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Informal Letter – How to Write Informal letter (Samples)

Informal Letter – How to Write Informal letter (Samples)

Informal letters are letters we write to those we have close relationship with like our mothers and fathers, friends in another school, our brothers and sisters, uncles and Aunts. Other words for these letters are friendly letters. The tone of this letter is soft and friendly. It carries one address. It does not have a caption. In this post, we shall be discussing Informal Letter – How to Write Informal letter (Samples).

In letter writings, students often mistake formal for informal letter. Some are also confused when  writing both letters. Informal Letter – How to Write Informal letter (Samples). Here are the Differences between Formal and informal letter:

  1. ADDRESS: Formal letters have two addresses while an informal letters have one address.
  2. TITLE/CAPTION: Formal letters have captions or titles while an informal letters do not have captions. An informal letter which is given a caption has become semi-formal.
  3. SALUTATION: Informal and formal letters have salutations but the salutations of informal letters carry business or official tone. An informal letter may use pet name in the salutation it is not permitted in a formal letter.
  4. CLOSURE: “Yours faithfully” is used in business and other formal letters while “Yours Sincerely”, “Yours lovely” and many others are used in friendly letters or informal letters.
  5. SIGNATURE: Formal letters are signed for authentication while informal letters are not signed.
  6. NAME: The names of the writers are written at the end of formal and informal letters. But a writer of informal letter is free to write his pet name or real name the way he likes. It is not so in a formal letter. Initials and surname or full name are used in a formal letter.
  7. DESIGNATION: The position of authority of a writer is included in business letters or formal letters while friendly or informal letters do not carry the designation of the writer.

Informal Letter – How to Write Informal letter (Samples)

  1. Write a letter to your friend in another school telling him or her about your experience as a library Prefect and how it has contributed to your life in a positive way.


Bethel Home Convent,

41c, Colliery Avenue,

Government Reserved Area,

Enugu North Local Government Area,


3rd June, 2022.


Dear Amanda,


How are you doing? I hope I will still recognize you when next we see. The other time we saw in the village, you looked so chubby and taller. I am wondering if it is only food your school supplies to you. Never mind, I am only teasing you.

Do you still remember what I told you about assigning us of posts in our Senior Secondary two? My school takes all the examination classes very serious, especially the senior class. No student is allowed to hold his or her post to the final class. This is to avoid any distraction towards the preparations of their final external and internal examinations. We were assigned posts in our senior secondary two. I was elected by the students and the teachers to be the school library prefect.

At first, I was uncomfortable with this library prefect ship. I was looking forward to be nominated in some popular posts like; the ‘almighty’ Senior Prefect, Deputy Senior Prefect, Disciplinary Prefect or the ‘noble’ Chapel Prefect. To be frank, I was not proud of the post in the beginning. But now, I am thankful to whomever that nominated me for the position.  My experience as a library prefect is a thing to be grateful for. It has contributed to my life in positive ways.

The first among it is the sudden upgrade in my academic performances. I used to be brilliant but not very brilliant. I was not among the best first twenty among my classmates. I would have been among the first ten but one thing. I was not a hardworking student. I disliked reading. In fact, reading used to bore me. But when I assumed the office as the library prefect, I began to stay closer to books. I was forced to open books of all kinds. I began to develop interest in readings. Gradually and gradually, library became my closet and reading books became my new hobby.

When our first term result was published, I catapulted from my usual twenty third positions to the sixth position. It made news in my school. I developed deeper interest in reading books in the library and I clinched second position in second term.

Another great experience I had as a library prefect that contributed positively in my life is the mastering of books filing and arrangement of documents in the cabinets. I used to be a rough student. I lacked the skill of keeping my books neat and safe. I hardly used a book for one year and it was either torn, looked unkempt or misplaced. But I have mastered various methods of keeping books safe. What I practise in the library, I practise same at home. My father has noticed it and commended my effort in the family library which has taken a new face.

I can go on and on. Being a library prefect has made me to conquer my fear over voluminous books. I had phobia for books with big volumes but now, I prefer to read them large to small books. I have widened my horizons of knowledge because of the opportunity the library has availed me to read outside my time-table.

I am expecting your reply. Please, do include your experience in your own post and how it has impacted positively in your life.


Yours sincerely,


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Informal Letter – How to Write Informal letter (Samples)


  1. You are dissatisfied with some practices in your school. Write a letter to your friend in another school discussing at least three of these practices and improvements you desire.


Achike Boys Grammar School,

72, Colliery Avenue,

Government Reserved Area,

Enugu North Local Government Area,


13th May, 2022.




