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Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns 1051 – 1100

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(S S & S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns


Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns 1051 – 1100

Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns. This is S S & S, otherwise known as Sacred Songs and Solos. It is a collection of spiritual worship hymns and songs for churches. Students use it in their assembly in many Christian schools.

This feature features the Sacred Songs and Solo Hymns from No. 1051 – 1100.


SS & S 1051 All, all for Thee ! Dear Saviour, may this watchword

Be Thine own keynote for my life this year :

So sweetly harmonising thought and action,

That none who listen shall a discord hear.



All, all for Thee ! Oh, take me now entirely !

Retune each note with Thine own gentle hand ;

I give myself afresh into Thy keeping,

To do or suffer, as Thou shalt command.



I give my heart — I long to love Thee better

Than ever I have done in years before ;

That all I do may be a “joy, not duty ” ;

Lord Jesus, grant it: may I love Thee more !



I give my will — O Master, do receive it;

It must rebel in any care but Thine;

I cannot keep it, it is so self-pleasing :

What rest to think it is no longer mine !



O Master, by Thine own most Holy Spirit,

Send heavenly music o’er the earth through me,

So true, so beautiful, so soul-refreshing,

That those who hear it may learn more of Thee !


SS & S 1052 A few more years shall roll,

A few more seasons come,

And we shall be with those that rest

Asleep within the tomb.


Then, O my Lord, prepare

My soul for that great day;

Oh, wash me in Thy precious blood*

And take my sins away.



A few more suns shall set,

O’er these dark hills of time ;

And we shall be where suns are not,

A far serener clime.



A few more storms shall beat

On this wild, rocky shore ;

And we shall be where tempests cease,

And surges swell no more.



A few more struggles here,

A few more partings o’er ;

A few more toils, a few more tears,

And we shall weep no more.



Tis but a little while

And He shall come again,

Who died that we might live; who lives

That we with Him may reign.


SS & S 1053 We plough the fields, and scatter

The good seed on the land ;

But it is fed and watered

By God’s almighty hand :

He sends the snow in winter,

The warmth to swell the grain ;

The breezes, and the sunshine,

And soft refreshing rain.


All good gifts around us

Are sent from heaven above :

Then thank the Lord, oh, thank the Lord,

For all His love !



He only is the Maker

Of all things near and far :

He paints the wayside flower ;

He lights the evening star ;

The winds and waves obey Him ;

By Him the birds are fed ;

Much more to us, His children,

He gives our daily bread.



We thank Thee, then, O Father,

For all things bright and good :

The seed-time and the harvest,

Our life, our health, our food.

Accept the gifts we offer

For all Thy love imparts ;

And — what Thou most desirest —

Our humble, thankful hearts.


SS & S 1054 Some are sowing their seed in the dawn-light fair;

They are sowing seed in the noonday glare;

They are sowing seed in the soft twilight ;

They are sowing their seed in the solemn night.


What shall the harvest be ?

What shall the harvest be ?

What shall the harvest be ?

What shall the harvest be ?



Some are sowing their seed of word and deed,

Which the cold know not, nor the careless heed;

Oh, the gentle word, and the kindest deed,

That have blessed the sad heart in its sorest need.

Sweet shall the harvest be !



Some are sowing the seed of noble deed,

With a sleepless watch and an earnest heed ;

With a ceaseless hand in the earth

they sow, [where’er they go.

And the fields are all whitening

Rich will the harvest be !



Whether sown in the darkness, or

sown in the light ;

Whether sown in weakness, or sown in might ; ,

Whether sown in meekness, or sown in wrath

In the broadest highway, or the shadowy path :

Sure will the harvest be !

SS & S 1055 Come, ye thankful people, come,

Raise the song of harvest-home :

All is safely gathered in,

Ere the winter storms begin ;

God, our Maker, doth provide

For our wants to be supplied :

Come to God’s own temple, come,

Raise the song of harvest-home.



All this world is God’s own field,

Fruit unto His praise to yield ;

Wheat and tares together sown,

Unto joy or sorrow grown :

First, the blade, and then the ear.

Then the full corn shall appear :

Lord of harvest, grant that we

Wholesome grain and pure may be.



For the Lord our God shall come,

And shall take His harvest-home ;

From His field shall in that day

All offences purge away ;

Give His angels charge at last,

In the fire the tares to cast ;

But the fruitful ears to store,

In His garner evermore.



Even so, Lord, quickly come,

To Thy final harvest-home ;

Gather Thou Thy people in,

Free from sorrow, free from sin ;

There, for ever purified,

In Thy presence to abide :

Come with all Thine angels, come,

Raise the glorious harvest-home.


SS & S 1056 With songs and honours sounding loud,

Address the Lord on high;

Over the heavens He spreads His cloud,

And waters veil the sky.

He sends His showers of blessings down,

To cheer the plains below ;

He makes the grass the mountains crown,

And corn in valleys grow,



His steady counsels change the face

Of the declining year;

He bids the sun cut short his race,

And wintry days appear.

