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When Should Pregnant Women Opt For CS

When should Pregnant Moms opt for cesarean delivery?

This article focuses on the categories of pregnant women who should not opt for a natural birth or delivery due to one reason or another which we are going to raise in the post

the first question I am expecting from my readers, especially the women after reading this is to ask me if I am God.

“Are you God”?

Of course, I am not. But God has given man wisdom in all things. God has known from the beginning that many women will need assistance in child delivery. Hence, He gave man knowledge of the Cesarean section.

I have challenged a Professor of medicine, (my Gyno) who booked me for an operation in my fourth baby because the child was overweight. I told him that I had a conviction that I would deliver the child vaginally and he got provoked.

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He wasn’t expecting this from a learned fellow like myself. The Ultra scan result had already said 4.5 kg.

“What made you think so?” He asked me as he tried to control his anger.

“Jesus wasn’t born through C.S. I have the faith that…”

“Then, why did you come to my Clinic? Look for a poultry farm and deliver your child like Jesus!”

“Next patient!”

Prof. fired back at me and called the next patient.

Please, don’t assume he is an unbeliever. He is a Pastor, a colleague in the Ministry.

To cut the long story short, Prof. allowed me to have the child in natural birth. I did. I gave birth to the child naturally but I walked in the wheelchair for two weeks.

It is good I start from here to let you know that I have faith too. But if you are any one of these, allow the doctor to operate on you and bring out the baby. Don’t choose vaginal delivery.

(1). If You Waited for Long Before the first Baby comes

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Sister, we know you can push. We also know that you are a woman. But you have waited for 6, 7, 8, 10, 15, 17 years and on before this pregnancy happened. Please, don’t take chances. You may try natural delivery in your next pregnancy.

But in this one, allow your doctor. You have gone through enough stress of waiting for several years. Do not put yourself and that of your unborn child into another stage of stress. Go for an elective Cesarean Section.

(2). If You have a Bad Fibroid

It is always advisable for any woman with a big fibroid to deliver through C.S, unless your doctor says otherwise. Other than that, listen and obey your doctor.

(3). If Your Baby Is Overweight

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An overweight baby is known as a Macrosomic baby.

You read how I gave birth to a child that weighed more than 4.5kg. If the doctor says that the baby is too big to pass through the birth canal, allow him to bring out the baby.

I have seen a woman who gave birth to a baby that weighed 5 kg. But that was 15 years ago. Today, she can’t stand from a sitting position without screaming, my waist oh.

She confessed that her waist has never been the same after the overweight birth.

(4). If You are Over 40 years

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This advice goes to both first time Moms and multi births Moms. Every pregnancy after 35 is termed ‘risky’.

A woman who was above 40 years was told this in the hospital and she asked; “how old was Sarah when she conceived?”

It is a good question. But the doctor had a matching answer for the question but in a question form.

“Is your husband Abraham?”

The woman couldn’t answer the question.

There are lots of links between the age of a woman and pregnancy.

To begin with, there are foods we ate as teenagers and moved freely but we are avoiding the same foods now because of what they do to our system now when we eat them.


It is age.

I gave birth to my first baby at the age of 23. While I was waiting for my turn to be taken into the labor room, I saw ripped mangoes on a tree. I climbed the tree, plucked the mangoes, and ate. Hours later I gave birth.


I am talking about a woman in labor.

Twelve years later when I went to have my fourth child, I noticed I couldn’t cross the gutter in the hospital. But this was the same spot I jumped to plucked mangoes some years back.


(5). If You Are a B.P Patient

To avoid further complications, it also advisable for B.P. patients to deliver through the Cesarean section.

(6). If You have Small Pelvis

The pelvis is the small and elastic opening inside the vagina. As the labor progresses, this small opening dialects to be able to pass the head of the newborn.

Many women have lost their lives and that of their babies in trying to prove that they are women.

Tight or small pelvic in women are those whose pelvic are small and do not dialect large enough to pass a baby.

(7). If You Have Brief Nature

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Short people give birth vaginally but some will not. I know people who are very short who have given birth to twins vaginally. But others are not lucky.

If you are very short, let a doctor be around in your first delivery. But before that, a doctor will have seen you and ascertain whether or not you can go for a natural birth.

But in all things, God still has the final say.


This post is a mere opinion of the author. It does not in means replace your personal view or should be used as a yard to judge health-related issues. Always speak with your doctor first.