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Omata Mara Echi Bia Song, Lyrics and Meaning

Omata Mara Echi Bia Song, Lyrics and Meaning

Welcome to Here, we present the facts and break it first. Recently, I noticed people are searching for the song Omata Mara Echi Bia, Omata Mara Echi Bia. So, in this post, we will be discussing about the song, the lyrics, the meaning and who is the originator.

What Does O mata Mara Echi Bia song  mean?

To start with, the correct way to write the Igbo Title is ‘O ma taa Mara Echi Bia’. The letter O should be separated from the other first letters. The O there is a pronoun. It is referring to God. 

O mata Mara Echi Bia means he who knows today and tomorrow. Taa means today in Igbo native dialect while echi means tomorrow.

The singer refers to God as Omniscient God. He knows all. He is in charge of today and still knows what tomorrow holds.

Who Sang O mata Mara Echi Bia?

Omata Mara Echi Bia song was one of the best of Osita Okanume and Kosy Asikwo live on stage. Evangelist Osita Okanume is known as Ossy Osina on stage. The song was heard from them first on March, 2021 during a thanksgiving reception. It was shared on Facebook by Kosi Asikwo with caption;

“Best of Osita Okanume and Kosy Asikwo live on stage Omata Mara Echi Bia Song, Lyrics and Meaning
@Kosy Asikwo Survival Thanksgiving..
Too much grace , overflowing combination of anointing Grove….”

O mata Mara Echi Bia Lyrics

O mata mara echi, o mata mara bia

O mata mara echi, o mata mara bia

O kwa gi si mu chebe, o kwa gi si mu che, bia o

O kwa gi si mu chebe, o kwa gi si mu che, bia o


Iyi eri oba moo, Iyi eri oba moo, bia oo

Iyi eri oba moo, Iyi eri oba moo, bia oo

Iyi eri oba moo, Iyi eri oba moo, bia oo

Who is the Originator of O mata Mara Echi bia song?

Omata mara echi bia song is originated by Evangelist Victor Okanume. However, he is not the owner of the chorus “Iyi eri oba moo bia”. The owner of Iyi eri oba is Vikkifire.

Iyi Eri oba Song – Lyrics and Meaning

Recently, the search on the trend is about iyi eri oba song and the meaning. There are queries on our dashboard on this keyword. So, we decided to break down the meaning and the lyrics, especially for the non Igbo speakers. Iyi eri oba Song, meaning, Lyrics and VIDEO.

Who Sang Iyi Eri Oba Song?

It is Vikifire. He is the composer and the original owner of Iyi eri oba song. Iyi Eri oba Song  by Vikifire – Lyrics and Meaning.

In our previous post, we captioned it this way ; “See  Little Girl who Displays Raw Power of God VIDEO. However, we saw need to rewrite and caption the post when a song Iyi eri oba began to trend. And people are asking the meaning of the song. You can check here for compilation of Igbo songs – Praise and Worship songs in Igbo language.

Iyi eri oba Song – Lyrics

Now, listen to the Iyi eri oba song in this video. The song was sang towards the end of the video.

Here is the lyrics of the Iyi eri oba song.

  • Iyi eri oba, Iyi eri oba moo, bia

Iyi eri Oba, iyi erioba moo, bia o,

Isioma m ji aga-igwe,

Iyierioba moo, Biaaoo!

Isi oma m ji aga igwe, iyierioba moo,

Biao o.


Chukwu nenye nwa,

Chukwunenye nwa oo, bia oo!

Chukwu na-aza ekpere, Chukwu na-aza ekpere, Biao o!


Iyierioba o! Iyierioba moo, bia oo!

Iyierioba, iyierioba moo, bia oo!


What is the Meaning of Iyi Eri oba?

Iyi eri oba when translated from the surface, means the river that doesn’t drown bucket (local gourd). Iyi means River. Eri  or e ri in Igbo means cannot swallow, eat up, consume (in a layman term) or cannot drown. Oba is word meaning bucket or items used for water fetching.

Oba – Meaning

Oba is a general name for an item used in the olden days to fetch water or liquid. As a native girl, I grew in a neighborhood where there were plants that sprout gourds (oba). This gourd are cut open and have the seeds like melon removed. They are placed in the sun to dry.

In the olden days, Oba, a pot from a tree or a molded clay pot, is used to fetch water from the stream or river. In the most cases, the oba is drown by the river if the owner is not careful. So, in this context, God is likened as a kind river that can never drown a pot that wants to fetch from it. “Omata Mara Echi Bia Song, Lyrics and Meaning”.

Iyi eri oba or iyierioba has two meanings. It gives two different meanings when approached from the angles. But first, Iyi eri oba is an age long proverb used in praising or in the worship of a strong deity. As a little child, I have witnessed a masquerade festival in my town where the “mmarigos and the umu nkwu” (members of the masquerade cult) used iyi eri oba to hail a particular masquerade anytime it made public appearance.

It is also a title used mostly to praise God. The emphasis is on the “Iyi” and “Oba”. When you address God as the Iyi eri oba (m). You are making emphasis on the Oba which represents what belongs to you. You are also referring to God as a kind Ocean that does not drown what you came to fetch with. On this note, He is a protector. “Omata Mara Echi Bia Song, Lyrics and Meaning”.

On the second meaning, when the emphasis is on the “oba”, it means undrownable. God is referred to an Oba (a local gourd) which by nature can never be drown in the river whether full or empty, heavy or light.

So, on this note, God is the Iyi eri oba. He is like the Oba that can never drown. Literally, it means alot. God is an indomitable God (agha eri). He is indestructible and immortal God, etc.

Omata Mara Echi Bia Song, Lyrics and Meaning

Omata mara echi is a song by a popular gospel artist, Ossy Osina. His real name is Osita Okanume. He is an Igbo gospel music minister. O mata mara echi was performed in a Thanksgiving reception of one of the fellow gospel music artists in 2021.