His hoary frost, His fleecy snow,

Descend and clothe the ground;

The liquid streams forbear to flow,

In icy fetters bound.



He sends His word and melts the snow,

The fields no longer mourn ;

He calls the warmer gales to blow,

And bids the spring return.

The changing wind, the flying cloud,

Obey His mighty word:

With songs and honours sounding loud,

Praise ye the Sovereign Lord !

SS & S 1057 Sowing the seed by the dawn-light fair,

Sowing the seed by the noonday glare ;

Sowing the seed by the fading light,

Sowing the seed in the solemn night:

Oh, what shall the harvest be ?

Oh, what shall the harvest be ?


Sown … in the dark – • – ness or sown … in

the light, . . .  . . .

Sown … in our weak ness or sown … in our might,

Gathered in time or eternity,

Sure, ah, sure will the harvest be ! . . .



Sowing the seed by the wayside high,

Sowing the seed on the rocks to die;

Sowing the seed where the thorns will spoil,

Sowing the seed in the fertile soil :

Oh, what shall the harvest be ?



Sowing the seed of a lingering pain,

Sowing the seed of a maddened brain ;

Sowing the seed of a tarnished name,

Sowing the seed of eternal shame :

Oh, what shall the harvest be ?



Sowing the seed with an aching heart,

Sowing the seed while the tear-drops start ;

Sowing in hope till the reapers come,

Gladly to gather the harvest home :

Oh, what shall the harvest be ?


SS & S 1058 We praise Thee, O Lord, for the bountiful harvest

That now has been gathered and garnered with care ;

Rewarding the toil of the sower and reaper,

While all in its blessings may share.


For the boun – – – tiful harvest, we praise Thee,

We thank Thee and bless Thee, O Lord :

For the boun tiful harvest, we praise Thee,

and bless Thee, O Lord.



We praise Thee, O Lord, for the

bountiful harvest,

We praise Thee for sunshine, the dew, and the rain;

For soft summer breezes so gracefully bending

The bright golden billows of grain.



We praise Thee, O Lord, for Thy wonderful token

That shines as it shone on Thy servants of old,

The pledge and assurance that seed-time and harvest

From earth Thou wilt never withhold.



We bless Thee, O Lord, for Thy wonderful mercies ;

And while to Thy glory our voices we raise,

O Thou that regardest the prayers of Thy people,

Accept our thanksgiving and praise.

SS & S 1059 Sing to the Lord of harvest,

Sing songs of love and praise ;

With joyful hearts and voices

Your hallelujahs raise:

By Him the rolling seasons

In fruitful order move,

Sing to the Lord of harvest

A song of happy love.



By Him the clouds drop fatness,

The deserts bloom and spring,

The hills leap up in gladness,

The valleys laugh and sing:

He filleth with His fulness

All things with large increase;

He crowns the year with goodness,

With plenty and with peace.



Heap on His sacred altar

The gifts His goodness gave,

The golden sheaves of harvest,

The souls He died to save:

Your hearts lay down before Him,

When at His feet ye fall,

And with your lives adore Him,

Who gave His life for all.



To God the gracious Father,

Who made us ” very good ” ;

To Christ, who, when we wandered,

Restored us with His blood;

And to the Holy Spirit,

Who doth upon us pour

His blessed dews and sunshine,

Be praise for evermore.


SS & S 1060 He sendeth the sunshine and rain,

He scattereth dew on the flowers ;

He maketh the desert to bloom —

His blessings descend as the



Boun – – – tiful, mer ciful, won – – – derful

love ! . . .



He causeth the rivers to flow,

The fields now with verdure are clad ;

He tempers the wind to His lambs,

The earth with His fulness is glad.



For bounty so royal and free,

For mercies unending and new,

Oh, help us to praise Thee, dear Lord,

And serve Thee in all that we do.

SS & S 1061 Eternal Father ! strong to save,

Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,

Who bidd’st the mighty ocean deep

Its own appointed limits keep:

Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee

For those in peril on the sea !



O Christ, whose voice the waters heard,

And hushed their raging at Thy word,

Who walkedst on the foaming deep,

And calm amid the storm didst sleep :

Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee

For those in peril on the sea !



O Holy Spirit ! who didst brood

Upon the waters dark and rude,

And bid their angry tumult cease,

And give, for wild confusion, peace:

Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee

For those in peril on the sea !



O Trinity of love and power !

Our brethren shield in danger’s hour ;

Fro n rock and tempest, fire and foe,

Protect them wheresoe’er they go;

Thus evermore shall rise to Thee

Glad hymns of praise from land and sea.


SS & S 1062 Great Ruler of the land and sea,

Almighty God, we come to Thee ;

Able to succour and to save

From perils of the wind and wave.

Keep by Thy mighty hand, oh keep

The dwellers on the homeless deep !



Speak to the shadows of the night,

And turn their darkness into light;

Smooth down the breakers rising crest,

Say to the billow, ” Be at rest ! ”

Keep by Thy mighty hand, oh keep

The dwellers on the homeless deep !



