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Youths Killed and Set Boy ablaze who Killed his Father after Smoking Mkpuru Mmiri (VIDEO)

Adazi – Anambra Youths Killed and Set Boy ablaze who Killed his Father after Smoking Mkpuru Mmiri

Have you seen the video this morning on another Mkpuru Mmiri dangerous effect on the youth? It happened this morning at Adazi in Anambra state. A boy killed his father for Mkpuru Mmiri and he was caught and killed by the youth of his community. Youths Killed and Set Boy ablaze who Killed his Father after Smoking Mkpuru Mmiri.

I saw the video, it is the most horrible scene ever. I refused to continue with the video. We will keep sharing information on the dangers of Meth, a substance known as Mkpuru Mmiri in Igbo language on our youth.

How did it happen?

According to a close source, the said boy was known to be Meth addict. He was said to always steal his father’s money to get himself refilled. So, this morning, his father found out he was coming for the #50, 000 (fifty thousand Naira he kept at home and he hid the money.

When the boy came home and searched for the money and couldn’t find it, he killed his father and left the home. He did not stop there, he was reported to pull down their house and destroy some properties. The youth of Adazi started looking for him and caught him.

They finally caught him along Adazi and Alor junction, killed him, and set his corpse ablaze. You may watch the video clip here. You can listen to the audio if you understand Igbo language.

What is Mkpuru Mmiri?

As I said in the introduction, it is an Igbo name for a glass or ice like addictive substance known as Methamphetamine or Meth. We have written twice about this dangerous drug. Here is what you should know about it.

Mkpuru Mmiri – Methamphetamine or Meth – Killer of the Youth

Mkpuru Mmiri – Methamphetamine or Meth is an Igbo name for a crystal clear white or blue rock that is known as Meth –  Methamphetamine Hydrochloride, an addictive hard drug that is wasting the destiny of the youths. Mkpuru Mmiri – Methamphetamine or Meth – Killer of the Youth.
It is called Meth for short or crystal Meth. What You Should Know about Mkpuru Mmiri – Methamphetamine or Meth. I want to let out a bombshell in this introduction for those who will not have the patience to read to the end. The way things are going now and the way our youths are consuming Mkpuru Miri like water if nothing is done the number of mad youths in the streets will be tripled in the next 3 years.
Now, read this, for my Igbo people who are fond of dragging lands or placing values on land inheritance. In less than 10 years, if nothing is done about the rate of the smoking of this evil substance, there will be no need for land dragging. The owners of the lands will be in the streets raving mad; others will be in the graves.

According to the National Institute of Health, Methamphetamine is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. In the streets, it is addressed as Ice or glass. So, when you hear slang like; “any glass or ice?” from a youth, shift ground, you are in a rough zone.
When you see a young guy who was normal in the morning and he starts removing his clothes in the public in the evening and acting violently, think about Mkpuru Mmiri. What You Should Know about Mkpuru Mmiri – Methamphetamine or Meth.

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Whenever you hear about crimes like a young boy or girl cutting someone into pieces with a knife. Or when you see a gory picture of heinous crimes and they are attributed to youths, take a minute and consider if it were committed under the influence of mkpuru mmiri  – Meth.

Youths Set Boy ablaze who Killed his Father for Mkpuru Mmiri (VIDEO)
This is Mkpuru Mmiri, Glass or Ice (Meth)

After witnessing the effects of this hard drug called Meth aka Mkpuru Mmiri one Christmas period, I was pushed to write an Igbo novel which I titled: “Lee Anwuru, Lee Isi mgbaka“. When translated, it means, Madness and Meth are close-door neighbours.

Apart from the Novel Covid-19 Pandemic and the incessant killings in the country, there’s another pandemic going on in Nigeria. It is a silent killer and it is sweeping through our neighbourhoods — from the high borough of the elites to the slums of the most vulnerable and downtrodden of our society and nobody. I mean nobody, not even the government is showing concern.

Mkpuru Mmiri is the Name of the Hard Drug Our Youths are now taking that is bringing out the beasts in them and in some cases, entangles the wires ‘vein’ in their brains. I would have loved to borrow the word which my husband uses to describe the instant effect of the hard drug.

He will always point to me and say; “lee nke a, ọ ṅụrụ Mkpuru Mmiri, o tibie you akwara isi”. Meaning, look at him, he was among those that took Mkpuru mmiri and it cut the veins in his head, making him run mad.

This is not a joke or exaggeration. The youth in my village are using this hard stuff like water and their lives are not the same ever. Most of them have visibly gone ‘narco‘. You will see it in their physics, speeches and actions.

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Adazi – Anambra Youths Killed and Set Boy ablaze who Killed his Father after Smoking Mkpuru Mmiri

Meanwhile, social media users have reacted to the video. many have condemned the jungle justice by the people and said no one should take the law into their hands. Here are what people said about the video:

Ven TimAgbo: The extended consequences of Sit at Home.

Rev nwachukwu U: What was his offence

This jungle justice is barbaric and matter what…😭😭😭

Ven J C Agbo: “I don’t understand. What did he do? Why are some of our people so heartless that taking human life doesn’t move them again?”

Rev Edeani: People should not take the law into their own hands. No matter what.

Rev Abel: Listen to his offence. However, jungle justice is not the best

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