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Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns 1101 – 1150

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Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns 1101 – 1150

Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns. This is S S & S, otherwise known as Sacred Songs and Solos. It is a collection of spiritual worship hymns and songs for churches. Students use it in their assembly in many Christian schools.

This features the Sacred Songs and Solo Hymns from No. 1101 – 1150.


SS & S 1101 Whatever you do, wherever you go,

Be loyal to Jesus, your King !

Oh, serve Him aright, and walk in the light :

Be loyal to Jesus, your King !


Be loyal to Jesus, and true ! . . .

His arm will sustain thee, His strength will renew ;

Walk close to Him ever, His cross keep in mView :

Be loyal to Jesus, your King !



Though tempted and tried, stand close

by His side ; Be loyal, etc.

Through faith in His name the victory

claim : Be loyal, etc.



Though foes may annoy, still serve

Him with joy : Be loyal, etc.

Though danger and doubt encompass

about : Be loyal, etc.



Go, spread the glad word, and sing of

the Lord : Be loyal, etc.

Your anthems of praise triumphantly

raise: Be loyal, etc.


SS & S 1102 From yonder western plain

There comes the signal strain,

Tis loyalty, loyalty, loyalty to Christ !

Its music rolls along,

The hills take up the song [Christ !

Of loyalty, loyalty, yes, loyalty to


” On to victory ! On to victory ! ”

Cries our great Commander !

” On ! ” . . . We’ll move at His command ;

We’ll soon possess the land,

Through loyalty, loyalty, yes, loyalty to Christ !



Oh hear, ye brave, the sound

That moves the earth around,

‘Tis loyalty, loyalty, loyalty to Christ !

Arise to dare and do,

Ring out the watchword true

Of loyalty, loyalty, yes, loyalty to Christ !



Come join our loyal throng,

We’ll rout the giant wrong,

Through loyalty, loyalty, loyalty to Christ!

Where Satan’s banners float

We’ll send this bugle note

Of loyalty, loyalty, yes, loyalty to Christ !



The strength of youth we lay

At Jesus’ feet to-day, [Christ !

Through loyalty, loyalty, loyalty to

The Gospel we’ll proclaim

Throughout the world’s domain,

Of loyalty, loyalty, yes, loyalty to

Christ !



SS & S 1103 Onward, O Junior Endeav’rers !

Rescue the children to-day ;

Lead them to Jesus the Saviour,

Hasten to show them the way.


Onward, O Junior Endeav’rers !

Forward for truth and the right ;

Gather the lost from the darkness

Into the beautiful light.



Onward, O Junior Endeav’rers !

Why should we longer delay ?

Many, unheeding God’s mercy,

Sadly are drifting away.



Onward, O Junior Endeav’rers !

Haste with the life-giving bread ;

Bring them to Jesus the Shepherd —

Surely they all should be fed.



Onward, O Junior Endeav’rers !

Scatter bright smiles while we may ;

Onward and upward and homeward,

Singing glad songs on the way.



SS & S 1104 The vows of God are on you, ye Christian youth, arise ;

The blood of Christ has won you your heritage, the skies.

Rise up, cast off your fetters ; born of celestial birth,

Ye are no longer debtors to live alone for earth.


The vows of God are on you, O Christian

youth, arise ; [beyond the skies.

The blood of Christ has won you a home



It is no idle story, it is no dream of night,

Redeemed in Christ to glory, ye children of the light.

The vows of God are on you, rise up,

and make them good ;

He will at last enthrone you, in death

for you He stood.



Then every fetter sunder, aside lay every chain,

And dream no more, nor wander, your calling high attain.

He sets a prize before you, who won the prize before ;

His blessed banner o’er you shall float for evermore.



With sin, then, do not dally, with

flowers do not delay,

But round Christ’s standard rally, as

children of the day ;

Rise up, no wish reserving, lay every

weight aside, [He bled and died.

With joy your Master serving, for you


SS & S 1105 Let the light of love shine clear,

Bringing comfort, hope, and cheer ;

Life hath oft a rainy day,

Scatter sunbeams by the way.


Sun . . . beams ! scatter all along,

Making life a happy song !

Jesus is the light to-day,

Scatter sunbeams by the way.



Many hearts are sorrow-bowed,

See no light beyond the cloud ;

Point them to a heavenly ray,

Scatter sunbeams by the way.



Oh, to bring some golden gleams

From the land where glory beams ;

Blessing others day by day,

Scattering sunbeams by the way.


SS & S 1106 Oh, help me tell the story of Christ my Lord and King;

For of His boundless mercy my soul delights to sing.