Soothe the rough ocean’s troubled face,

And bid the hurricane give place

To the soft breeze that wafts the bark

Safely alike through light and dark.

Keep by Thy mighty hand, oh keep

The dwellers on the homeless deep I



In storm or battle, with Thine arm

Shield Thou the mariner from harm—

From foes without, from ills within,

From deeds, and words, and thoughts, of sin.

Keep by Thy mighty hand, oh keep

The dwellers on the homeless deep !



O Son of God, in days of ill,

Say to each sorrow, ‘” Peace ! be still !

In hours of weakness be Thou nigh,

Heal Thou the sickness, hear the cry.

Keep by Thy mighty hand, oh keep

The dwellers on the homeless deep I



When hidden is each guiding-star,

Flash out the beacon’s light afar;

From mist and rock, and shoal and spray

Protect the sailor on his way.,

Keep by Thy mighty hand, oh keep

The dwellers on the homeless deep !



Defend from the quick lightning’s stroke,

And from the iceberg’s crushing shock ;

Take Thou the helm, and surely guide

The wanderer o’er the wayward tide.

Keep by Thy mighty hand, oh keep

The dwellers on the homeless deep !



Good Pilot of the awful main_search,

Let us not plead Thy love in vain;

Jesus, draw near with kindly aid,

Say, ” It is I ; be not afraid ! ”

Keep by Thy mighty hand, oh keep

The dwellers on the homeless deep !

SS & S 1063 Light in the darkness, sailor, day is at hand !

See o’er the foaming billows fair Haven’s land ;

Drear was the voyage, sailor, now almost o’er ;

Safe within the lifeboat, sailor, pull for the shore.

Pull for the shore ? sailor, pull for the shore I

Heed not the rolling waves, but bend to the oar ;

Safe in the lifeboat, sailor, cling to self no more !

Leave the poor old stranded wreck, and pullfor the shore.



Trust in the lifeboat, sailor; all else will fail :

Stronger the surges dash and fiercer the gale ;

Heed not the stormy winds, though loudly they roar;

Watch the ” Bright and Morning

Star,” and pull for the shore.



Bright gleams the morning, sailor, uplift the eye ;

Clouds and darkness disappearing, glory is nigh !

Safe in the lifeboat, sailor, sing evermore :

” Glory, glory, hallelujah ! ” Pull for the shore.


SS & S 1064 Star of peace ! to wanderers weary,

Bright the beams that smile on me ;

Cheer the pilot’s vision dreary,

Far, far at sea.



Star of hope ! gleam on the billow,

Bless the soul that sighs for Thee ;

Bless the sailor’s lonely pillow,

Far, far at sea.



Star of faith ! when winds are mocking

All his toil, he flies to Thee;

Save him on the billows rocking,

Far, far at sea.



Star divine ! oh, safely guide him,

Bring the wanderer home to Thee !

Sore temptations long have tried him,

Far, far at sea.

SS & S 1065 Fierce and wild the storm is raging

Round a helpless bark ;

On to doom ’tis swiftly driving,

O’er the waters dark !


Joy ! . . behold the Sa – viour ! .

Joy ! . . the message hear ! . .

” I’ll stand by until the morning ;

I’ve come to save you ; do not fear ! ”

Yes, ” I’ll stand by until the morning ;

I’ve come to save you ; do not fear ! ” . .



Weary, helpless, hopeless seamen,

Fainting on the deck,

With what joy they hail their saviour,

As he hails the wreck !



On a wild and stormy ocean,

Sinking ‘neath the wave,

Souls that perish, heed the message ! —

Christ has come to save !



Daring death thy soul to rescue,

He in love has come ;


Leave the wreck ! and in Him trusting,

Thou shalt reach thy home !


SS & S 1066 Coming, coming, yes, they are,

Coming, coming, from afar ;

From the wild and scorching desert,

Afric’s sons of colour deep ;

Jesus’ love has drawn and won them,

At the cross they bow and weep.



Coming, coming, yes, they are,

Coming, coming, from afar;

From the fields and crowded cities,

China gathers to His feet ;

In His love Shem’s gentle children

Now have found a safe retreat.



Coming, coming, yes, they are,

Coming, coming, from afar ;

From the Indies and the Ganges,

Steady flows the living stream,

To love’s ocean, to His bosom,

Calvary their wondering theme.



Coming, coming, yes, they are,

Coming, coming, from afar;

From the steppes of Russia dreary,

From Slavonia’s scattered lands,

They are yielding soul and spirit

Into Jesus’ loving hands.



Coming, coming, yes, they are,

Coming, coming, from afar ;

From the frozen realms of midnight,

Over many a weary mile,

To exchange their soul’s long winter

For the summer of His smile.



Coming, coming, yes, they are,

Coming, coming, from afar ;

All to meet in plains of glory,

All to sing His praises sweet ;

What a chorus, what a meeting

With the family complete !

SS & S 1067 God of mercy ! God of grace !

Show the brightness of Thy face !

Shine upon us, Saviour, shine ;

Fill Thy church with light divine ;

And Thy saving health extend

Unto earth’s remotest end.



