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Why Do People Think That Going To America Equals Making It In Life

I don’t really know how to answer this question. But look at the image below. This is exactly How My Siblings See My Uncles and Aunts Who Live in America and that is how it is everywhere. Why do people think this way?

Going to America
Image by Geico Money Guy

You won’t know the psychological trauma some people in Overseas are passing through in the hands of their families at home until they open up. All eyes are in their wallets and everyone is expecting big from them.

Some of them have ended up soiling their hands just to give impressions to the people at home that there is gold in the city of America. The wise ones have cut off completely from their people at home in order to avoid unduly pressure via phone calls.

This set of people do not call their families back home until they are settled. In most cases, they call with an undisclosed number so that no one can reach them back via phone call afterwards.

Why do many people think that going to America equals making it in life? Or, why do so many people think that those who live in America have tree money planted in their houses? All they need do is going to the tree and pluck as many as they want.

I know the answer. They think this way because of what they have heard about the city of America and how it is being painted.

My Mom once told us that America is a city where night never falls, where money rain down from the sky. We took her words to mean that nightfall means poverty. Each time we wrote to my Uncle in London, we always told him to bring “bags of money” for us while coming back.

Don’t even try to laugh at our ignorant. You just heard what Mom said about money raining from heaven in the city. My siblings and I were always making endless lists of what they would buy for us while coming back.

There was nothing we didn’t include in our wishful lists. On one occasion, my two siblings included cars, houses, and jets in their lists. We were still tender and yet made such outrageous demands. Who knew what the adults would be demanding.

I am now a grown-up and I have known better. But my siblings have refused to grow up with me. They still see anyone who returns from an Oversea as tree money. They expect much financial responsibility from such a person and when it is not coming forth, they tag the person stingy and selfish. Others will go the extra mile to mocking the person.

It is not their fault. They are acting based on the impression created about living abroad, especially those who live in America.W