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Meaning of the Ike agwula dibia uwa slang – What is the Meaning of this Slang?

Meaning of the Ike agwula dibia uwa slang

First of all, the slang, ‘ikeagwuladibiauwa‘ is an Igbo word and it is a complete sentence. It should be written separately as “Ike agwula dibia uwa” to make complete sense. It means the physicians in the world are tired or the physicians have exhausted their knowledge on cases. Meaning of the Ike agwula dibia uwa slang.

This slang “Ikeagwula dibia uwa” is not a new word. It is a popular word used in our everyday conversation; especially when we talk about ailments and treatments. When people are sick and you hear people use the word-cum slang, you will know that the person’s ill health is beyond medical and herbal cure solutions.

Both medical doctors and native or herbal doctors are referred to as “dibia uwa” meaning physicians in the world. If this group of people cannot profer a solution to ill health or they have tried many treatments but the outcome is still negative.

At this, they will become tired of the case or not know what to treat anymore. The illness can be said to be beyond medical and herbal knowledge or treatments.

In some cases, the person will be discharged and will be asked to seek spiritual help or wait upon God. Or, better still go home and wait for death. It is at this junction, we say Ike agwula dibia uwa – the world’s physicians can’t help.

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Ike agwula dibia uwa slang

It simply means ‘your matter or your case don tire us’. This is to say that the person cannot change or repent from his or her bad attitude. It is also another way of saying, we are tired of talking about the same person, the same bad attitude.

Ike agwula dibia uwa has become slang and the meaning is different from the original meaning. It is now used for fun and to catch a cruise on social media. It is also used as sarcasm or to stress how weak people have become in discussing one person’s bad behavior.

For example, yesterday in Big Brother Naija season, Angel was captured wearing her shorts in front of Sammie and Yousef. The view of her buttock was very irritating.

When it was shared on a social media group – users started commenting “Ike agwula dibia uwa for Angel” “Angel, for your mata, Ikeagwuladibiauwa”.

Another example is a Facebook post that was made last week by someone. The person made a Facebook post about an attitude a guy displayed during her girlfriend’s father’s burial.

She wrote:

 “She invited him for her father’s burial in the village. He came with packs of condoms. #Ike agwula dibia uwa”.


Meaning of the Ike agwula dibia uwa slang (Summary)

Ike agwula dibia uwa slang is used for fun sake on social media but it actually has a deep meaning. It passes a message to a person whom it refers to.

Like in both examples we gave above, the people were saying that they are tired of hearing Angel’s case or issue. Her silly attitude has gone out of control in the real sense.

What about the guy who went to the burial of his friend’s father with CDs? His matter too; has gone out of hand. No more advice for him; advice has been exhausted on such people’s heads. They will never stop or change.

Ikeagwulaodibiauwa on their heads. Lol.

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