Let the people praise Thee, Lord !

Be by all that live adored :

Let the nations shout and sing,

Gtory to their Saviour King !

At Thy feet their tribute pay,

And Thy holy will obey.



Let the people praise Thee, Lord !

Earth shall then her fruits afford ;

God to man His blessing give ;

Man to God devoted live ;

All below, and all above,

One in joy, and light, a ad love.


SS & S 1068 O’er the gloomy hills of darkness,

Look, my soul, be still, and gaze ;

All the promises do travail

With a glorious day of grace :

Blessed jubilee,

Let Thy glorious morning dawn !



Let the Indian, let the negro,

Let the rude barbarian see

That divine and glorious conquest

Once obtained on Calvary ;

Let the gospel

Loud resound from pole to pole.



Kingdoms wide that sit in darkness,

Grant them, Lord, the saving light,

And from eastern coast to western

May the morning chase the night,

And redemption,

Freely purchased, win the day.



May the glorious day approaching,

On their grossest darkness dawn,

And the everlasting gospel

Spread abroad Thy holy name,

O’er the borders

Of the great Immanuel’s land.



Fly abroad, thou mighty gospel,

Win and conquer, never cease ;

May thy lasting, wide dominions

Multiply, and still increase:

Sway Thy sceptre,

Saviour, all the world around.



6 Every creature, living, breathing,

In divinely grateful lays,

Father, Son, and Spirit, praising,

Magnify the God of grace :

Hallelujah !

Fill the universe with praise.

SS & S 1069 Speed Thy servants, Saviour, speed them:

Thou art Lord of winds and waves ;

They were bound, but Thou hast freed them;

Now they go to free the slaves;

Be Thou with them,

‘Tis Thine arm alone that saves.



Friends and home and all forsaking,

Lord, they go at Thy command ;

As their stay Thy promise taking,

While they traverse sea and land :

Oh, be with them,

Lead them safely by the hand !



Where no fruit appears to cheer them,

And they seem to toil in vain —

Then in mercy, Lord, draw near them,

Then their sinking hopes sustain ;

Thus supported,

Let their zeal revive again.


4 In the midst of opposition

Let them trust, O Lord, in Thee ;

When success attends their mission,

Let Thy servants humble be :

Never leave them,

Till Thy face in heaven they see ;



There to reap in joy for ever, [sown ;

Fruit that grows from seed here

There to be with Him, who never

Ceases to preserve His own,

And with triumph

Sing a Saviour’s grace alone.


SS & S 1070 From Greenland’s icy mountains,

From India’s coral strand,

Where Afric’s sunny fountains

Roll down their golden sand, —

From many an ancient river,

From many a palmy plain —

They call us to deliver

Their land from error’s chain.



What though the spicy breezes

Blow soft o’er Ceylon’s isle ;

Though every prospect pleases,

And only man is vile :

In vain with lavish kindness

The gifts of God are strown ;

The heathen, in his blindness,

Bows down to wood and stone.



Shall we, whose souls are lighted

With wisdom from on high —

Shall we, to men benighted,

The lamp of life deny ?

Salvation ! oh, salvation !

The joyful sound proclaim,

Till earth’s remotest nation

Has learned Messiah’s name.



Waft, waft, ye winds, His story,

And you, ye waters, roll,

Till, like a sea of glory,

It spreads from pole to pole ;

Till o’er our ransomed nature

The Lamb for sinners slain,

Redeemer, King, Creator,

In bliss returns to reign !

SS & S 1071 The morning light is breaking ;

The darkness disappears !

The sons of earth are waking

To penitential tears ;

Each breeze that sweeps the ocean

Brings tidings from afar,

Of nations in commotion,

Prepared for Zion’s war.



See heathen nations bending

Before the God we love,

And thousand hearts ascending

In gratitude above ;

While sinners, now confessing,

The gospel call obey,

And seek the Saviour’s blessing —

A nation in a day.



Blest river of salvation !

Pursue thine onward way ;

Flow thou to every nation,

Nor in thy richness stay :

Stay not till all the lowly

Triumphant reach their home :

Stay not till all the holy

Proclaim — ” The Lord is come ! ”


SS & S 1072 Speed away ! speed away on your mission of light,

To the lands that are lying in darkness and night ;

‘Tis the Master’s command; go ye forth in His name,

The wonderful Gospel of Jesus proclaim.

Take your lives in your hand, to the work while ’tis day,

Speed away ! speed away ! speed away !



Speed away ! speed away with the life-giving Word,

To the nations that know not the voice of the Lord ;

Take the wings of the morning and fly o’er the wave,

In the strength of your Master the lost ones to save.

He is calling once more — not a moment’s delay !

Speed away ! speed away ! speed away !



Speed away ! speed away with the message of rest,

To the souls by the tempter in bondage opprest ;

For the Saviour has purchased their ransom from sin,

And the banquet is ready : oh, gather them in !

To the rescue make haste, there’s no time for delay,

Speed away ! speed away ! speed away !

