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What 86FB is all About: Ponzi or Real?

What 86FB is all About: Ponzi or Real?

Shortly after Chinmark, DEF World and Ovaioza investment bursted and crashed, investors, especially social media users are opening their eyes wide before committing their money to any other platforms. Trending News: Child Abuse – See 10 Photos Underage Pregnant Girls at Age 10, 11, 12, – Child Pregnancy  Not only that, investors and users have begun to querry the genuiness and authenticity of every other investment platform and 86FB investment platform is one of them. In this post, we shall be talking about this. What 86FB is all About: Ponzi or Real?

If you are a Facebook user and you are among the followers of the Facebook draggers who championed the course of bringing Chinmark and his likes to book, you will notice they have shifted attention to 86FB. I am going to share here all that I have found out about the platform. Trending: Will Ovaioza pay Investors? Find Out…

What is 86FB ?

It simply means 86 Football. It is a risk investment platform that requires members to register atleast with the sum of #3,500 to millions of Naira. It said to have existed for the past 6 years in abroad and was introduced in Nigeria tow years ago.

It pays you some percentage of your capital and you are expected to introduce members who will register and trade under to be able to make huge money. Before I make my conclusion, read what the influncer said about the scheme. Read: Who is DEF World Boss? Here is all we know about Bright Ezigbo.
“86FB is a reverse betting site where you earn 3% of your capital daily, so far you play the game plan provided by the team. You don’t need to take any risk. If the game plan leads to a loss, the team will compensate you in full regardless of the balance, unlike other betting sites where you risk your funds .

How does 86Fb work?

All you have to do is just to play 3 games daily. Before that, you must be register with the minimun amount.

What are the benefits of 86Fb?

There is 100% refund policy should Incase there was a loss, provided you play the team game so I can say the risk is very minimum.

Is referral compulsory?

No, it isn’t . It’s optional. However, members need to refer to make more money. The more people you refer, the more money you make.

Referral programs.

The referral program is very interesting. When you refer 5 people, you get little commission on each of them and you will still get 7k reward for referring 5 people. When you refer 20, you get 33k reward. When you refer 50, you get 80k return and you’d be placed on 20k monthly salary. Trending right Now: ASAP Rocky, Rihanna Boyfriend arrested by the Police for Shooting.

What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal?

Minimum deposit and withdrawal is 3,500. Can I withdraw straight to my bank account? Yes, you can.

What 86FB is all About: Ponzi or Real?

How 86fb operates

  1. They trade in football anti-correct score.
  2. They refunds your trading capital when their selected match you played loose.
  3. The news (whether good or bad) does not affect the football market even if it happens which is rare the general bookies refunds everyone funds worldwide.
  4. The market does not go bearish or bullish by the activities of any country. E.g *Russia vs Ukraine war does not stop football.*

  5. You can compound your money with as little as *#3,500 (smallest investment)* to any amount you have to millions in one year. (#3500 gives you N25M in a year)
  6. *High reward low risk.* Start with *#3,500 like savings and make *#25million Naira in one year best investment anyone can venture into.
  7. 86fb is the best investment you can recommend to anyone anywhere cos it doesn’t need you to have big capital to start.
  8. 86fb pays you every month from #20,000 to #1,000,000 if you have 50 to 1000 people trading under you.
  9. 86fb pays you commission on every trade won by those under you.
  10. Except you have more money and want to make even more money, you just need just a one time Investment, unlike other Investment that you keep putting money
  11. You can make Withdrawals twice daily whenever you want.
  12. This company has been operating for over 6yrs abroad, they have shares in several football clubs, and they have been paying Nigerians heavily for 2yrs now.”

What 86FB is all About: Ponzi or Real?

The truth is 86fb is a ponzi scheme. It is not real. It is robbing Peter to pay Paul. Members are paid with the money of other members they introduced and it recycled that way.

To prove my point, the original poster of the explanation above ended with this note: “*86fb is the best risk investment you can start in 2022. See you guys at the top*.

Recently registered investors are complainng they have not been able to withdraw their money. See Facebook Post and comments:

“After ovaioza, another one that will finish you people patapata is “86fb” or “8ws”

What 86FB is all About: Ponzi or Real?

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