Oh, help me tell the story of Jesus’ boundless love,

Till, with the Church triumphant, I sing His praise above !



He brought me out of bondage, He paid my debt of sin ;

The door of Life He opened, that I might enter in.



He left His home in glory, He laid His sceptre down,

And on the cross He suffered, that I might wear a crown.



Be this my one Endeavour, to glorify His name ;

The story of Redemption to all the world proclaim.


SS & S 1107 In a world where sorrow ever will be known,

Where are found the needy, and the sad and lone ;

How much joy and comfort you can all bestow,

If you scatter sunshine everywhere you go !

Scat ter sunshine all along your way,

Cheer and bless and brighten every passing day.



Slightest actions often meet the sorest needs,


For the world wants daily little kindly deeds ;

Oh, what care and sorrow you may help remove,

With your songs and courage, sympathy and love.



When the days are gloomy, sing some happy song ;

Meet the world’s repining with a courage strong ;

Go with faith undaunted through the ills of life,

Scatter smiles and sunshine o’er its toil and strife.


SS & S 1108 With cheerful songs and hymns of praise,

Our grateful hearts to Him we raise

Who leads us on with gentle hand,

And crowns with love our Christian Band.


Then gladly let us stand, united heart and hand,

The lost to gather in from sorrow, pain, and sin ;

Be this our constant aim — to spread abroad the name

Of Jesus our Redeemer, and His wondrous love proclaim.



And while we meet together here,

In bonds of love and friendship dear,

Oh, may our prayers like incense rise,

To Him whose grace each need supplies.



O Thou, who art the children’s Friend,

Our steps direct, our paths defend,

And by Thine own almighty hand,

Protect and keep our Christian Band.


SS & S 1109 Oh, let us all endeavour, with all our heart and might,

To serve our Lord and Master, and in His work delight ;

Remembering that service must come before reward ;

That joy must flow from doing the

Father’s will and word.


For Christ . . and the Church . . our all, O

Lord, we give !

For Christ . . . and the Church, . . oh, may we ever live !



Oh, let us all endeavour the world for Christ to win ;

To search the streets and highways for

souls to save from sin ;

To send the blessed tidings to all the

world around,

Till every race and nation shall hear the joyful sound.



Oh, let us all endeavour the Church

of Christ to build, [it to yield ;

Be faithful in its service, our all for

Its ordinances follow, its means of

grace attend ;

Thus grow in Christlike power until our life shall end.


SS & S 1110  Our land for Christ , we sing ;

Our hearts to Him we bring,

And trust His word ;

With His dear cross in mView,

Each Christian grace renew,

And make endeavour true,

For Christ our Lord.


Our land . . for . . Christ, our hearts . . we . . bring.

And make endeavour firm and true

For Christ, our Lord and King.



” Our land for Christ ” we sing ;

Away earth’s follies fling,

And seek His love ;

Ours be a heavenly prize,

Unseen by mortal eyes,

In mansions in the skies,

With Him above.



” Our land for Christ ” we sing ;

Christ, Prophet, Priest, and King,

Whom saints adore ;

Each day some duty done,

Some Christian work begun,

Some soul to Jesus won —

We ask no more.



” Our land for Christ ” we sing ;

Our all to Him we bring

With one accord ;

Sinners, from sin set free,

His wondrous grace shall see,

And through eternity

Worship the Lord.


SS & S 1111 Now just a word for dearest Friend so true

Come, cheer our hearts and tell what He hath done for you.


Now just a word for Jesus, ’twill help us on our way ! [or pray !

One little word for Jesus, oh speak, or sing,



Now just a word for Jesus ; you feel your sins forgiven,

And by His grace are striving to reach a home in heaven.



Now just a word for Jesus ; a cross it cannot be ”

To say, ” I love my Saviour, who gave His life for me.



Now just a word for Jesus; let not the time be lost ;

The heart’s neglected duty brings sorrow, to its cost.



Now just a word for Jesus ; and if your faith be dim,

Arise in all your weakness, and leave the rest to Him.


SS & S 1112 Let us work and pray together,

With a firm and strong endeavour;

Hearts and hands united ever

In the service of the Lord :

In His constant love abiding,

And to Him our all confiding,

With His gentle hand still guiding,

We shall conquer through His word.



In the dawn of life’s fair morning,

With its smile our path adorning,

Let us heed the Master’s warning :

” Time is flying ; work to-day ! ”

See the royal host advancing :

Armed with zeal, and upward glancing,

Full of hope and joy entrancing,

Let us quickly haste away.



Come and join the ranks before us ;

Hark ! their songs are floating o’er us ;

Hear the glad and tuneful chorus,

How it vibrates on the air !

