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Meet Enenche Obonyilo Peter (ENENCHE ENENCHE – The Writer of TB Joshua’s Tribute Wrongly Attributed to Pastor Enenche

Who is ENENCHE ENENCHE – Enenche Obonyilo Peter

Who is ENENCHE ENENCHE – Enenche Obonyilo Peter? Meet Enenche Obonyilo Peter (ENENCHE ENENCHE – The Writer of TB Joshua’s Tribute Wrongly Attributed to Pastor Enenche.

The major aim of this post is to clear the air on the controversy that trails the Tribute written for the Honour of the late Prophet T. B. Joshua which was wrongly accredited or attributed to Pastor Paul Enenche. The first controversial post was published in Daily Post with the Caption: “I Love T. B. Joshua’s kind of evil”.

It was later published in another news blog with a caption: “ENENCHE BREAKS SILENCE – “If Prophet T.B Joshua was ‘evil’ and he healed the sick, fed the poor… then I like his kind of ‘evil.’


However, the news was debunked later in the day by Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis, saying he didn’t write it. Although there is a semblance in surname, both are not the same. They are not even related although from the same State.

From my little dig, the beautiful Tribute was written by Enenche Obonyilo Peter. According to news sources, the original writer is a comedian. But I found something more than that about him.

He is also a writer. He is a member of the Editorial board of a news blog.

Who is ENENCHE ENENCHE – Enenche Obonyilo Peter

Who is ENENCHE ENENCHE - Enenche Obonyilo Peter
Enenche Obonyilo Peter – Comedian

ENENCHE ENENCHE was born in December at Yaba Military Hospital, Lagos after the civil war. Enenche attended St. Francis College, Otukpo and Benue State University, Makurdi.

Enenche Obonyilo Peter hails from Okpoga in Okpokwu Local Government Area, Benue State.  He is a graduate of Benue State University, Markudi where he studied Chemistry.

He is currently known as a Comedian, motivational speaker and social activist. On the lats tittle, I am not surprised, he has done so many works of writings on humanitarians and good citizenship.

He has featured in high profile social functions such as the Nigeria National Comedy programme, Nite of a Thousand Laughs, Weddings, birthdays, church programmes, Radio and Tv shows.

When asked how he found himself in the comedy sector, he said:

“I actually started performing right from my first year in secondary school. When I left secondary school, I actually wanted to study Medicine. I said then that I would not study any other course even when I was offered Bio-Chemistry in UNIMAID.

Benue state university gave me Biology while Ilorin offered me Anatomy. All these I rejected. I eventually took up an offer at Benue state university but I was still pained that I could not get the course I wanted.

So, on the night of the matriculation, I refused to wear the gown. On the night of the matriculation, there was an event on campus and I was invited to do a joke on stage. That was the starting point. From there, other fellowship presidents on campus would invite me for programmes and I would attend.

I ended up putting smiles on their faces. I found passion and a platform of expression in comedy while I was in university. My comedy started on the streets of Makurdi, especially at church organised programmes. Enenche became a household name in Makurdi.

Like a joke, I found myself in the Night of a thousand laughs in 2004. This was because of a programme I performed in at Abuja where I impressed Klint the Drunk who thereafter linked me up with Opa Williams who picked interest in me. Since then, it has been glorious only that with every platform there are always unique challenges.” he revealed.

Enenche Obonyilo Peter is the original author of the Tribute written for the honour of the Late Prophet T. B. Joshua. But the world gave him an ovation on Pastor Enenche’s shadow.

I don’t blame the media. There was no adequate demarcation on the surname. The world was eagerly waiting and looking forward to reading from T. B. Joshua’s fellow GOs in Nigeria who have continued to keep mute over his death.

So, when one came and bore the surname of a popular Nigerian Preacher, Enenche, it was heralded louder than it should.

But unfortunately, it was coming from a different source. Here is the excerpt from the Tributes.


As we bury T.B Joshua today, we must not bury some of the Christ-like virtues that made him outstanding.

I kept thinking throughout the night – was this how Jesus came, performed miracles, fed the poor, healed the sick and did other good works, but the people despised, hated and killed him? I am not equating any man to Jesus, but T.B Joshua demonstrated more Christ-like virtues than many “God’s Chief Registrars, Chiefs of Staff to Jesus, Assistant God, Deputy God” parading our pulpits today.

They told us how ‘evil’ he was, but were silent on his matrimonial success. He had just one wife and they were married for 31 years… This is Christ-like.

They told us how ‘evil’ he was, but were silent when he fed the poor, built hospitals and schools, responded to humanitarian needs on our streets… This is Christ-like.

They told us how ‘evil’ he was, but kept mute on his humility to board the same coastal bus with his team to go for outreaches. This is Christ-like because even Jesus Christ boarded the same boat with his disciples.

They told us how ‘evil’ he was but kept silent when he brought peace to South Sudan. He was a peacemaker. “Blessed are the Peacemakers…”. This is Chris-like.

Not until his death did I know his wife and even children because he never projected his family. His life and preachings projected Christ more than anything else.

He was Christ-like more than many of his critics whose followers know the “Man of God” than they know the God of men. Whose followers know their ‘father in the Lord’ than they know Christ.

People of the World, please show me one T.B Joshua’s enemy. The same people calling him fake have fellow brethren they call enemies. The same people calling him a false prophet have fellow ‘genuine’ pastors that they are not on talking terms with. The same people calling him ‘evil’ have fellow Christians they wish death upon… Between these people and T.B Joshua, who is more like Christ?

If Prophet T.B Joshua was ‘evil’ and he healed the sick, fed the poor, built hospitals, schools, and houses for the needy, brought peace to nations of the earth, then I like his kind of ‘evil.’

Rest in Peace Prophet T.B Joshua!

Enenche Enenche

Abuja, Nigeria



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