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Husband Finally Defines What Women’s Breasts Stand For

Why do women grow Breasts

This post is all about a letter from my husband to his Son titled; “Her Breasts”.  My husband replies to a Darndest question and defines what women’s breasts stand for. This is a true definition of what a woman’s breast stands for. Why do women grow Breasts? You may read: Toe Selling in Zimbabwe: Here is Why and What the Toes are Used for.

Why do women grow Breasts
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I watched my husband stammered and stuttered with words as he tried to find his voice to answer the darndest question from our six-year-old son.

“Let’s ask Mom. She is the owner of the breasts and she is here. She might have the right answer”. My husband said to the little boy.

It was obvious my husband was dodging the question. I didn’t want the lot to fell on me. So, I chipped in a few words and dodged the question as quickly as I could.

My 6-year-old boy was trying to find out why women still have their breasts on their chests after breastfeeding? This question is one of the darndest questions kids ask. You may See: 10 Photos Underage Pregnant Girls at Age 10 11 12 – Child Pregnancy

The little boy had come to me one day to find out the reason why his father and other men are not growing breasts like the women. I tried my best to explain to him in plain language the reason why women grow breasts and men do not. I told him the women breastfeed babies but men don’t.

He thanked me and walked away. I thought the question and answer session was over. But he came back again the following day and asked the darndest of them all. He wanted to know why the breasts still stay on our chests after breastfeeding.

He has been told that women grow breasts because they need it for breastfeeding. So, he is wondering why the breasts are still on their chests years after breastfeeding.

I have many answers to his second question but I wanted his father to be part of it. I am of the opinion that matters of this nature should be treated by both parents, especially when it involved the male child.

My husband was taken aback when the question was thrown at him. He looked at me, I nodded and signaled him to continue.

Although my husband was struggling to find his voice, I knew he has many answers to the question. He was just confused and a little bit embarrassed. The question came from an unexpected source.

“That is an intelligent observation. I have many answers for your question but I will discuss them first with Mom and she will share my responses with you”. My husband managed to say to our son and switched to the next topic.

Why do women grow Breasts

So, yesternight, my husband made short notes in a letter form and handed them over to me. I opened it. It was an answer to his son’s second question. He promised to get back to him through me and he just did; in a letter form.

“Dear Son,

I write in reply to your question on the reason why women still have their breasts on their chests after breastfeeding. I will start by telling you what breasts stand for. Why do women grow Breasts?

“Breast stands for S. S. S. S; meaning “Soft and Smooth, Soothing-Succor”.

From my infant days till now, it has remained that way. At the dead of the nights, when the nights were so cold; it is always there for succor.

The breasts are soothing-succor to a crying child and to the crying man. They are boneless comforter; supporting the weak head when it lays on them. It soothes better than the pillows. It feels warm in the cold nights; it feels cold in the humid nights.

The breast is user-friendly. No matter the size, It lays harmlessly on the cradle’s heads and the mouths. It is friendly to the young and friendly to the old. No one has ever suffocated in them.

Son, the women’s breasts stay on their chests even after breastfeeding because you and I will need it. We will be nursed with it at 50, 60, 70…

The women retain their breasts even after nursing because nursing never finishes. They keep nursing. They nurse the toothless mouths. They nurse the mouths with milk teeth. They also nurse the mouths with 32 teeth. The breasts remain because nursing continues. Read: Methylated Spirit and Chlorhexidine Gel for Newborn Umbilical Cord Care, Which is Better?

At the foot of the last note, my husband also wrote;

“Tell my little boy that I have given the answer. But it is not just for his ears”.

My heart melted with this reply. Really, it is not for the little boy’s ears just as he said. I shall relay my husband’s message to our little boy but in another way. The letter is for you and me.


Women, growing breasts is a mystery no one has been able to unravel except the creator. It comes at the due time and the original purpose is for nursing and romance. You may see: Children Lace Designs and Styles for Christmas and other special occasions.

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