Home is near, and toil is ending,

Soon the mount of joy ascending,

Where the blest their harps are blending,

We shall meet our loved ones there.


SS & S 1113 Praise ye the Lord ! lift up the voice

with singing ;

Tell to the world the glory of His name ;

Join in the song while joyful notes are

ringing [abroad His fame !

Far o’er the earth: oh spread


Yes, we’ll tell the wondrous story,

We will laud His holy name ;

And will give our best endeavour

Still to spread abroad His fame.



Praise ye the Lord, with holy adoration !

Worthy is He of all our love and praise;

Look unto Him, the Rock of our Salvation ;

His gracious hand hath led us all our days.



Praise ye the Lord, and worship Him

with gladness !

Thanks to His name for all His wondrous love ;

Praise ye the Lord ! let praises banish sadness

Now and for ever till we meet above.


SS & S 1114 Our willing service, Lord, to Thee

We pledge ourselves to give,

For Thou hast bought us with Thy blood,

And died that we might live ;

We pledge ourselves by grace to yield

Obedience to Thy laws,

Devotion to Thy sacred truth,

Thy kingdom and Thy cause.



We pledge ourselves with filial love

To follow Thy commands,

To help the Church by word and deed,

And aid our pastor’s hands ;

Be this our one supreme desire,

Our purpose, thought, and aim,

In whatsoever we shall do,

To glorify Thy name.



And so we pledge ourselves to walk,

That those around may see

The calm reflection of a light

That only shines from Thee ;

O help us, Lord, our pledge to keep ;

We need Thy constant care

To guard our hearts from every sin,

Our feet from every snare.


SS & S 1115 The call of God is sounding clear,

O Christian, let it reach thine ear ;

Endeavour now of souls to bring

A band to love and serve the King.


Let us go forth ! . . . the call is clear ; . . .

Let us go forth, … no tarrying here ! . . .

For Him to live, . . . the Christ, the Lord, . . .

A crown from Him . . . our high reward.



Let us go forth, as called of God,

Redeemed by Jesus’ precious blood ;

His love to show, His life to live.

His message speak, His mercy give.



Let ” Christ alone ! ” our watchword


The Son of God who made us free ;

He bore our sins, He makes us pure,

For His name’s sake we all endure.



The Christ of God to glorify,

His grace in us to magnify ;

His word of life to all make known—

Be this our work, and this alone.


SS & S 1116 Go on your way rejoicing, ye children of the King ;

In songs of holy rapture, His glorious triumph sing.

Go on your way rejoicing, and to the world proclaim !

Behold, Messiah bringeth redemption thro’ His name.



Go on your way rejoicing, to brave

the host of sin ;

From bondage and oppression immortal souls to win.



Go on your way rejoicing ; the victory

draweth near ;

For He, your great Commander, in

clouds will soon appear.


SS & S 1117 Are we walking, daily walking, as the children of the light,

Casting off the works of darkness,

and the shadows of the night ?

Have we left them for the sunshine

freely streaming from above,

For the clear and blessed sunshine of

the Saviour’s wondrous love ?


Are we walk ing in His sight … as the

chil dren of the light ? . . .

In the precious blood of Jesus have we made

our garments white ?

Are we marching on to glory as the children of the light ?



Are we walking, humbly walking, as

the children of the light,

In a world of pain and sorrow, where

the powers of sin unite ?

Are we seeking souls that wander in

the dark and downward way ?

Do we win them to the radiance of

the everlasting day ?



Let our songs ring out in gladness,

as the children of the light,

Let the joy of His salvation make our

hearts and faces bright ;

Then, oh then, will sinners listen to

the message that we bring,

And with us will follow Jesus to the

city of the King.


SS & S 1118 Lonely hearts to comfort, weary lives to cheer —

This is our Endeavour, this our mission here ;

Seeking out the lost ones on the mountains cold,

We would gladly bring them to the Shepherd’s fold.



Pressing on together, doing good to all,

In the name of Jesus lifting those who fall ;

To the poor and friendless give with open hand —

This is our Endeavour, this the Lord’s command.



Onward, ever onward, trusting in the Lord,

Look we for the promise of a blest  reward ;

Robes and palms of glory, mansions

bright and fair,

Welcome from the Saviour, rest for ever there.


SS & S 1119  For Christ and the Church, we  stand, . .

United heart and hand;

Our lips His praise to speak,

Our hands to help the weak ;

Our feet the lost to seek,


“For Christ . . and the Church.”

” For Christ . . and the Church ” we stand,

Uni – – ted heart and hand ;

Our lives henceforth we give to live

” For Christ .. and the Church.”



