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“We no Dey Give Shishi” Peter Obi slang, Meaning

“We no Dey Give Shishi” Peter Obi slang, Meaning

If you are among the fans of the Labour party Presidential flag bearer, His Excellency Mr Peter Obi, you will always hear this slang “We no Dey Give Shishi”. In this post, we shall be looking at this trending political slang. “We no Dey Give Shishi” Peter Obi slang, Meaning.

This word, shishi is a slang that has various meanings. According to online slang dictionary, it is an adjective used to describe urination or peeing. Examples:

  • I have to make Shi-shi, will you come with me to the bathroom?
  • Donno why dogs make shi-shi on tires.
  • Gross, he’s making shi-shi behind the car, how embarrassing!

Another meaning of shishi is showing excessive or extravant spendings. That is, it is used to describe a person, place, or thing that’s excessively showy or extravagant. For examples:

  • The dresses worn by celebrities at the just concluded Afrcan Viewers Choice Award are way too shishi.
  • Your Shoes are very shihsi.

Read also: Top 7 Best Weight Gain Supplements in (2022). The third meaning is what I want us to discuss in this post. To start with, Shishi or Sisi stands for money. Whenever you hear the word shishi, know that the speaker is refering to money. According to an online Pidgin dictionary, Shishi means; “Nothing, Zero, Nada… Used almostly when bragging about not paying for a service or something. It can also be used as an insult for saying someone is broke.


eg 1. I no get shishi for my phone but MTN allow me make call.

eg 2. Emeka no get shishi for pocket.”

 Shishi – Meaning

Point of correction, shishi does not mean nothing or nada. It means the lowest or the least denomination of money that can’t buy anything. Shishi or Sisi is a name given to a medium of exchange used during the olden days. As times went on, it became obsolete and worthless just like 10k and #1 denominations are useless today in the hands of its holders. ”

We no dey give shishi is a slang and it is Pidgin English. It means, we do not give any money. We do not give a cent. We do not give a Fardin, we do not give 1kobo or a dime.

What does Peter Obi mean when he says; “we no dey give shishi?

Nigeria politics is dirty and involves sharing of money to the voters to get their mandates. An average Nigeria wants something from the political contestants before he or she can give his vote to the person. This is what Mr Peter Obi is trying to shun. He has openly told his supporters that he doesn’t give out a penny ‘shishi’ to anyone in order to get their votes. He has promised to change the statusquo in the Nigerian politics and leadership if only they will support him in truth.

Origin of Shishi or We no dey give shishi

Shishi is an old word that has been existing. It is pronounced as ‘Sisi’ in Igbo dialect. I heard grandma said 35 years ago; “Sisi adiro n’akpa m”. Meaning that the least money denomination is not ih her bag. It literally means that she was koboless.

Mr Peter Obi did not invent or original the word. It is just one of his campaign slogans or slang. When you hear him say, “we no dey give shishi”; it means him and his political groups do not give out any money to win public votes or support during th forthcoming election. Attention: Father’s Day / Father’s Sunday Celebration 2022 is coming soon, read the history here.

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In Summary

Shishi means the least amount in money denomination that is useless at hand. It can’t buy anything and it can’t solve any need. When someone says he or she doesn’t have shishi in his phone, he or she means to say that there is not even a flashing credit.

We no dey give shishi simply means, me and my team do not give money, bribe, buy vote or lobby for public empathy.

His excellency, Mr Peter Obi, Thankio!