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Smith Frost Deshae Biography, Age, Net worth, Girlfriend and Achievements

In today’s article, we will be looking at the all-American artist, rapper, stand-up comedian, YouTuber, social media sensation, and all-around entertainment star, Deshae Frost. This artist is a YouTuber with a total of 2 million subscribers. Smith Deshae Frost Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements. Read also about Robert Sheenan’s Biography and Net worth, Age, Awards, Family, Relationship Status.

Smith Frost Deshae Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements.

Profile Summary of Smith Daeshae Frost

Smith Deshae Frost Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements

Full name: Smith Frost

Date of birth: January  9, 2001

Age: 21 years (2022)

Nickname: Deshae Frost

Family name: There’s no information, but we will update this information shortly.

Birthplace:  There’s no information, but we will update this information shortly.

Current Residence: Seattle

Home town: Seattle, Washington

Gender: Male

Profession: He’s  a comedian, YouTuber  and Instagram  influencer

Nationality: United States  of America

Ethnicity: Nigro or black man /Afro-American

Religion: Christian

Zodiac sign: he’s Zodiac sign  is CAPRICORN

Gem sign: he’s gem sign is  garnet

Tree sign: he’s  tree sign is the Birch tree

Flower sign: his flower sign is carnation and snowdrop

Physical Statistics

Height in feet: Deshae Frost is only 5 feet 4 inches tall

Height in meters: Deshae Frost is only 0.13716 meters tall

Weight in kg: Deshae Frost only weighs about 60 kg.

Weight in lbs: Deshae Frost only weighs about 132 lbs

Measurement: There’s no information, but we will update this information shortly.

Family Status

Father: MR Frost  ( businessman by profession)

Mother: Mrs frost (stay-at-home mom)

Brother: His brother’s name is Amare Frost

Sister: His sister’s name is Brooklyn Frost

Personal life:  Even though he is a comedian, he still keeps his life a secret from the public.

Marital status: single/unmarried

Girlfriend: He is dating Jordyn who is a YouTuber by profession

Son: There’s no information, but we will update this information.

Daughter: There’s no information, but we will update this information shortly

Smith Deshae Frost Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements.

Networth: He’s  currently  worth $2 Million

Monthly salary: He is not paid a monthly salary, rather he earns a commission from youtube Ads, and other sponsored ads he might have posted during the month. He can make way more than 20k dollars per month combining everything together.

Yearly revenue

Below is an estimated amount he makes daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This is only an estimate as it does not reflect the actual he makes. But certainly, he makes something close to the figures.





Smith Deshae Frost Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements.

Educational status

Height of qualifications:  Graduate

High school: Local High School in Seattle, United States

College: Private University in Washington, United States

University: Private University in Washington, United States

Social media handles

Facebook: @DashaeFrost

Twitter: @Frost_deshae

LinkedIn: Dashae Frost

Instagram:  @deshaefrost

Youtube: Dashae Frost

Deshae Frost’s Childhood, Parents, Siblings, and Education

In 2001, Frost (now 18 years old) was born in Seattle, Washington, to an African-American family. On January 9th of each year, Deshae Frost celebrates his birthday. Smith Deshae Frost Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements.

About his mother, father, and brothers, there is not a lot of information. He has a very quiet life and doesn’t share any information with his family. Many of his YouTube videos include his mom.

He revealed having a 16-year-old sibling in one of his videos. Amare Frost is the name of his brother. Most people don’t know that his real name is Smith Frost.

He attended a local high school in Washington, United States, for his education. He has not provided any details regarding his college education. He currently appears to be concentrating on his career.

Smith Deshae Frost Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements.

Deshae Frost’s Physical Stats: How Tall and How He Looks

The YouTuber has a great sense of humor. He does not appear to be someone who regularly works out at the gym. Deshae Frost is only 5 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs about 60 kg (132 lbs). He is of African American descent. His beautiful brown eyes are round and curling.

He typically wears sweatshirts and tracks pants because he likes to dress eccentrically. Frost keeps up the appearance of a social media star.

Personal life, girlfriend, and spouse

He’s a teenager who leads an active personal life. He has admitted in his videos that Kellie, a fellow YouTuber, is his crush. On her YouTube account, the girl has approximately 2 million subscribers (KellieSweet).

She and Deshae Frost have collaborated on numerous videos. The passage of time will now determine whether or not she will become his girlfriend. About his other affairs, if any, there isn’t much information accessible outside this.