” For Christ and the Church ” we pray, . .

And labour day by day ;

With zeal and courage new

We’ll strive some work to do ;

And keep our covenant true,

For Christ . . and the Church.”



” For Christ and the Church ” we sing, . .

And glad hosannas bring;

Since He hath made us free,

And promised victory,

Our motto still shall be,

“For Christ . . and the Church.”



SS & S 1120 The prize is set before us ;

To win, His words implore us :

The eye of God is o’er us,

From on high ! . . .

His loving tones are calling,

While sin is dark, appalling ;

‘Tis Jesus gently calling :

He is nigh ! . . .

By and by we shall meet Him,

By and by we shall greet Him,

And with Jesus reign in glory,

By and by ! . . .



We’ll follow where He leadeth,

We’ll pasture where He feedeth,

We’ll yield to Him who pleadeth

From on high ! . . .

Then naught from Him shall sever,

Our hope shall brighten ever,

And faith shall fail us never:

He is nigh ! . . .



Our home is bright above us,

No trials dark to move us,

But Jesus dear to love us

There on high ! . . .

We’ll live our best endeavour,

And praise His name for ever :

His precious words can never,

Never die ! . . .


SS & S 1121 A little pilgrim on life’s way,

Bearing his cross from day to day,

When faint and weary, used to say,

” Jesus, my Saviour ! ”



If Satan tempted him aside,

He never on himself relied,

But grasped the shield of faith and cried,

” Jesus, my Saviour ! ”



And looking up from what he feared,

Though far away his rest appeared,

Oh, how the thought his spirit cheered,

” Jesus, my Saviour ! ”



Thus, Lord, direct my youthful way,

Thyself to love, Thy law obey ;

Then shall I praise through endless day

” Jesus, my Saviour 1 ”


SS & S 1122 We’re banded together in Christian Endeavour,

To live for the Master and serve Him for ever;

To follow His standard, His counsel

obeying; [the straying.

To care for the poor, and to seek for


“For Christ . . . and the Church “… we are

band ed together ; . . .

” For Christ . . and the Church “… is our

watchword, our watchword for ever.



In Jesus our Saviour, believing, abiding,

Our all to His goodness and mercy

confiding ;

We’ll scatter bright sunshine o’er paths

that are dreary,

And tell of His love to the hearts that are weary.



Thus banded together in Christian


The bonds that unite us the world cannot sever;

Upheld by the Master, and kindly


We’ll work for His cause till life’s mission is ended.


SS & S 1123 Our Junior Band is marching on,

With banners waving o’er us,

To work for Christ, whose loving hand

Directs the way before us.


Wave, wave our banners,

While forward marching here below

Wave, wave our banners,

While onward still we go.



While gladly pressing on our way,

The path of faith pursuing,

We know that He, in whom we trust,

Our strength is still renewing.



We’ll never fear, though trials come,

For this is our Endeavour :

With cheerful hearts and willing hands

To work and weary never.



Oh, come and join our Junior Band,

The lost to Jesus bringing;

Still doing all the good we can,

While time its flight is winging.


SS & S 1124 Shining for Jesus everywhere I go ;

Shining for Jesus in this world of woe ;

Shining for Jesus, more like Him I grow :

Shining all the time for Jesus.


Shining all the time, shining all the time ;

Shining for Jesus, beams of love divine ;

Glorifying Him every day and hour.

Shining all the time for Jesus.



Shining for Jesus when the way is bright ;

Shining for Jesus in the darkest night :

Shining for Jesus, making burdens light :

Shining all the time for Jesus.



Shining for Jesus in a world of sin ;

Shining for Jesus, bringing lost ones in ;

Shining for Jesus, glorifying Him:

Shining a” the time for Jesus.



Shining for Jesus when He gives me grace ;

Shining for Jesus while I run the race ;

Shining for Jesus, till I see His face:

Shining all the time for Jesus.


SS & S 1125 O Christ, I will endeavour

To serve Thee day by day ;

Help me to make Thee ever

My Life, my Truth, my Way.

When in my breast Thou burnest,

My thoughts grow pure and bright,

My words are calm and earnest,

And all seems good and right.



Go with me, God my Saviour,

Go with me every hour ;

Control my whole behaviour

By Thy full Spirit’s power ;

Uplift, and heal, and gladden,

Myself and others, Lord ;

May naught that’s in me sadden

Those here that love Thy word.



Why should I not be willing

To serve Thee with my days,

When Thou art ever filling

My soul with joy and praise ?

Why should I not show others

The Light Divine in Thee ?

