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Great Quotes You Need In Your Relationship

How to Have a Change of Mindset in Our Relationships

You don’t need a special class for it. I found 11 “Words on Marble” on relationships that spell it out.

Great Quotes You Need In Your Relationship
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The Words on Marble are most times silent teachers. I do not play with these words whenever I come across valuable ones, especially when it directly affects my life or that of my family. These words sometimes act as a reminder and checkmate your thought when they are placed where they can be seen at all time.

Recently, I found 11 Words on Marble by relationship experts. I gathered them and began to study them and compiled them. They were written by different authors but they are pointing to one direction, which is learning to live with him and her and changing our mindset in our relationships especially in the area of our sexuality, tolerance, and understanding.

The Words on Marble

“The last time I checked, nobody is perfect yet. As long as you are dealing with a body in your relationship, don’t expect a perfectection

“Marriage doesn’t cure lust, if it did, adultery wouldn’t exist”. Flora O.

“Giving him good sex is not the guarantee that he will stay. If it is so, the sex hawkers and the prostitutes would keep all the men”. (Anonimous)

“Do not copy the medications I used in managing my relationship. Symptoms differ in relationships and some partners are allergic”. Nj.

You may be Solomon in wisdom or David in praise or Abraham in faith or Joshua in war BUT if you are not Joseph in a discipline you will end up like Samson in destruction. (Flora)

“Don’t view marriage as a sex release. Self-control is still a requirement. Lust doesn’t care if you are married or single”. Flora.

“Dear Darling, stop killing yourself in the Jim. If you go slim, he may still cheat with the chubby and the fat”.

Marriage is like meat. We meet bones sometimes in between. Make use of the bone wisely and continue with the meat.

Somedays in marriage are bonny days. (Anonimous)

“What really do women want from men? What do men want from women?

Do what is good before men and God in your relationship. But for satisfaction, no one has trekked to that mile yet”.

You have a lot to answer when you say; “All men are the same”.

How many of them did you experiment with?

Did you use the same specimen?

What is that your Profession again?

“I am looking for my Romeo. But I can’t be his Juliet.

What really do women want?” By Bert Burow