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Is Mixing Milk and Malt or Tomatoe Paste a Source of Blood Tonic?

Is Mixing Milk and Malt or Tomatoe Paste a Source of Blood Tonic?

Yes or No! Is Mixing Milk and Malt or Tomatoe Paste a Source of Blood Tonic? Find out the the candid answer to this age-long myth practised by almost everyone.

I am back! Yea, My newborn and I are exactly 2 months. We have been certified fit for work. So, today, I want talk about a post I have saved in my draft for so long. It is about the combinations of concoction in the name of sourcing for blood when faced with anemia. Is Mixing Milk and Malt or Tomatoe Paste a Source of Blood Tonic?
First, I want to state that some of the claim I am gonna make in  this post are not mine. They were made by a licenced dietrician.  To answer the question whether the Combination of MALT, MILK and Tomatoe paste a Source of Blood Tonic, an expert has this to say; Trending right Now: ASAP Rocky, Rihanna Boyfriend arrested by the Police for Shooting.
“Alright, so today I am here to fault that gospel. Malt and Milk (peak especially) gives blood…..IT IS NOT TRUE!
For anything to give you blood, it MUST be rich in absorbable Iron.

Unfortunately, most branded malt in Nigeria has NO Iron, not even in a very small quantity. Milk is not a good source of Iron, most milk brands either have very little iron, or have non (Peak milk, three crown etc). Iron helps your body build hemoglobin and red blood cells that helps build blood, so if it’s not rich in absorbable Iron, it won’t make blood. YOUR MALT, TOMATOE AND MILK MIXTURE IS NOT BLOOD TONIC.”
When asked if people should stop the intake of malt and Milk, she said no. She further advised; “Please, this post is not to stop you from taking your Milk and Malt. You could go on with that, but not with an intention of using it as Blood tonic.
However, it is very important that you reduce your regular intake as it can put your health at risks of Non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, heart diseases, increased cholesterol, etc.”

Is Mixing Milk and Malt or Tomatoe Paste a Source of Blood Tonic?

I have been to where blood is donated, I have also been to the hospital where a blood donor needed immediately help to refil the blood in his body. Surprisingly, the doctor didn’t recommend Malt and Milk. You know what he recommended mixture of tomatoe paste and Malt.

Sourcese Natural Blood Tonic – Green Leaves

Here are natural sources that are recommendation to people who have blood shortage who wish to build blood in their body:

  • Velvet Beans Leaves

Velvet leaves is nicknamed as devil beans because of how bad it itches on the skin  when it come in contact with it. It itches more in the afternoon when the sun is up. It is known as akugbara or Agbara leaves in Igbo language. It is called werepe in Yoruba.

If you know anyone who needs blood replenishment, or who has lost blood, recommend this leaf. Everything has been given to mankind for free in the form of green nature. Our bushes, farms, and gardens are filled with natural medicine. All we need is wisdom to discover them.

According to a health expert in Allafrica; with Velvet beans leaves,

“PATIENTS with low blood levels may no longer have a need for blood transfusion and taking of blood capsules or tonics. Also, women that are looking for the fruit of the womb need not despair”.


Velvet beans are nicknamed ‘devil beans due to their itching property. Do not allow this leaf or the dry beans shell to touch your body when the sun has set.

But it is harmless and friendly in the morning time. Velvet beans are called Werepe in Yoruba dialect, Agbara or Akugbara in Igbo. Apart from drinking the juice extracts of this herbal Tonic for blood-boosting and fertility, there are other ways of using this leaf. Read the Complete Full Guide on how to use Velvet beans leaves to boost blood and fertility


Is Mixing Milk and Malt or Tomatoe Paste a Source of Blood Tonic?

  • Utazi Leaves

Everyone knows about this leaf but we are yet to fully utilize its medicinal potent. This natural leaves build blood fast more than every other blood capsule.

Utazi leaf also known as Gongronema Latifolium is a super digestant. It has an unpleasant bitter taste quite alright but it has many health benefits like anticancer properties, ulcer healing property, antioxidants, etc. This amazing leaf does wonders in our body, especially where it concerns food digestion.

The way water and detergent clean dirty and oily sink is the same way Utazi leaves unclog toxins in our intestines and flush them out. Read Best Way to Use Utazi to Garnish African salad (Abacha).

Recommend this anyone who suffers loss of blood. How to use it is not an issue. It can be used to garnish meals, eaten raw in large quantity. It can also be used as sauce and eaten with any food.

  • Werepe Beans (Devil Beans)

According to HealthBtimes; “Velvet beans are recognized by the multitude of common names like atmagupta, kiwanch, alkushi, cowitch, cowhage, picapica, kapicachu, and yerepe.

They’ve been utilized in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for a long time to deal with worms, dysentery, diarrhea, snake bites, sexual debility, cough, tuberculosis, impotence, rheumatic disorders, muscular pain, sterility, gout, menstrual disorders, diabetes, and cancer”.


As a Blood Booster – the leaves of this seed replenish blood loss, boosts blood level, and boost fertility but the seeds according to health research, cure these ailments. Read 5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Know.

  • Bitter leaf

Bitter leaf is known naturally for its distinct bitter taste and its amazing medicinal property helps to relieve stomach ache, fights prostate cancer, fights pneumonia, Insomnia, and enhances fertility and help in blood boosting. Read Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Raw Washed Bitter Leaf.

Is Mixing Milk and Malt or Tomatoe Paste a Source of Blood Tonic?