See what Thou art to me ?


SS & S 1126 We meet again with hearts aflame,

To praise the dear Redeemer’s name,

With voices full of love and song :

Behold a happy throng !


Then shout aloud, while hills around

Re-echo with a joyful sound :

” Let Christ be King ! let Christ be King!

To Him our praise we bring.”



We thank our Saviour and our Lord

For all the sweetness of His word —

The Cross at which we laid our sin,

The crown we hope to win.



O teach us, Lord, in this glad hour,

The greatness of Thy Spirit’s power ;

Reign Thou supreme in every heart —

The King of Love Thou art.



Be with us in our every home,

Be with us in the days to come;

May ” Saved to Serve ” our motto be,

While working still for Thee.


SS & S 1127 Joy-bells ringing, children singing,

Fill the air with music sweet ;

Joyful measure, guileless pleasure,

Make the chain of song complete.


Joy-bells ! Joy-bells !

Never, never cease your ringing 1

Children ! Children !

Never, never cea*e your singing I

List, list, the song that swells —

Joy-bells ! Joy-bells !



Joy-bells ringing, children singing,

Hark their voices loud and clear,

Breaking o’er us, like a chorus,

From a purer, happier sphere.



Earth seems brighter, hearts grow lighter,

As the gladsome melody

Charms our sadness into gladness,

Pealing, pealing joyfully.



Joy-bells nearer sound, and clearer,

When the heart is free from care;

Skies are cheering, and we’re hearing

Joy-bells ringing everywhere.


SS & S 1128  Go thou in life’s fair morning,

Go in the bloom of youth ;

And buy, for thine adorning,

The precious pearl of truth :

Secure this heavenly treasure,

And bind it on thine heart,

And let not earthly pleasure

E’er cause it to depart.



Go, while the day-star shineth,

Go, while thy heart is light;

Go, ere thy strength declineth,

While every sense is bright :

Sell all thou hast, and buy it ;

Tis worth all earthly things —

Rubies, and gold, and diamonds,

Sceptres and crowns of kings.



Go, ere the clouds of sorrow

Steal o’er the bloom of youth ;

Defer not till to-morrow,

Go now, and buy the truth, —

Go, seek thy great Creator,

Learn early to be wise ;

Go, place upon His altar

A morning sacrifice.


SS & S 1129 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam,

To shine for Him each day ;

In every way try to please Him —

At hime, at school, at play.


A sunbeam, a sunbeam,

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam

A sunbeam, a sunbeam —

I’ll be a sunbeam for Him.



Jesus wants me to be loving,

And kind to all I see;

Showing how pleasant and happy

His little one can be.



I will ask Jesus to help me,

To keep my heart from sin ;

Ever reflecting His goodness,

And always shine for Him.



I’ll be a sunbeam for Jesus —

I can if I but try —

Serving Him moment by moment,

Then live with Him on high.


SS & S 1130 There’s a Friend for little children,

Above the bright blue sky ;

A Friend who never changeth,

Whose love can never die.

Unlike our friends by nature,

Who change with changing years,

This Friend is always worthy,

The precious name He bears.



There’s a rest for little children,

Above the bright blue sky ;

Who love the blessed Saviour,

And ” Abba, Father,” cry;

A rest from every turmoil,

From sin and danger free ;

Where every little pilgrim

Shall rest eternally.



There’s a home for little children,

Above the bright blue sky ;

Where Jesus reigns in glory,

A home of peace and joy.

No home on earth is like it,

Nor can with it compare :

For every one is happy,

Nor could be happier, there.



There’s a crown for little children,

Above the bright blue sky ;

And all who look for Jesus

Shall wear it by and by —

A crown of brightest glory,

Which He will then bestow

On all who’ve found His favour

And loved His name below.



There’s a song for little children,

Above the bright blue sky —

A song that will not weary,

Though sung continually ;

A song which even angels

Can never, never sing;

They know not Christ as Saviour,

But worship Him as King.



There’s a robe for little children,

Above the bright blue sky ;

And a harp of sweetest music,

And a palm of victory,

All, all above is treasured,

And found in Christ alone ;

Oh, come, dear little children,

That all may be your own.


SS & S 1131 Tell me the Old, Old Story

Of unseen things above,

Of Jesus and His glory,

Of Jesus and His love.

Tell me the Story simply,

As to a little child,

For I am weak and weary,

And helpless and defiled

Tell me the Old, Old Story

Of Jesus and His love.



Tell me the Story slowly,

That I may take it in —

That wonderful redemption,

God’s remedy for sin.