SS & S 1073 Tell it out among the nations that the Lord is King ;

Tell it out ! Tell it out !

Tell it out among the nations, bid

them shout and sing ;

Tell it out ! Tell it out !

Tell it out with adoration that He

shall increase, [King of Peace ;

That the mighty King of Glory is the

Tell it out with jubilation, let the

song ne’er cease ;

Tell it out ! Tell it out !



Tell it out among the people that

the Saviour reigns ;

Tell it out ! Tell it out !

Tell it out among the heathen, bid

them break their chains ;

Tell it out ! Tell it out !

Tell it out among the weeping ones that Jesus lives,

Tell it out among the weary ones what rest He gives ;

Tell it out among the sinners that He came to save ;

Tell it out ! Tell it out !



Tell it out among the people, Jesus reigns above ;

Tell it out ! Tell it out !

Tell it out among the nations, that His reign is love ;

Tell it out ! Tell it out !

Tell it out among the highways and the lanes at home,

Let it ring across the mountains and the ocean’s foam,

That the weary, heavy-laden, need no longer roam ;

Tell it out ! Tell it out !


SS & S 1074 Eternal Father, Thou hast said

That Christ all glory shall obtain;

That He who once a sufferer bled

Shall o’er the world a conqueror reign.



We wait Thy triumph, Saviour-King ;

Long ages have prepared Thy way ;

Now all abroad Thy banners fling,

Set time’s great battle in array.



Thy hosts are mustered to the field ;

” The Cross ! the Cross ! ” the battle-call :

The old grim towers of darkness yield,

And soon shall totter to their fall.



On mountain-tops the watch-fires glow,

Where scattered wide the watchmen stand ;

Voice echoes voice, and onward flow

The joyous shouts from land to land.



Oh, fill the Church with faith and power !

Bid her long night of weeping cease ;

To groaning nations haste the hour

Of life and freedom, light and peace.

SS & S 1075 Ye Christian heralds, go proclaim

Salvation through Immanuel’s name ;

To distant climes the tidings bear,

And plant the Rose of Sharon there.



He’ll shield you with a wall of fire,

With flaming zeal your heart inspire ;

Bid raging winds their fury cease,

And hush the tempest into peace.



And when our labours all are o’er,

Then we shall meet to part no more,

With all the ransomed hosts to fall,

And crown our Saviour Lord of all.


SS & S 1076 O Church of Christ, behold at last

The promised sign appear !

The Gospel preached in all the world,

And lo ! the King draws near.


He shall reign from sea to sea,

When He girds on His conquering sword ;

All the ends of the earth shall see

The salvation of our God.



With girded loins, make haste, make haste,

Thy witness to complete,

That Christ may take His throne and bring

All nations to His feet.



And Thou, O Israel, long in dust,

Arise, and come away !

See how the Sun of Righteousness

Sheds forth the beams of day.



The scattered sons are gathering

The fig tree buds again ; [home,

A little while, and David’s Son

On David’s throne shall reign.



Then sing aloud, O Pilgrim Church,

Brief conflict yet remains,

And then Immanuel descends

To bind thy foe in chains !

SS & S 1077 Going forth at Christ’s command,

Going forth to every land ;

Full salvation making known,

Through the blood of God’s dear Son.


” Saved to serve 1 ” the watchword ring,

Saved to serve our glorious King ;

Tell the story o’er and o’er.

Saved to serve for evermore.



Serving God through all our days,

Toiling not for purse or praise ;

But to magnify His name,

While the gospel we proclaim.



Seeking only souls to win

From the deadly power of sin ;

We would guide their steps aright,

Out of darkness into light.


SS & S 1078 Tell the whole wide world of Jesus,

Bear the news from shore to shore ;

Telling sinners of the Saviour,

Let the light spread more and more.


Tell the world, . . . the whole wide world;

Bear the news . . . from shore to shore;

Tell the whole wide world of Jesus,

Praise His name for evermore !



Send abroad the gospel heralds,

Let them take the blessed light

Into every land of darkness,

Piercing through the shades of night.



Yes, we’ll send the joyful message

Over mountain, over wave,

Telling everywhere of Jesus,

And His mighty power to save.



While we pray for other nations,

Send them help with willing hand;

Let us not forget the home-fields —

Jesus for our native land !

SS & S 1079 We have heard the joyful sound :

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !

Tell the message all around :

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !

Bear the news to every land, [waves ;

Climb the steeps and cross the

Onward ! — ’tis our Lord’s command:

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !



Waft it on the rolling tide :

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !

Say to sinners far and wide :

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !

Sing, ye islands of the sea,

Echo back, ye ocean caves ;

Earth shall keep her jubilee :

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !



Sing above the toil and strife —

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !

By His death and endless life —

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !

Sing it softly through the gloom,

When the heart for mercy craves ;

Sing in triumph o’er the tomb —

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !



Give the winds a mighty voice :

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !

Let the nations now rejoice —

Jesus saves I Jesus saves !

Shout salvation full and free

To every strand that ocean laves ;

This our song of victory,

Jesus saves ! Jesus saves !


