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5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Know

5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Know

 Velvet Beans or Werepe Beans as a blood tonic or booster. Why are people calling Velvet Beans ‘devil beans’? The diseases cured with velvet beans. The markets for Werepe beans. How to Cook Velvet beans. .5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Know

5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Know
Velvet Beans (Werepe or Akugbara)

I published an article on devil beans a few days ago. But I concentrated mainly on the leaves. I wrote about the medicinal potency of the leaves; as fertility and blood-booster (aka) blood tonic leaves.

I haven’t thought much about the seeds and the need to carry out research about it. But when I was going through the comments on the post about Velvet beans leaves, I saw two comments that inspired me.

5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Know
5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Know

One was a man who confirmed the potency of the velvet beans leaves. He recounted how his wife drank it for blood loss and had her blood level boosted. The second comment was a request from a reader to write about the benefits of the seeds.

5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Know

Velvet beans, (aka) devil beans is called Werepe or Yerepe in Yoruba dialect, Agbara or Akugbara in Igbo. It is nicknamed devil beans because of the havoc it wreaks on the skin when people come in close contact with the leaves or the shells in the noontime or when the sun is up.

The juice from the leaves when taken replenishes blood loss or boosts blood levels.

One of the readers also confirmed this claim in the comment box by saying that his wife used it when she lost blood and it boosted her blood level.

What About Velvet Beans Seeds? Its Health Benefits?

According to HealthBtimes; “Velvet beans are recognized by the multitude of common names like atmagupta, kiwanch, alkushi, cowitch, cowhage, picapica, kapicachu, and yerepe.

They’ve been utilized in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for a long time to deal with worms, dysentery, diarrhea, snake bites, sexual debility, cough, tuberculosis, impotence, rheumatic disorders, muscular pain, sterility, gout, menstrual disorders, diabetes, and cancer”.

  • As a Blood Booster

The leaves of this seed replenish blood loss, boosts blood level, and boost fertility but the seeds according to health research, cure these ailments.


  • Treats Diabetes:

Velvet seed is high in levodopa content, a component which helps in decreasing blood sugar level. This helps diabetic patients to keep healthy levels of blood sugar as well as cholesterol.

Velvet beans help in weight loss in individuals and this benefits further for diabetes treatment


  • Enhances Sperm count:

Velvet beans improve and enhance sperm count in men with low sperm count. It revitalizes testosterone secretion. When this is done, there is a boost in testes size and sperm count. If testosterone levels are improved, it will result in higher manufacture of sperm. And this is what Velvet beans do.


  • It Improves sexual Libido and Premature Ejaculation:

Velvet beans according to research boost sexual behavior and performance. In plain language, it puts its consumer in a sexual mood. Apart from this, It delays ejaculation. It means that individuals with premature ejaculation will last longer when eaten with velvet beans.


  • Parkinson’s Disease Treatment:

According to HealthTimes; “Velvet beans might be utilized in Parkinson disease treatment, that is a nerve problem. This specific health advantage is related to the serotonin content of velvet beans. Serotonin is among the neurotransmitters liable for relaying brain signals. It’s important for regulating moods and sleep cycles”.


  • Sexual Health Benefits:

Men are not the only people who benefit from sexual improvement with velvet beans. This seed improves sexual libido in both men and women. Sexual arousal and sensitivity when touched are experienced with the consumption of velvet beans.

5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Kno


  • Soak the velvet beans in clean water for 1 day or two days. Some people prefer to soak it for just 3 hours.
  • Put in a clean pot and cook until it is done just like other beans.
  • Change the water as you cook, two or three times before it is done.


Pregnant women should not eat velvet beans. It may lead to miscarriage or birth defects.

Men with high erection should avoid velvet beans.

5 Secrets Velvet Beans (Werepe or Devil Beans) you should Know

Werepe or Velvet Beans Buyers/ Market

I have heard people asking where they can get Werepe beans. I have also noticed research keywords about the markets to buy or sell Yerepe or Akugbara beans. This is no big deal.

It is in the bush and also in the markets. It is sold and bought by dealers of local medicinal herbs or items. It can also be bought by people who deal with beans and grain.

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  1. A friend of mine told me that she uses devil beans as birth control and it does work for her. Just trying to know if it’s okay or safe medically

    1. Olarewaju Olayinka, thanks for your feedback. Regarding your question on Werepe devil beans and birth control. This is actually the first time I am hearing about it. Meanwhile, it could be true. We are going to look into it and make in-depth research on it. Expect a new post on it soon.

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