Tell me the Story often,

For I forget so soon ;

The ” early dew ” of morning

Has passed away at noon.



Tell me the Story softly,

With earnest tones and grave ;

Remember ! I’m the sinner

Whom Jesus came to save.

Tell me that Story always,

If you would really be,

In any time of trouble,

A comforter to me.



Tell me the same Old Story,

When you have cause to fear

That this world’s empty glory

Is costing me too dear.

Yes, and when that world’s glory

Is dawning on my soul,

Tell me the Old, Old Story :

” Christ Jesus makes thee whole.”


SS & S 1132 Little children may be heralds of the great salvation,

They may tell of our Redeemer and the cross He bore;

By their grateful Sabbath offerings

they can send the Bible,

That will cheer the hearts of many on

a far-off shore.


Lit – – tie chil – dren . may . . be heralds,

Joyful heralds of the blessed Saviour’s love ;

Lit – – tie chil – dren . may . . be heralds,

Gladly pointing many to the home above.



Little children have their mission in

the Master’s service,

They can smile away the sorrows

and the clouds of care ;

O’er the worn and weary spirit, that

with grief is pining,

They can drop a word of kindness

like a sunbeam fair.



Little children are remembered in the

Saviour’s promise,

They may early share the blessings

of redeeming grace ;

He is watching kindly o’er them, and

His word assures us

That in heaven their angels ever see

the Father’s face.


SS & S 1133 Never lose the golden rule, keep it still in View;

Do to others as you would they should do to you.

Kindly, gently, in their burden bear a part,

Meekly chiding with a loving heart.

Never lose the golden rule, keep it still in mView ;

Do to others as you would they should do to you.



Help the feeble ones along, cheer the faint and weak ;

To the sorrow-laden heart words of comfort speak.

Freely, freely, from the bounty of your store,

Cheerful givers, help the humbler poor.



Love the Lord, the first command, with

thy soul and mind; [one combined.

Love thy neighbour as thyself, both in

Justly, justly, with each other strive to live,

Ever ready, willing to forgive.


SS & S 1134 There is a green hill far away,

Without a city wall,

Where the dear Lord was crucified,

Who died to save us all.



We may not know, we cannot tell,

What pains He had to bear ;

But we believe it was for us

He hung and suffered there.



He died that we might be forgiven,

He died to make us good,

That we might go at last to heaven,

Saved by His precious blood.



There was no other good enough

To pay the price of sin ;

He only could unlock the gate

Of heaven, and let us in.



Oh, dearly, dearly has He loved !

And we must love Him too ;

And trust in His redeeming blood,

And try His works to do.


SS & S 1135 How can we forget Him, our blessed Redeemer?

How can we forget Him, and wander away,

When He like a Shepherd so carefully guards us,

And keeps us from danger by night and by day ?

We’ll come in the sunshine of youth’s happy morning,


Our lives to His service we’ll cheerfully give ;

And pray for His Spirit to guide and direct us,

That we to His glory and honour may live.



How can we forget Him, our blessed Redeemer ;

Who hath brought redemption

through sorrow and pain ?

Yet upon the throne of His Father exalted,

Our great Mediator now liveth again.



How can we forget Him, our blessed Redeemer,

Who with watchful kindness is ever so near —

Friend, above all others the best and the truest,

Who never refuseth His children to hear ?


SS & S 1136 I think when I read that sweet story of old,

When Jesus was here among men,

How He called little children as lambs

to His fold : [them then.

I should like to have been with

I wish that His hands had been placed

on my head, [around me,

That His arms had been thrown

And that I might have seen His kind

look when He said,

Let the little ones come unto Me.”



Yet still to His footstool in prayer I may go,

And ask for a share in His love ;

And if I now earnesly seek Him below,

I shall see Him and hear Him above,

In that beautiful place He is gone to prepare,

For all who are washed and forgiven ;

And many dear children are gathering there,”

” For of such is the kingdom of heaven.



But thousands and thousands who

wander and fall,

Never heard of that heavenly home :

I should like them to know there is

room for them all,

And that Jesus has bid them to come.

I long for the joy of that glorious time,

The sweetest, and brightest, and best,

When the dear little children of every clime

Shall crowd to His arms and be blest.


SS & S 1137 Far above in highest heaven

Jesus reigns, our Lord and King;

He His life for us has given,

He did life eternal bring :

Sing, then, children, sing with gladness,

Loud let grateful anthems ring;

Jesus is the children’s Saviour,

Jesus is the children’s King.



Once on earth the children praised Him,

And ” Hosanna ” was their cry ;

Now that God to heaven has raised Him,

Loud they praise Him in the sky:

Shout, then, children, shout your praises,

Loud let grateful anthems ring;

Jesus is the children’s Saviour,

Jesus is the children’s King.



