Forget Indabosky; See Little Girl who Displays Raw Power of God VIDEO

See  Little Girl who Displays Raw Power of God VIDEO

Forget Indabosky, what this little Girl Did in Crusade Ground Will Make you Love God More. See this Little Girl who Displays Raw Power of God VIDEO. 


I know that writing this post means to stir sleeping bees. This is what it is but this is also the plain truth.

No matter how I write it here, I may not be able to win some people to my opinion. But seeing is believing. You need to watch the video of the Little Girl as she ministered on the Crusade ground and church.

Forget Indabosky; this Little Girl carries Raw Power. Watch the Moment she appeared in a Crusade Men and Women Fall under the anointing.

Perhaps, you haven’t seen this girl perform in a crusade. She is an example of raw and great power in a small body.

Her case is an example of the train up a child in the way he should go, when he or she grows up, he will not depart from it. I bet she wasn’t born this way.

Her parents nurtured her in the way of God and she follows it. This is not to deny the fact that the Spirit of God is upon her life and she is a mighty instrument in the hands of God.

She is called Little Praise. She looks a little physically but spiritually, she is a giant.

Little Praise is among the people whom God said that in the end, a Kingdom Army will be raised. Those who will burn for God. These people will not be a noisemaker but in the thing of the Spirit.

See Little Girl who Displays Raw Power of God VIDEO










After watching the video, you will agree with me that falling under anointing during ministration shouldn’t be done mechanically. It is not a WWE ring affair.

In the case of Little Praise, the power of God is seen as raw. Even those who were filming her with her phone didn’t know where their phones were when the power of God came down.



I tap into her anointing and I connect all my children to this great oil.




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