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The Reason Why You Should Not Give Excuses

This is Why You Should Not Give Excuses

Give not! It is not a gift

The Reason Why You Should Not Give Excuses
Photo by Jansel Ferma from Pexels

“The easiest thing in the world is to come up with an excuse not to do something.” David Copperfield

This is one of the greatest quotes I have come across. There are great lessons we can draw home from these words of wisdom on giving excuses

Excuses are no gift. Don’t give it to anyone.

Excuses are no task. Don’t let it engage you.

Excuses pay no wages. Don’t be her apprentice.

Excuses are easier than eating a meal. Giving excuses is the easiest thing on this earth. It is easier than any task we can think of.

Excuses never go. It is always coming up. It sits at the topmost head that no other task can occupy the same space with it.

An excuse only comes when nothing is done. It is an agent of not doing something. Its song is; “do nothing”.

Excuses live in the world with humans. If you allow it, it goes around with you. It presents as security and defense for failure but it does no good to anybody.

Those who always come up with excuses for not doing something go home without getting something. This is why you shouldn’t give it. It is not a gift.