Dear Chitoo,


How are you? It is nine months gone since we saw during the last long vacation. I still remember the sweet dates and tiger nuts which you gave me. Thanks so much again. I am enthusiastic about the upcoming long vacation. I cannot wait to see you again and enjoy the fresh sweet nuts.

I told you the last time we met that I am dissatisfied with some practices in my school. I was reluctant to discuss it with you publicly in order not to tarnish the image of my school. I have chosen this medium to discuss some of these practices with you and the ways I desire them to be improved.

The first among them is the indefinite shutdown of the school snacks canteen. There is a well built spacious canteen in my school. It is located at the back of our school library. For the past two years, this store has been shutdown. The school management has ordered for an indefinite closure of the canteen after it was reported that a student stole a sum of ten thousand naira (#10,000) and squandered all in the canteen. For this reason, every student was banned from buying from the canteen. As if that was not enough, the canteen was shutdown.

That was not the right action to take. Some of us are allergic to some of the meals served in the school. We depended on snacks whenever such meal was cooked. Now that the snacks are no longer available, we had no choice than to force ourselves to eat such meal and dare the consequences. For instance, Melon soup and beans give some us heart burns and aggravate stomach ulcer. Any time we eat these meals, we visit the sick bay. We have form teachers and school mummies. We can buy snacks from the school canteen through them. This will help to checkmate the pilferers.

The second issue I am not comfortable with in my school is the choice of our food menu. We all know that some foods are better digested in the day time. We also know that not everyone has the same digestive working system. Food like beans should be served as lunch not as dinner. Night beans give us stomach bloating, gas and heartburns. Meal like pap should be served at dinner not as breakfast. It makes us to dose off in the classroom.

Another issue to point out is about the school generator set. There is a well functioning giant generator set in my school. But the only time this generator works in the day time is whenever we have external supervisors. We do not feel comfortable learning in stuffy and unventilated classrooms. The managements are aware that our classrooms are stuffy whenever the power supply is interrupted. They should include the diesel costs of running the generator in the day time in our school fees to ensure the generator runs effectively.

Finally, the absent of drama club in our school is giving many of us great concern. Some of us have interest in Theatre Arts. The greatest Shakespeare’s television drama began in the secondary school. Forming a drama club is no big event. Students who have interest will meet and form the club while one or two Arts teachers will be appointed as the drama club coordinators.

Aside these lacunas mentioned; my school has maintained a great pace among others in her academic excellence. Once these issues mentioned are addressed, I can raise my voice anywhere to proclaim that Achike Boys’ Grammar School leads, others follow.


Yours truely,


Informal Letter – How to Write Informal letter (Samples)

  1. Your father has just built a new house for the family. Write a letter to your elder brother who lives abroad, describing the new house and the prestige it has accorded your family.



Holy Child Convent,

P.O. Box 14355,

40, Cathedral road Amichi,

Nnewi South Local Government Area,

Anambra State,


13th January, 2022.



Dear Ugo,


Compliment of the season. How are you coping with the intense winter in London? We saw on the Television that people are constrained indoors due to the high degree of winter fall. Hope it is not affecting your studies? Do not worry, nothing lasts forever. Just a little time, the winter will be over.

Brother, this year’s Christmas and New Year celebration bubbled with great excitement in our family. Father has completed his building projects in the village. The house warming ceremony was done on the New Year day. Our father has broken the jinx in our village. He built three mansions; one for grandma, the other for his Uncle, Pa Joe and the third is for the family. The giant two-storey building is our new family house. There is nothing lacking in the new house. It is a paradise on earth. The bathrooms were built with the modern Jacuzzi. I now bath in a Jacuzzi. The television sets inside the house are magic of the new century. I am yet to see this kind. It does not use the visible hand remote; it is operated on the air.

The house warming and the building is now the talk of the town. Many people, both high and mighty came to felicitate with us on that day. Father fall a fat cow on the house warming day. Foods and drinks were used to wash hands.

Our father was conferred an impromptu Chieftaincy title by our village king, His Royal Highness Igwe Edwin Adichie. There was a great uproar and jubilation when father handed the keys of the third house to his Uncle, Pa Joe. The man fainted out of happiness. He was revived and taken into his new home. The new house was as cool as the bank manager’s office. Pa Joe lay on the tiled floor, he spread his hands and began to cry in joy; “my life is cooling oo! My life is cooling o!”

The Atulogwu and Ogene dance groups performed during the entertainment. It was at this stage that the King proceeded to the stage and halted the music. He beckoned to his cabinet members to join him on the stage. He called father and mother to stand on the stage. He conferred on father and mother a chieftaincy title.