Frost uses social media extensively. Those who are familiar with him personally describe him as a highly vivacious and humorous man. When all of the guy’s social media accounts are combined, he has about 5 million followers.

Smith Deshae Frost Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements.

Career and Net worth

He had always intended to be a rapper, but as time went on, he grew more interested in the comedy genre. He started creating stand-up comedy videos for his Instagram (@deshaefrost) page.

Deshae Frost is well-known for being a popular social media figure. He is active on Instagram, where he has a large fan base with whom he interacts with through the great content he publishes on his social media pages.

His numerous viral films on social media platforms earned him enormous notoriety among fans, and he is now an inspiration to many aspiring social media stars. Frost has acted in various movies and television programs in addition to being a social media presence and stand-up comedian.

He was born on January 9, 2001. He will be 20 years old in 2021. He grew up in a middle-class family in Seatle, Washington, DC. His faith is Christianity. And he finished his education in Seattle, Washington, USA.

His videos quickly gained popularity and went viral. He has a sharp sense of humor. He gained a lot of fans as a result. He used to perform in nearby clubs before focusing on growing his social media fan base. He has also contributed to a number of films and TV shows.

First, he appeared in the TV series “Black Jesus” (2015) and “S.W.A.T.” After this, he also worked in various movies, like:

  • Castor Oil.
  • Stay Woke.
  • Chiefs.

His career has boomed since he gained popularity. Frost is working very hard every day to make his career blossom. There are more than 27 million views on his YouTube channel. Deshae Frost possesses a Mercedes G63 and has a net worth of $400,000. With his popularity, he has earned a lot and is earning more and more.

Controversies Over Deshae Frost Stampede At Southcenter Mall Under Investigation By The Police

WA TUKWILA – According to Tukwila police, a stampede that occurred on Saturday during a YouTube star’s presentation at the Westfield Southcenter Mall is currently being looked into. According to authorities, Deshae Frost may have started the conflict in an Instagram post before his Saturday appearance.

According to police, a sizable group of Frost supporters ran through the mall around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday while some were yelling about a possible active shooter. Bystanders were forced to leave as a result, and others experienced medical issues.

“One of the women present had a major panic attack during this episode. Since then, we’ve heard from numerous witnesses who were there and expressed their rage, irritation, and mental effects as a result of this occurrence: “Tuesday saw a Facebook post from Tukwila police.

After the stampede, Frost’s lawyer issued a statement in which he claimed that when he saw how many people were waiting to meet him, he “immediately” departed the mall. Smith Frost Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements.

“Mr. Frost immediately exited Southcenter Mall as the crowd grew larger and louder because he started to worry about his safety. To be clear, he never intended to start a riot. “Some of the speculations surrounding his meet and greet have profoundly distressed him,” Cleodis Floyd, an attorney, claimed.

According to officials, the Frost event was not arranged by the mall. The incident, according to Tukwila police, depleted police and fire resources and attracted authorities from other local agencies.

“This incident is not being treated lightly by us.” “Our Major Crimes Unit (MCU) is looking into the situation, and depending on the results of the investigation, there may be grounds for filing criminal charges,” police in Tukwila said.

Frost has 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and an additional 100,000 Instagram followers. Additionally, he has made guest appearances on “S.W.A.T.” and “Angie Tribeca.”

Smith Deshae Frost Biography, Age, Net worth, Girlfriend, and Achievements

Facts and Information

On various social media sites, including Instagram and YouTube, Deshae Frost has a sizable fan base. He has more than 2 million followers on Instagram and more than 100,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He works closely with numerous well-known social media influencers, including Jay Versace and Kingbach, on many of his online ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deshae Frost married? What is his spouse’s name?

Currently, there’s no information about Smith Frost getting married or having been divorced anywhere on the internet, but there is information about him being in several relationships with various YouTubers, and we are sure to continue updating this information about his relationships.

What causes is he passionate about?

Currently, he hasn’t made any of his motives clear online, but from what we have gathered, we can say he’s very passionate about making YouTube videos, which has led to his success over the years.

Smith Deshae Frost Biography, Net worth, Age, Girlfriend and Achievements.

What are some accomplishments Smith has accomplished during his career?

Smith is a very funny and hilarious person; this has contributed to his online YouTube success, helping him to obtain over 3 million YouTube subscribers and making him the influencer he is today. This has made him accumulate over 2 million dollars in net worth.