SS & S 1080 Sowing the precious seed in the early dawn of morning,

Sowing the precious seed in the noonday fair ;

Sowing the precious seed, for the

youthful heart’s adorning,

Sowing the precious seed with a patient care.


Sowing the precious seed, sowing the precious seed,

Scattering far and wide, with patient loving hand ;

Breaking the bread of life,

Telling o’er the Gospel story,

Sowing the precious seed in the dear homeland.



Sowing the precious seed at the early day’s declining,

Sowing the precious seed in the twilight dim ;

Sowing the precious seed, neither doubting nor repining,

Leaving it all to God, trusting all to Him.



Sowing the precious seed with an earnest, true endeavour,

Sowing the precious seed of the golden grain ;

Sowing the precious seed, and the hand withholding never,

Praying that God will send it the sun and rain.

SS & S 1081 Hear the everlasting song,

Breaking through the sky :

” Glory, glory be to God,

To God on high ! ”

Through the blessed courts of light,

Saints and angels, joyful singing,

Strike their harps and shout aloud,

” The Lord is King ! ”



Hear the loud triumphant song

O’er the world resound ;

Like a mighty ocean rolls

The glad, glad sound ;

” Hallelujah ! praise the Lord ! ”

Distant climes His triumph singing.

Lift their voice and shout aloud,

” The Lord is King ! ”



Praise the blessed Three in One,

All ye heavenly host ;

Praise the Father, praise the Son,

And Holy Ghost !

As it was in all the past,

Through eternal ages ringing,

Ransomed ones shall still proclaim,

” The Lord is King ! ”


SS & S 1082 There’s a call comes ringing o’er the restless wave,

” Send the light, . . . send the light ! ” . . .

There are souls to rescue, there are souls to save,

“Send the light, . . . send the light ! ” . . .

Send the light, . . . the blessed gospel light !

Let it shine from shore to shore !

Send the light, . . . the blessed gospel light !

Let it shine for evermore !



We have heard the Macedonian call to-day,

” Send the light, . . . send the light ! ” . . .

And our grateful offerings at the cross we lay,

” Send the light, . . . send the light ! ” . . .



May the grace of Jesus unto all abound,

” Send the light, . . . send the light ! ” . . .

And a Christlike spirit everywhere be found,

” Send the light, . . . send the  light ! ” . . .



Let us not grow weary in the work of love, ”

” Send the light, . . . send the light !

While we gather jewels for our crown above,

” Send the light, . . . send the light ! ” . . .

SS & S 1083 Great Jehovah, mighty Lord,

Vast and boundless is Thy word ;

King of kings, from shore to shore

Thou shalt reign for evermore.



Jew and Gentile, bond and free,

All shall yet be one in Thee ;

All confess Messiah’s name,

All His wondrous love proclaim.



From her night shall China wake ;

Afric’s sons their chains shall break ;

Egypt, where Thy people trod,

Shall adore and praise our God.



India’s groves of palm so fair

Shall resound with praise and prayer ;

Ceylon’s isle with joy shall sing,

” Glory be to Christ our King ! ”



North and South shall own Thy sway ;

East and West Thy voice obey;

Crowns and thrones before Thee fall,

King of kings, and Lord of all.


SS & S 1084 Jesus shall reign where’er the sun

Doth his successive journeys run ;

His kingdom stretch from shore to shore,

Till moons shall wax and wane no more.



Peoples and realms of every tongue

Dwell on His love with sweetest song ;

And infant voices shall proclaim

Their early blessings on His Name.



To Him shall endless prayer be made,

And endless praises crown His head ;

His name like sweet perfume shall rise

With every morning sacrifice.



Then all the earth shall rise and bring

Peculiar honours to its King ;

Angels descend with songs again,

And earth repeat the loud Amen.

SS & S 1085 Send the Light, oh, send it quickly

Far across the heaving main_search ;

Speed the news of full salvation

Through a dear Redeemer’s name.

Send the Light, oh, send it quickly


To the isles beyond the sea ;

Let them hear the wondrous story —

Love is boundless, grace is free !



Send the Light, where souls are dying

In their darkness, gloom, and night ;

Haste, oh, haste ! the days are fleeting.

And the hours — how swift their flight!



Send the Light— the Lord commands it ;

To His Holy Word attend :

” Go ye forth and preach My gospel ;

Lo ! I’m with you to the end.”


SS & S 1086 Far and near the fields are teeming

With the waves of ripened grain ;

Far and near their gold is gleaming

O’er the sunny slope and plain.


Lord, we pray Thee, send forth reapers !

Hear us, while to Thee we cry ;

Send them now the sheaves to gather,

Ere the harvest-time pass by.



Send them forth with morn’s first beaming,

Send them in the noontide’s glare ;

When the sun’s last rays are gleaming.

Bid them gather everywhere.



Hasten now, the grain is bending,

Gather now the sheaves of gold ;

Homeward then at evening wending,

Thou shalt come with joy untold.

