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Tested and Trusted Home Remedy for Shrinking of Fibroid

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Tested and Trusted Home Remedy for Shrinking of Fibroid

Tested and Trusted Home Remedy for Shrinking of Fibroid. I have heard so many claims that Fibroids have no cure. People claim that it regrows even after removal through medical surgery. It could be true. But it can be shrunk.

In general terms, Fibroids mean growths or tumors in a woman’s uterus or uterine. They are abnormal growths that develop in or on a woman’s uterus. Sometimes these tumors become quite large and cause severe abdominal pain and discomforts. In most cases, it causes bleeding during the menstrual cycle.

Home Remedy for Shrinking of Fibroid
Tangiri and Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are growths in or on the walls of the uterus. They consist of smooth muscle cells and connective tissue. I have seen where fibroids are removed and they looked like fatty tissues.

Fibroids may not have a known medical permanent cure for now. However, it can be managed. Patients who suffer from fibroids can use homemade remedies to shrink the growth and it will never regrow.

In this post, we are going to talk about a tested and trusted homemade remedy for the treatment of fibroids. So, if you have tried hospitals and it is yet to work for you, this option is available.

Before that, I will like us to discuss the health implications of having fibroids in the body. Then, we will go on to teach homemade remedies anyone can use to shrink it.

Tested and Trusted Home Remedy for Shrinking of Fibroid

Implications of Fibroids to Women’s Health

Although I have heard some women may live with their fibroids all their lives without having to go for treatment because it doesn’t disturb them. I have also learned that it depends on the size and the location of the fibroids.

Fibroids grow over time and begin to cause pains and discomfort. At this time, ultrasound will be recommended, and eventually, it will be dictated.

Pains and Discomforts:

Fibroids come with abdominal pains and discomforts. These pains worsen when the person is in her menstrual cycle.

The pains from fibroids can make a woman who has it wreath on the ground due to pains and discomforts. While other women move freely in the streets and offices during their menses days the woman with fibroids may even take few days off to be indoor due to the nature of pains and discomforts from the fibroids.

Excessive Bleeding (Hemorrhage):

Have you seen anyone who has fibroids? Whenever she sees her monthly cycle, the neighbors would know. She will either becomes anemic overnight due to the amount of blood she has lost.

Fibroids cause excessive bleeding during the menstrual period. I mean the kind of bleeding that cannot be contained with just Pad. Some of them actually use towels to hold the blood flow.

Excessive bleeding, we know, is a great concern to our health. When it continues that way, some vital organs and even the bones are being affected.


I have seen some married women who removed their fibroids through medical surgery and conceived afterward. This is to say that fibroids may prevent some women from getting pregnant.

This is actually true. The location and the size of fibroids affect some women in their conception. I have also seen some women with big tummies. When I asked, I was told it is fibroids.

That kind of fibroids has taken the position of the baby in the womb. There have been also cases where the woman’s uterus is removed completely while removing the fibroids.

In this case, there was no other better option. Leaving the fibroids means letting the woman die from bleeding. You may read “7 Natural ways to cleanse your Womb and get Pregnant.

Home Remedy for Shrinking of fibroids.

In this natural method, there are only four items to be used. All of these items are the everyday food we eat. To help shrink the fibroids, ovarian cysts, and unblock fallopian tubes, you need to get these four items. They are:

  • 3 balls of Tagiri
  • 10 white Onions
  • 10 Lemon(Not lime)
  • Pap water 

I will take my time to explain all of them. Starting from Tagiri.

  • Tagiri or Tangiri (Christma melon

Tested and Trusted Home Remedy for Shrinking of Fibroids
This is Tagiri or Tangiri (Christmas Melon). It is called ‘iruenyi’ in Igbo.

Tagiri is a wild or bush plant produced by a melon-like plant. It is always found in the bushes.

This name is actually used by the Yorubas. It is called “ihu iruenyi” or “iruenyi” in the Igbo dialect.

I have known this plant since I was a child. The Igbo name was gotten according to its medicinal uses. It is called Chrismas Melon in English.

Back in the village, Tagiri is used for prevention and the treatment of tropical skin bacterial infection known as enyi ure or ‘acha ere’ in Igbo dialect.

It is always seen in the room where a woman who newly given birth stays with her baby. It is believed that her body is still delicate and vulnerable to infections, especially her birth canal.

So, Tangiri or Tagiri balls are dropped all over the room to counter any poisons dropped by the enemy for the new mom. It is also believed that acha ere or enyi ure infections are man-made.

According to research too, Tangiri, Tangiri, or Christmas melon is used in the treatments of Animal poultry disease. An article by confirmed that a cure was found in Christmas melon aka Tangiri for a poultry deadly disease in Newcastle.

  • White Onions

See the image to know about white onions and lemon.

Tested and Trusted Home Remedy for Shrinking of Fibroids
Tangiri, lemon, and White Onions for Shrinking Fibroids.

Tested and Trusted Home Remedy for Shrinking of Fibroid

  • Lemon

We say lemon and not lime. Look at the image above in case you don’t know the difference.

  • Pap Water

When we say pap water, we didn’t mean soaking pap, ogi, or grain gruel and using the water. No. Pap water is just fermented corn or maize water.

That is, the water you get 72 hours after soaking maize or corn which you want to grind for pap (grain gruel). That is the pap water we are talking about.


Gather the first three mentioned items. Cut everything into pieces and cook them in a clean pot with pap water.

Boil all of them together for 15 minutes and bring the pot down. Allow cooling before storing in a bottle or a can with a tight lid or cover.

You can put it in a refrigerator to keep it fresh but not in the FREEZER.


Take Half of a glass cup first thing in the morning and a half glass the last thing in the evening for the first three days. Look, we advise you to take in in small dose the first 3 days because it can make you purge. This is because the concoction is new to your body system.

After 3 or four days, you can take a full glass cup, morning and night.

However, we advise too to first, go for a test to know the position and the sizes of the fibroids before using the medicine. Then after taking the concoction for a week, go for another test so as to confirm its effectiveness.

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