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Who is Ovaioza? Will OFPSB Pay back her Partners/Investors?

Who is Ovaioza? Will  OFPSB Pay back her Partners/Investors?

Who is Ovaioza? Will  OFPSB Pay back her Partners/Investors? Ovaioza is the talk in the mouth of average Nigerians who make use of social media. Her full name is Imu Ovaioza Yunusa. She is the female version of Chinmark aka the Red King who scammed investors of their hard-earned money in the name of investing in the capital business. Who is Ovaioza Will  OFPSB Pay back her Partners/Investors?

She was arrested alongside her husband as they were trying to escape Nigeria. Her house was searched and documents of houses she bought in the USA were recovered. Read: More secrets about Ovaioza Bursted.

Who is Ovaioza? Will She Pay back her Partners/Investors?
Garri gbara kasaa na Warehouse

How did Ovaioza Scammed people of their money?

Ovaioza created a Ponzi scheme business called Ovaioza food storage, she claimed she was in the agriculture and dried food storage business, (OFPSB)  Convinced millions of Nigerians to invest in her Ponzi business, and receive huge profits after some months. Read the Biography and the Networth of the Owner of Chrisland School, High Chief Dr (Mrs.) W. A. Awosika.
Ovaioza was a small-time agro trader (buyam and sellam girl) She stored and resold farm produce like thousands of people do. When she saw that people were becoming increasingly interested in the Nigerian agriculture and agro-allied industry, she decided to bring her trade online with a twist.
She decided to make it look elegant and more high-level than it is in reality. Using her rudimentary knowledge of food storage and farming, she created content for the social media, boasting about how billions could be picked up from this end-level aspect of agriculture: food storage easily.

She created an amazing network on social media (Facebook), built up a fake profile as someone of notable in society, a billionaire overnight. Before long, her profile became more pronounced. An influencer was born.
While other wannabe influencers aka foot soldiers (her social media war lords) or personal brands gave in thousands and targeted their social investment to their circle of friends and hangers-on, Ovaioza threw down millions in giveaways and a flamboyant lifestyle.
From high-end gadgets like iPhones to cars, shopping sprees, and millions in cash. She turned up and made it rain.
Ovaioza became a god, She employed content creators to brush up her unpolished grammar. Together, they recreated a new image of “small girl, big God Ovaioza from the street who has made it but still remembers her roots.

Who is Ovaioza? Will OFPSB Pay back her Partners/Investors?

This was important for her scam. With all this fame, she created an online investment platform (Ponzi) where she promised Nigerians millions in profit if they invest in her business. It looked funny but every Nigerian wanted to live the life of a mummy Ovaioza thé small girl with a big heart.

Actually the only business venture Ovaioza operated with the money that flooded her accounts was spending and spending. Playing with money like her own childhood toy. No corn, plantain, or whatever she promised was in existence, she had everything carefully planned out, an amazing genius in her early 20s.

Most people who joined her league of millionaire investors 2021 only have a dashboard figure to hold as “profit”. They have not seen a dime. She was planning her life and future in the United States. Ovaioza knew her scam will be short lifted, so she started acquiring properties in the United States while seeking citizenship through investment.
She was on the verge of escaping to freedom before her luck left her. There are hundreds of Ovaiozas out there with eye-catching get rich soon schemes, please avoid them if you want to live long.

Ovaioza and her Husband, David in the Police net in Abuja

Who is Ovaioza? Will OFPSB Pay back her Partners/Investors?

So, here comes the big questions, will Ovaioza pay off all the investors? Now, let me be frank here, Ovaioza is involved in Ponzi Scheme. There is no other sources she gets her money other than what the investors are giving to her. The profits she takes and the ones she gave to the investors were the fragments of the investor and partners money.

Although she claimed she traded with the investors money but that is a big lie. Documents found in her possesion revealed that 80 percent of monetary inflows came from the investors. There was inflow from the market as she claimed.

Someone who invested let’s say #500k with Ovaioza and introduced people who also brought money was paid with the money of those he or she referred. From the same money, she took her 30% and did Santa with some. Now, tell me where will she get the money to pay all the investors now?

Will Ovaioza pay all her partners?

Ovaioza has agreed to pay but the truth is she cannot pay them all even if she sells all her properties. Unless she is going to borrow money which I know will not be possible.

Just like the MMM, the Ultimate Cycle and Chinmark, the investors money has flew away. All they had, they had been scammed; a big lesson!