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Uses of Sheep and Goat Feces (Poop) as Coffee and Drinks – True or False?

Sheep Feces Coffee and Drinks – What is it all about mixing Sheep feces as a Coffee drink?

Sheep Feces (Poop) Coffee and Drinks“. Did you see the recent post circulating on the internet that claims that Sheep and goat feces will soon become gold in the market since China has started using them to produce a drink that makes people get high? This is part of what we are going to discuss in this post. Uses of Sheep and Goat (poop) Feces as Coffee and Drinks – True or False?

The world is going wild and the youth of nowadays are falling for it. Selfmade stimulants are now the order of the day in most African countries. The other time it was Mkpuru Mmiri – Meth that is taking sleep out of their eyes. Today, it is about Sheep feces, I mean mixing and drinking sheep poo. Sheep Feces Coffee and Drinks – What is it all about mixing Sheep feces as a Coffee drink?
Sheep Feces Coffee and Drinks - What is it all about mixing Sheep feces as a Coffee drink?
Boba Pearls (Taiwanese drink called bubble tea, or boba tea made from black Tapioca, not animal feces).

In this post, we shall be discussing the new trend of mixing sheep feces as a coffee drink or an alcoholic drink: Everything you need to know about the latest trend. It is not new again that people now mix sheep feces with other substances to form an alcoholic drink. They take this in the name of “Getting high”.

People who use sheep feces as a coffee or an alcoholic drink to form a stimulant to get high are only damaging their health unknowingly. It is totally surprising how youth has come to discover many illicit drugs that are harmful to their health and yet, engage themselves in the acts.

While few of these people are aware that this act could be dangerous to their health, it is said that the majority are illiterate who only jump on-trend and do it because “My friends are doing it”. It is disheartening to see the length we have gone to “get high” as a youth.
Not only this, so many cases, such as using chloramphenicol capsules to prevent pregnancy, using dry gin to prevent pregnancy, and many other practices are now rampant in society. I discovered recently that people now mix sheep feces as an alcoholic drink or as a coffee drink and I decided to school our youth about the danger they are exposing themselves to.

Sheep and Goat Feces Coffee and Drinks – True or Not?

There is a recent post circulating on the internet about China using goat and sheep feces to produce a coffee and milk drink. And it is insinuated that the animal dung will soon become sought after in the African market.

The truth is that post is a lie. The name of the drink is called Boba Pearls. According to “Is a drink containing sheep feces now in demand in China because it is high in protein and also can make a person high? No, that’s not true: This spoof post includes genuine images showing a popular Taiwanese drink called bubble tea, or boba tea. This drink can be made to order with several choices of the type of tea and the type of bubbles. The sweet chewy balls are usually black tapioca pearls.

Tapioca is made of starch from the cassava root. Not all bubble teas are made with tapioca pearls. Some colorful fruit-flavored “popping pearls” are made with seaweed extract. Also, the animal in the spoof photo is a goat, not a sheep”.

One undisputable fact about this claim is animal feces contains some sort of digested protein and is high in Nicotine. I don’t doubt both of these findings. Sheep, goats, and cows eat more green grasses and fiber. These kinds of food are the best food recommended for human consumption.
Apart from the debunked claim above, people smoke animal dung. I know people who smoke-dry insect dung and human feces. It is another way of getting high. Youth have therefore assumed that getting high with sheep feces is a natural way to do that and it has no side effects.
Nay! It has. However, it has some advantages.

Original Uses of sheep feces

Sheep feces are the waste from animals that are mostly used as manure for fertilizer. This is what sheep feces are meant for.
The act of mixing sheep feces as an alcoholic drink is not backed up by any scientific research and thus can be dangerous to the health of an individual who indulges in this practice.
Sheep feces can affect your health in many ways. Remember it is a waste product from the animal and it is meant to be wasted until scientifically proven to be useful for human beings and which no research has affirmed yet.

Effects of sheep feces on the body

Look, forget whatever anyone tells you. Anything that makes you get high is killing you softly. Whether it is homemade or natural Nicotine, they are all silent killers. And like every other illicit drug, sheep feces can affect your health in the following ways.
  • Mental disorder:

This is usually the most common effect of drug abuse. This harmful substance can make you lose the right state of your senses.
  • Conduct Disorders:

Another one is conduct or behavioral disorders. Sheep feces as alcoholic drinks can make you lose control of whom you are. You may begin to behave against your wish. Remember your reputation is at stake when this happens.

  •  Depression:

You are likely to slide into depression when you engage yourself in illicit drugs especially when you are addicted to them. Depression also will affect your mental health and may render you useless if care is not taken. Other effects of this drug on your body include but are not limited to;
  • Suicidal thoughts:

Having thoughts of taking one’s life. This usually happens at the chronic stage of depression. Remember that I told you this drug can also cause depression.
  • Personality disorders and Suicide:

Taking addictive substances may lead to personality. When this happens, the person is unable to control his or her own actions. He is she is being controlled by the influence of the Nicotine.
Inability to control yourself after “getting high” by this dangerous concoction may lead to suicidal thoughts. That is, taking one’s life.

Uses of Sheep and Goat Feces as Coffee and Drinks – True or False?


We have seen that the claim about mixing Sheep feces into coffee and alcoholic drinks to get high and because it is high in protein has been debunked. The claim is fake. The black see inside the milky drink is not animal dung.
However, smoking or drinking animal dung like sheep and goat to get high is dangerous to health and you are only harming yourself by using it as an alcoholic drink. Sheep feces may make you “get high” as you have believed, the damaging effect on your body is also higher. Your mental health is at stake. It can also make you run mad.

Always be properly informed about trends you follow. Don’t harm yourself because you want to get high. If you’re feeling unwell, kindly get tested and get treatment in the hospital rather than self-medical and abusing drugs.