SS & S 1087 Hasten, Lord, the glorious time

When, beneath Messiah’s sway,

Every nation, every clime,

Shall the Gospel’s call obey.



Mightiest kings His power shall own,

Heathen tribes His name adore ;

Satan and his host o’erthrown,

Bound in chains, shall hurt no more.



Then shall wars and tumults cease,

Then be banished grief and pain ;

Righteousness, and joy, and peace

Undisturbed shall ever reign.



Bless we, then, our gracious Lord I

Ever praise His glorious name !

All His mighty acts record ;

Ail His wondrous love proclaim


SS & S 1088 Assembled at Thy great command,

Before Thy face, great King, we stand ;

The voice that marshalled every star,

Has called Thy people from afar.



We meet, through distant lands to spread

The truth for which the martyrs bled ;

Along the line, to either pole,

The thunder of Thy praise to roll.



Our prayers assist, accept our praise ;

Our hopes revive, our courage raise ;

Our counsels aid ; to each impart

The single eye, the faithful heart.



Forth with Thy chosen heralds come ;

Recall the wandering spirits home ;

From Zion’s mount send forth the sound,

To spread the spacious earth around.

SS & S 1089 Lift up thine eyes, O watchman,

The armies of the Lord

Are riding forth to conquest

With buckler, shield, and sword

Glad tidings unto Zion

That valiant host shall bring,

And shout aloud, Hosanna !

The Lord, the Lord is King :



What dost thou see, O watchman ?

What dost thou see afar ?

” The gleaming of a banner,

The rising of a Star ; ”

Then cry aloud, O watchman,

With trumpet voice proclaim

To all a full salvation, [name.

Through Christ the Saviour’s



That radiant banner gleaming,

That Star divinely bright,

Shall bear to every nation

The blessed gospel light :

All kingdoms, crowns, and sceptres,

Before the Cross shall fall,

And Christ shall reign triumphant,

The King and Lord of all.


SS & S 1090 Far, far away in heathen darkness dwelling,

Millions of souls for ever may be lost ;

Who, who will go Salvation’s story telling —

Looking to Jesus, counting not the cost ?


” All power is given unto Me ! All power is

given unto Me ! Go ye into all the world and

preach the Gospel ; and lo, I am with you alway.”



See o’er the world wide open doors inviting :

Soldiers of Christ, arise and enter in !

Christians, awake ! your forces all uniting,

Send forth the gospel, break the chains of sin !



” Why will ye die ? ” the voice of God is calling ;

” Why will ye die ? ” re-echo in His Name :

Jesus hath died to save from death appalling ;

Life and salvation therefore go proclaim.



God speed the day when those of every nation,

” Glory to God ” triumphantly shall sing ;

Ransomed, redeemed, rejoicing in salvation,  ”

Shout “Hallelujah, for the Lord is King !

SS & S 1091 We coLie to-day from near and far,

The light of hope our guiding star ;

In Jesus’ name we gather here,

For strength and words of cheer.


Oh, wondrous words, sweet words of cheer

That Jesus speaks in tones so clear :

Still may they grow to us more dear

While gathered in His name.



‘Tis good to meet in His blest name,

And all His wondrous love proclaim ;

To find the way of life more dear,

And hear glad words of cheer.



O Saviour, bless our Christian band,

For Thee enlisted, heart and hand ;

Incline to us Thy gracious ear,

And give us words of cheer.



And when we leave this hallowed place,

Oh, grant to us Thy heavenly grace;

In all our way, oh, be Thou near,

To speak glad words of cheer.


SS & S 1092 Keep step with the Master, whatever betide ;

Though dark be the pathway, keep close to your Guide ;

While foes are alluring, and danger is near,

When walking with Jesus, you’ve nothing to fear.


Keeping step, … go bravely forward,

And thy cour – – age still renew ; . . .

Daily walk . . . with Christ your Saviour,

He will lead you all the journey through .



Keep step with the Master, wherever you go ;

Through darkness and shadow the way He will show,

The light of His presence your path will illume.

And make all the desert a garden of bloom.



Keep step with the Master; nor halt by the way ;

Whate’er He commands you, oh, haste to obey !

Arise at His bidding, press on in His might ;

While walking with Jesus, you’re sure to be right.

SS & S 1093 There is light above, there are smiles of love,

When in Jesus we abide ;

There are golden rays on our rugged ways,

When we keep on the sunny side.


Keep on the sunny side, . .

Keep on the sunny side ; . .

With Jesus near, why should we fear ?

Let us keep on the sunny side.



A blessing will fall on the hearts of all,

When in Jesus we confide,

And the heavenly beam of His love will gleam,

When we keep on the sunny side.



Then let us press on with a cheerful song,

From morn till eventide,

And our paths shall be bright in the Saviour’s light,

While we keep on the sunny side.

SS & S 1094 A Christian band from far and near,

We meet to learn of Jesus here ;

To read His Word, whose every line

Is filled with hope and joy divine.


May our Endeavour Band, now gathered in His name,

United heart and hand, go forth to spread His fame !

