 12.5kg Gas Cylinder in Nigeria?

The average price of a 12.5kg gas cylinder in Nigeria is ₦16000 to ₦18000 depending on your location. The price of cooking gas in areas like South-South and southwest has been found by research to be higher than in areas like North Central and North East. This can also influence the price of the cylinder and make it cheaper in certain regions.
In the past few months, the price of products in the market has recently risen higher than usual. The price of gas refilling is also not left out of this as the price doubled the usual price. Although the price keeps fluctuating, a lot of families find it difficult to refill the cooking gas.
But no matter how high the price of gas is, you cannot Still argue that it is one of the most comfortable and convenient methods of cooking.
To get your gas cylinder, you can visit a filing station or visit a gas accessory shop around your location. You can also order your cylinder online if you have no idea where to get it from.


If you are looking towards getting a gas cylinder for the first time, then there are some safety measures you should know

The first safety measure you should know when using a gas cylinder is to store it properly. In most cases, it is recommended you put your cylinder outside the house to avoid cases of leakage and pollution. However, if your environment is not conducive or safe to leave outside the house, make sure to place your cylinder in a place that you think is safe.

Another safety measure to take note of when using a gas cylinder is to leave it off when away from home. The 12.5 gas cylinder is mostly placed outside the house. However, in a situation where you plan on traveling, make sure to switch off the cylinder before leaving the house. Also do not leave your cooking gas open after cooking.