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See What The Girl That Acted Sarafina Has Turned Into, From Brown To White

What happened to the Girl who Acted Sarafina – Leleti Khumalo?

What happened to the Girl who Acted Sarafina – Leleti Khumalo ? See What The Girl That Acted Sarafina Has Turned Into, From Brown To White.

This post is about the strange transformation of the actress who was featured as Sarafina in a movie called Sarafina.  Sarafina is a top-rated movie, almost everybody has seen the movie. It was produced in 1992.

Leleti Khumalo was the Protagonist of the movie, she was the girl named Sarafina in that movie. She used to be a beautiful dark-skinned girl, but years after the movie, things changed, and she became white.

What happened to the Girl who Acted Sarafina?
The Actress in Sarafina

The girl in the image below is Sarafina as featured in the Movie. But This is not how she looks now. There has been a tremendous change in her skin. Before you conclude or start to judge her about her skin or start thinking she bleached, kindly read through to know what really happened.

*Sarafina and her mother

Sarafina whose real name is Leleti Khumalo did not bleach her skin neither was she born this way.  She was born a brown skin girl, not white-skinned. Her skin changed color, due to the skin disease known as vitiligo, a lot of people do not know about this.

What is Vitiligo?


Vitiligo is seen as an auto-immune disease, it is not contagious or deadly, but sadly Vitiligo has no cure. It makes the affected area change color, it makes it turn white, this can affect the hair, eyes, mouth, hands, and sometimes all over the body, for the rest of their life.

This is how Sarafina looks presently. Her skin has been affected so much by this disease. Vitiligo happens when the cells that produce pigment just die off and stops production of pigment. When this happens, it starts turning your skin white gradually forever, it can not be treated.

What happened to the Girl who Acted Sarafina – Leleti Khumalo?

How It All Started

According to Leleti, when she was 18 years old, she started to see white spots on her leg. It wasn’t painful so she wasn’t really worried, she wasn’t quite familiar with the disease back then.

The white patches kept on appearing in different places, and it kept expanding, she used makeup to conceal it. She tried everything to get them rid of the white patches, she even tried drugs, nothing worked out, that was how it increased, later she finally decided to embrace her skin.

She got married, she gave birth to triplets but one of the baby died, she has just 2 kids left now, see more of her pictures below.



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14 thoughts on “See What The Girl That Acted Sarafina Has Turned Into, From Brown To White

  1. Ride on dear!
    You are one of Africa’s finest
    The disease may change your colour but not your person,not your voice ! Since you cannot change the situation, pls move on, live as if nothing happened. Shun all negativity. Pls come back to the screen, we miss you. we love you. you are a supper star !

    Remember ‘ STARS JUST BEEEE !!!!!!!

  2. Isolation is that worst thing in life. But when the victim is positive about herself and her present condition , the whole environment become every human choice to live in. Leletti such a beautiful woman ,there is a reason for everything in life. God is always with His people in good and bad situations, live longer to see how God loves you and blesses you with everything sustaining you and your family. Such a good actress and a protagonist.

  3. Sarafina (Leleti) the most beautiful girl in her days! What happened to her beauty? African Queen. May our good Lord save her. Despite all these she remains beautiful. Beautiful kids.

  4. I watched that movie I and my cousin she really tried I luv her, may God be with her sarafina

  5. Just come to Nigeria,and get treated with natural harbs.And trust God to do his miracle because there’s no cell in your body that can’t come back to life when God says so.

  6. If you say this sickness can be treated is false come around West Africa especially Guinea they will treat her

  7. That is how God has made you feel proud you are very unique type of a person in your own way . Thats glory of Almighty

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