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How to Scare Away Land Buyers and Sellers – If they See this Warning on Land, they Just Walk Away

How to Scare Away Land Buyers and Sellers

How to Scare Away Land Buyers and Sellers. If someone wants to sell or buy your landed property by tricks or by force and you want to scare such people away. Just look at the Public Notice written on this signpost. If any buyer or seller See This Warning on any Land, they will Just Walk Away.

It is everyman’s desire to acquire landed property in a city where he or she will later build a house either for rent or for the family. Land selling and buying is a great deal in Nigeria, especially in some Igbo communities where landed properties are treasured like gold.

How to Scare Away Land Buyers and Sellers

Fraudulent individuals have also taken the opportunity to reap where they did not sow by selling wrong lands to unsuspecting buyers and running away with the whole money sold from the land. These evil acts have made many people be in land disputes with many landowners.

This is also the reason why almost all the landed property has the warning notice written on the body; “This house/land is not for sale beware Caveat Emptor”. Even a land or house on sale bears this warning notice too.

However, I have seen land or property written boldly with Beware Caveat Emptor been sold daily. People are no longer interested in the popular threat. You have to be raw and direct with your warning on your property.

If you know the names of the people who are trying to sell or buy the property, write them Boldly on the public notice board for the world to see. Anyone who sees such a warning and continues with the buyer must be out of his or her mind.

Look at this land with the public signpost. That is the true way to scare away land buyers or sellers.

anytime you see this type of notice placed on land or a house and you wish to buy such land, just walk away. If you walk in and commit any payment, forget the money. You have done give away with the money.

How to Scare Away Land Buyers and Sellers

Number one, two different forces are trailing this particular land; the 419iers and the Emeka the prodigal son. Even if you go directly to the family, the land is in dispute. Emeka is dragging the land with his mother or he is a prodigal son. He wants to sell his father’s land without the man’s consent.

The land is a no-go area. If you are into landed properties and you come across this public notice on any land, please, walk away.