The new houses and the chieftaincy title have elevated the prestige of our family. I walk on the roads with my shoulders high. The first day in our new class, when it was my turn to introduce myself I said; “I, Njide, the daughter of Chief and lolo Ojuulo 1 of Ndakwu”. This was followed by laughter and applauds in the class.

Ugo, I had wished you were there. I also wish you would come back this year Christmas. I cannot describe in full the beauty of the new buildings. It is better seen than heard.

I am expecting to read from you soon. Goodbye.

Yours sincerely,

Njide Mkparu.

Informal Letter – How to Write Informal letter (Samples)

  1. A friend of yours wants to study in your school and has written to you for an information and advice. Write a reply to him, telling him all that he needs to know about the school.



Zion Hill Mission Academy,

                                                                                                                       16, Asata Avenue,

                                                                                                                       Mantu Local Government Area,

                                                                                                                        Benue State.

                                                                                                                        23rd July, 2021.

Dear Chidera,


How are you doing? I got your letter through your younger sister. I was glad when you mentioned in your letter about your intention to study in my school. I have always wished we are together in the same school. But as much as I desire us to be together in my school, I must provide you all the details and advice you need to know about my school.

To start with, my school, Zion Hill Mission Academy is a mission school.  The management gives zero tolerance to ill behaviours. Examination malpractices, stealing of all kinds, cultism and immoral acts are treated with same measure. Let me be specific, student caught in examination malpractice faces similar punishment with the student caught stealing. Both are suspended indefinitely.

It will also interest you to know that my school is a popular demand. Students seeking for admission, flood in yearly. The management makes selection of the best and dismisses the rest. Academically, there are always intensive competitions amongst students of various classes. We have had various records of students’ amazing performances in the external examinations. There are records of students who made nine As in a sitting in their West African Senior secondary Certificate Examinations. Five others in the previous years had scored hat tricks in the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examinations.

It is of note that anyone who wishes to join in my school must be ready to burn night candles. There is no room for dullards and academic laziness in the Zion Hill Mission Academy.

The school is well structured with two Principals. We have Principal Academy and Principal Administration. The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated with a working and stand by generator. But, we do not have a canteen in our school. Parents, students and teachers have written several petitions on this issue but the management sat on them and insisted on no canteen.

The school management has their reason for not allowing canteen to be run. They do explain to the parents ab initio. They make promises to our parents to take adequate care of us, academically, morally, and among others. Parents are also advised to withdraw their children if they are not comfortable with their position on the school canteen. It will also interest you to know that we are not feeling the effect of the controversial school canteen. We are provided daily with snacks and beverages by the school.

These are the necessary information you need to know about my school. I hope I have been able to provide you with the necessary advice you need. I wish you luck in your decision.

Thanks and goodbye.

Yours sincerely,


Sample 5.


Write a letter to your friend in another school, giving him or her three reasons why your school has been excelling in academic work.


Matter Amabilis Comprehensive Secondary school,

4a, Osumenyi Close,

Nnewi-South Local Government Area,

Anambra State.

12th May, 2022.


Dear Ossy,


How are you? How are you coping in your new class? I learnt from your mother that you have been appointed the new Senior Prefect in your school. Congratulations! I am not surprised because I know the stuff you are made of.


My school has taken the first position again in the just concluded Cowbell Mathematics Inter-states quiz competition and won the trophy. We have been the custodian of the trophy for the past seven years. This has made many schools to become envious of my school. The most envious among them peddle the rumours around that the proprietor of our school uses charms in winning the trophy every year. Some others say he uses money to buy off the organizers of the quiz competition.


These are malicious and false accusations. Apart from the mathematics quiz competition, my school has also been excelling in academics works in both external and internal examinations. The three reasons why we have been excelling in our academics works are:

Number one is that my school is a popular demand. The management selects the best out of the numerous candidates who came seeking for admission. The best are always selected and the mediocre and dullards are dismissed.

The second reason is that my school is well structured and organised. We have two principals; principal administration and principal academic. Every department is structured too with team leader or co-ordinator in the name of Head of the Department (HOD). The accurate organisation and planning have helped for an easy flow of learning activities. Teachers understand their positions and roles and act accordingly.

The third reason why my school has been excelling in the academic work is that there is always fierce competitions academically among the students of various classes. School management rewards students who scores A’s in all the subjects at the end of every term. For this reason, every student in my school strives to outshine another.

To cap it all, the school management gives zero tolerance to examination malpractice of any kind. Students burn their candles daily and the results are evident in the way we are excelling in the academic work.

I will end here but I will tell you more when we see face to face. Stay cool and goodbye.

Yours sincerely,

Njide Mkparu.


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