Come, then, early, come to Jesus,

As the children did of old:

He from sin and sorrow frees us,

Never will His love grow cold :

Daily let us learn to love Him,

Daily let us join to sing

Praises to our Lord and Saviour,

Praises to the children’s King.



Then, when life’s short days are ended,

If we’ve served our Saviour well,

By His angels gently tended,

In His kingdom we shall dwell :

There we’ll shout our joyous praises,

There the song of victory sing ;

Jesus is our Lord and Saviour,

Jesus is the children’s King.


SS & S 1138 Jesus bids us shine with a clear, pure light,

Like a little candle burning in the night ;

In this world of darkness we must shine —

You in your small corner, and I in mine.



Jesus bids us shine, first of all for Him ;

Well He sees and knows it, if our light is dim;

He looks down from heaven, to see us shine —

You in your small corner, and I in mine.



Jesus bids us shine, then ; for, all around,

Many kinds of darkness in this world abound :

Sin and want and sorrow; so we must shine —

You in your small corner, and I in mine.


SS & S 1139 We are but little children weak,

Nor born in any high estate;

What can we do for Jesus’ sake,

Who is so high, and good, and great ?



Oh, day by day each Christian child

Has much to do, without, within ;

A death to die for Jesus’ sake,

A weary war to wage with sin.



When deep within our swelling hearts

The thoughts of pride and anger rise ;

When bitter words are on our tongues,

And tears of passion in our eyes :



Then we may stay the angry blow,

Then we may check the hasty word ;

Give gentle answers back again,

And fight a battle for our Lord.



With smiles of peace and looks of love

Light in our dwellings we may make;

Bid kind good humour brighten there —

And still do all for Jesus’ sake.



There’s not a child so small and weak

But has his little cross to take,

His little work of love and praise

That he may do for Jesus’ sake.


SS & S 1140 When He cometh, when He cometh.

To make up His jewels,

All His jewels, precious jewels.

His loved and His own.


Like the stars of the morning,

His bright crown adorning,

They shall shine in their beauty,

Bright gems for His crown.



He will gather, He will gather,

The gems for His kingdom ;

All the pure ones, all the bright ones,

His loved and His own.



Little children, little children,

Who love their Redeemer,

Are the jewels, precious jewels,

His loved and His own.


SS & S 1141 Come with happy faces

To the place of prayer ;

Jesus now is waiting,

We shall find Him there.


With a grateful spirit,

Now our voices raise ;

Thank Him for His goodness

In a song of praise.



Come with happy faces —

Jesus rose to-day ;

Leave the world behind us,

Seek the narrow way.



Come with happy faces,

Come with hearts sincere ;

God our thoughts is reading,

He is ever near.



Come with happy faces,

Learn the words of truth ;

Jesus loves the children :

Trust Him in our youth.


SS & S 1142 Of Him who left His home above,

Children sing ! Children sing !

Our blessed Saviour crowned with love,

Children sing to-day !

Of Him whose ever-watchful care

Will guard our feet from every snare,

Who loves to hear our earnest prayer,

Children sing to-day !



Of joy and gladness through His name,

Children sing ! Children sing !

And peace to all the world proclaim,

Children sing to-day !

Redemption now from death and sin,

From foes without and foes within,

Of life eternal all may win,

Children sing to-day !



Of Him who did salvation bring,

Children sing ! Children sing I

He is our Shepherd, Priest, and King,

Children sing to-day !

Of loved ones in the heavenly land,

Who ever in His presence stand,

With yonder shining angel band,

Children sing to-day!


SS & S 1143 God make my life a little light

Within the world to glow ;

A little flame that burneth bright,

Wherever I may go.



God make my life a little flower

That giveth joy to all,

Content to bloom in native bower,

Although the place be small.



God make my life a little song

That comforteth the sad,

That helpeth others to be strong,

And makes the singer glad.



God make my life a little staff,

Whereon the weak may rest ;

That so what health and strength I have

May serve my neighbours best.



God make my life a little hymn

Of tenderness and praise ;

Of faith — that never waxeth dim,

In all His wondrous ways.


SS & S 1144 I love to think, though I am young,

My Saviour was a child ;

That Jesus walked this earth along,

With feet all undefined.



He kept His Father’s word of truth,

As I am taught to do ;

And while He walked the paths of youth,

He walked in wisdom too.



I love to think that He who spake,

And made the blind to see,

And called the sleeping dead to wake,

Was once a child like me.



