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Bike Logistics Business In Nigeria: How To Start Explained (2022)

Bike Logistics Business In Nigeria: How To Start Explained (2022)

In this essay, we’ll look at how to start a bike logistics business in Nigeria. First and foremost, bike logistics is a business that deals with the acquisition, distribution, and storage of people, goods, and information in order to achieve a company’s goals. It comprises delivering goods and services to a customer from a manufacturer or supplier.

Starting a bike logistics company in Lagos, for example, has only one drawback: the task force. The government has set aside some personnel to receive money from these bike riders, and this is something that most bike logistics firms in Nigeria want to avoid.


How do I start a bike logistics business?

The motorbike logistics sector is a low-cost, renewable business. People are more interested than ever in the services of a delivery company, so if you’re considering about beginning one, don’t wait any longer.

Here are the steps to get started with a bike delivery service in Nigeria right immediately.

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STEP 1: Get a business license

The first step in creating a company is to register it with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), which is in charge of registering and regulating new and existing businesses. You can also register your business yourself, either online or at a CAC-licensed computer café or office. The other actions should be examined when the preceding stage has been completed.

STEP 2: Develop A Business Model

It’s one thing to obtain a business plan; it’s quite another to sketch one down. Your rise up the corporate ladder will be aided by having a company strategy. A business plan can help you better understand your competitors and the best strategies for outperforming them.

A business plan might assist you in determining how much money you’ll require to get started and where you can obtain it (if need be). A business plan helps you to operate your firm on paper while physically putting everything you’ve written down into action through hard work.

STEP 3: Look for an office space

Managing a logistics firm necessitates having an official address where your office can be found, therefore finding an office space is essential.

In the office space where your bikes will be stored, mobile clients can make inquiries or waybill shipments. With the exception of a logistics company, businesses are thriving in the digital realm.

It’s also crucial to know the requirements for starting a logistics company in your location, as they vary by state. Knowing this guarantees that your business will run smoothly and without issues in the near future.

STEP 4: Purchase a cargo bike

Cargo bikes are essential to the running of a bike logistics company since they are used to do errands, pick up goods, deliver them, and conduct other important tasks.

The importance of this cannot be stressed, because while running a bike logistics company, you cannot afford to cut corners or toss out cargo bikes; in fact, cargo bikes are the most important.

STEP 5: Employ dispatch riders

Riders who can deliver cargo bikes and perform the necessary chores are needed. Dispatch riders should have sufficient customer support and public relations experience. This is essential since they are your company’s public face. The biker must also be trustworthy and educated about the area’s roads.

STEP 6: Buy equipment and tools

Here’s a list of the essential gear and equipment for your bike logistics company.

Dispatch Boxes – Dispatch boxes are necessary for the functioning of this business since they will be mounted on the bike and will help with the conveyance and transportation of the merchandise.

Computers/Software – You’ll need a tracking gadget or software to manage a firm like this. You can always know where your riders are and how to get to them with tracking software.

Cellphones — Customers will be able to track where the postal worker is in the case of a delay if they have a cellphone. Phones are required for riders, clients, and the firm.

A shop is required in order for products to be stored.

STEP 7: Market and promote your business

Both online and offline marketing should be done for your logistics company. Look for ways to get in touch with internet merchants and those who sell through social media outlets.

Make contact with enterprises, agencies, and companies that will benefit from your assistance. Online food vendors, Kaymu, Dealdey, and Konga are just a handful of the BRANDS that allow merchants to self-fulfill orders.


How much does it cost to start a logistics business in Nigeria?

Now that you’ve learned how to establish a bike logistics business in Nigeria, let’s look at how much it will cost you to get started. You’ll be able to budget for this business based on this information.

The bike logistics company will require a significant sum of money to purchase equipment and hire employees, but you can get started with just N400,000. A nice bike with a plastic container for carrying items may be purchased for N360,000.

Because a bike can readily maneuver through traffic (meandering in and out of traffic) rather than a car, it is particularly advantageous for logistics enterprises. Run a comprehensive motorcycle insurance coverage to avoid issues in the event of an accident. The price of the delivery box is N26,000.

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To recap, the logistics business is a growing one that has not yet reached saturation. People now rely on the services of a logistics company even more than previously. If you want to start this business, it is definitely a step in the right direction. Best wishes!