Then firmly let us stand, for God and native land,

And pray that He may bless and keep our Christian band.



We gather here, where all may sing

Glad songs of praise to Christ our King ;

Where youthful hearts may find the way

That leads to life and endless day.



The Master’s work we’ll still pursue,

A rid here again our pledge renew,

To follow Him, to trust His love,

Till gathered home with Him above.


SS & S 1095 For Christ is our Endeavour,

Our hearts to Him belong;

His presence cheers us ever,

His love inspires our song :

We come in youth’s bright morning,

Obedient to His word,

And seek for our adorning,

The beauty of the Lord.



In fulness of His blessing,

Good work for Him we’ll do ;

His name with joy confessing,

His standard-bearers true ;

And He will never fail us,

Whatever may betide ;

Though danger should assail us,

In Him we safe abide.



With youthful ardour glowing,

We form a Christian band ;

The joy of Jesus knowing,

We for His honour stand ;

For He is our Redeemer,

And to Him we belong,

Whose grace shall fail us never,

Whose love inspires our song.


SS & S 1096  For Christ and the Church ” let our voices ring,

Let us honour the name of our own blessed King;

Let us work with a will in the strength of youth, [of truth.

And loyally stand for the kingdom


For Christ, . . our dear Redeemer,

For Christ . . who died to save ;

For the Church . . . His blood hath purchased ;

Lord, make us pure and brave.



” For Christ and the Church ” be our earnest prayer,

Let us follow His banner, the cross daily bear ;

Let us yield, wholly yield, to the Spirit’s power,

And faithfully serve Him in life’s brightest hour.



” For Christ and the Church ” willing offerings make,

Time and talents and gold for the dear Master’s sake ;

We will render the best we can bring to Him,

The heart’s wealth of love, that will never grow dim.



” For Christ and the Church ” let us cast aside,

By His conquering grace, chains of self, fear, and pride ;

May our lives be enriched by an aim so grand ;

Then happy the call to the Saviour’s right hand.

SS & S 1097 Army of Endeavour, hear the trumpet call ;

‘Gainst the foe advancing, forward, one and all !

Christ is our Commander; faithful let us be :

He will give to us the victory !


Though the battle rages, what have we to fear ?

In the wildest conflict He is ever near ;

Trusting in our Leader, faithful let us be ;

He will give the victory !



In His royal service there’s a work for all, [those that fall ;

Cheering on the faint ones, lifting

Unto Him who calls us, ever faithful be :

He will give to us the victory !



Ever pressing onward in the cause of right, [the light ;

Holding up the banner, walking in

Keeping His commandments, great rewards have we :

He will give to us the victory !


SS & S 1098 On, march on, O Army of Endeav’rers !

On, march on, with banners wide unfurled ;

Strike for right, the Lord Himself is with you,

Shout the cry of battle o’er the world.


Storm the fort by Satan’s host defended,

Storm the fort, and set the prisoners free ;

Onward still, though legions rise against you,

Follow Him who giveth victory.



On, march on, O Army of Endeav’rers !

On, march on, the truth shall yet prevail;

Lo, in dust the foe shall fall before you,

Trusting Him whose promise cannot fail.



Hail, all hail, O Army of Endeav’rers !

Crowd your ranks, the sword of triumph wield ;

He who leads will give you grace to conquer,

You shall come victorious from the field.



Hail, all hail, O Army of Endeav’rers !

Robe and palm are waiting you on high;

Bear the cross of Christ a little longer,

Tell the world the crowning day is nigh.

SS & S 1099 Walking in the sunshine, beautiful and bright,

In the rosy morning, or the dewy night ;

Steadily advancing, onward day by day,

Follow Jesus all the way.


Fol – low, . we will follow Jesus ;

Fol – low, . follow day by day ;

On – ward, . wheresoe’er He leads us,

We will follow Jesus all the way.



In the brightest sunshine, or the darkest gloom,

In the lovely springtime, or the summer’s bloom :

Hear the Saviour calling, hasten to obey,

Follow Jesus all the way.



In the golden sunshine, or the shadows deep,

When the storm is raging, when it sinks to sleep :

Trusting in His mercy till the closing day,

Follow Jesus all the way.




SS & S 1100 Christian soldiers all, hear our Leader’s call ;

Who will rally at the King’s cormmand ?

Firmly, steadily, on to victory,

See, advancing, ” Our Endeavour Band.”


Forward ! soldiers all ; hear our Leader’s call !

Onward ! onward, with the Sword and Shield !

Signals flashing bright, in the shining light,

Cheer us onward to the battlefield !



Hear the trump of war sounding near and far,

Haste to conquer in Jehovah’s name ;

To the promised land, with His mighty hand,

He will lead us with a loud acclaim.



On, our foes to brave ! on, the world to save !

Armed with courage as the moments fly ;

Shouts of triumph rise, rank to rank replies,

As with joy we wave our banners high !



When our labour’s done, and the victbry won,

Then with Jesus we shall meet above ;

Oh, how sweet ’twill be, there His face to see,

In the mansions of eternal love !