That He who wore the thorny crown,

And tasted death’s despair,

Had a kind mother like my own,

And knew her love and care.



I know ’twas all for love of me

That He became a child,

And left the heavens so fair to see,

And trod earth’s pathway wild.



Then, Saviour, who wast once a child,

A child may come to Thee ;

And oh, in all Thy mercy mild,

Dear Saviour, come to me !


SS & S 1145 The morning bright with rosy light

Has waked me from my sleep ;

Father, I own Thy love alone

Thy little one doth keep.



All through the day, I humbly pray,

Be thou my guard and guide;

My sins forgive, and let me live,

Lord Jesus, near Thy side.



Oh, make Thy rest within my breast,

Great Spirit of all grace ;

Make me like Thee; then shall I be

Prepared to see Thy face.



SS & S 1146 The wise may bring their learning,

The rich may bring their wealth ;

And some may bring their greatness,

And some bring strength and health.

We too would bring our treasures

To offer to the King :

We have no wealth or learning;

What shall we children bring ?



We’ll bring Him hearts that love Him,

We’ll bring Him thankful praise,

And young souls meekly striving

To walk in holy ways.

And these shall be the treasures

We offer to the King ;

And these are gifts that even

The poorest child may bring.



We’ll bring the little duties

We have to do each day ;

We’ll try our best to please Him

At home, at school, at play.

And better are these treasures

To offer to our King,

Than richest gifts without them;

Yet these a child may bring.


SS & S 1147 In many a little village, in many a city great,

The rich men, and the noble, and men of poor estate,

Are entering this morning the Father’s

house of prayer —

And wheresoe’er they seek Him, we

know that He is there.



And we, His little children, are gathered

here to-day ;

Our schoolroom is the temple in which

we meet to pray : [of God —

It is the gate of heaven, it is the house

For He Himself is present, according to

His word.



Lord, make us really sorry as we our sins confess,

And may we feel Thee near us, to pardon and to bless :

O purify, dear Saviour, our naughty hearts to-day,

That gladly we may praise Thee, and humbly we may pray !



And when Thy servant speaketh the

word that Thou hast given,

May we receive it gladly — a message sent

from heaven:

And as we humbly listen, do Thou to each heart speak

A word to bring us gladness throughout

the coming week.



Here may we learn to please Thee in

work-time and at play —

To seek Thee and to serve Thee, to love

Thy holy day:

Thus bless our children’s service, and fill us with Thy grace,

And make each heart Thy temple, Thy

earthly dwelling-place.



SS & S 1148 Hushed was the evening hymn,

The temple courts were dark ;

The lamp was burning dim

Before the sacred ark :

When suddenly a voice divine

Rang through the silence of the shrine.



Oh, give me Samuel’s ear —

The open ear, O Lord !

Alive and quick to hear

Each whisper of Thy word ;

Like him to answer at Thy call,

And to obey Thee first of all.



Oh, give me Samuel’s heart ! —

A lowly heart, that waits

When in Thy house Thou art ;

Or watches at Thy gates

By day and night — a heart that still

Moves at the breathing of Thy will.



Oh, give me Samuel’s mind !

A sweet, unmurmuring faith,

Obedient and resigned

To Thee in life and death :

That I may read, with childlike eyes,

Truths that are hidden from the wise.



SS & S 1149 Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,

Look upon a little child ;

Pity my simplicity,

Suffer me to come to Thee.



Fain I would to Thee be brought;

Blessed Lord, forbid it not ;

In the Kingdom of Thy grace

Give a little child a place.



Lamb of God, I look to Thee ;

Thou shalt my example be ;

Thou art gentle, meek, and mild ;

Thou wast once a little child.



Fain I would be as Thou art ;

Give me Thy obedient heart ;

Thou art pitiful and kind,

Let me have Thy loving mind.



Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb,

In Thy gracious hands I am ;

Make me, Saviour, what Thou art,

Live Thyself within my heart.




SS & S 1150 Great God, and wilt Thou condescend

To be my Father and my Friend ?

I a poor child, and Thou so high,

The Lord of earth, and air, and sky ?



Art Thou my Father ? Canst Thou bear

To hear my poor imperfect prayer ?

Or wilt Thou listen to the praise

That such a little one can raise ?



Art Thou my Father ? Let me be

A meek, obedient child to Thee;

And try in word, and deed, and thought,

To serve and please Thee as I ought.



Art Thou my Father ? I’ll depend

Upon the care of such a Friend ;

And only wish to do and be

Whatever seemeth good to Thee.



Art Thou my Father ? Then at last,

When all my days on earth are past,

Send down and take me in Thy love

To be Thy better child above.