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Top 7 Best Weight Gain Supplements In (2022)

Top 7 Best Weight Gain Supplements in (2022)

Let’s show you the best top 7 weight gain supplements for slim people, builders who want to add healthy weight. Best weight gain supplements.  I mean, the best so far you can think of. Top 7 Best Weight Gain Supplements in (2022).

Are you looking for a way to add more body weight? If so, you just landed on the right page. This article is written solely for you to find the excellent supplements for weight gain. You should know, however, that the supplements mentioned herein are to be taken with meticulous caution or more preferably, should be taken under a physician’s prescription.

Top 7 Best Weight Gain Supplements in (2022)

So, if you are not satisfied with your physique and you feel like ‘chopping up,’ these seven (7) best weight gain supplements highlighted below will be helpful.

Some of the best weight gain supplements in Nigeria include:


Apetamin is an effective weight gain supplement with fast effects for folks who are slim and just want to add weight. These weight gain supplement is proven to contain cyproheptadine hydrochloride; a compound that boosts weight increment by enhancing the feelings of hunger.

Although adding weight might be an herculean task for some people due to a low appetite drive, this supplement contains a special combo of macro vitamins, vital amino acids (that enhance appetite and stimulate the user to eat more); and water soluble vitamins.

Moreover, many people are confident that Apetamin helps one to add weight within a couple of weeks.


Bunto Blood tonic is a popular and renowned weight gain formula in Nigeria. It is a prominent weight gain supplement specially packaged to deliver essential nutrients to the body. Bunto Blood tonic helps to boost the production of blood cells and the consequent development of a strong body defense system, once its being used regularly.

In addition, it is also helpful to people with frequent ailments since it facilitates speedy recovery. Nursing women also use the supplement to add back their weight within 30 days or more. Bunto is readily available in most marketplaces.


Appeton is a milk formula specially prepared to help slim adults in gaining natural and healthy weight. The supplement comprises of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, carbohydrates and lipids. All nutrients are sufficiently present in the formula.

Also, protein is an abundant constitutuent of Appeton milk formula, and this makes it an effective weight gain supplement since it readily boost tissue growth. More so, the fat and carbohydrate content supply the body adequate energy while also facilitating protein preservation in the body.

Top 7 Best Weight Gain Supplements in (2022)


BCAA+ powder is widely considered as one of the most efficient supplements on the market today. One of the supplements has 15 grams of amino acid in it, making it ideal for bodybuilding.

Many hard-working gym-goers utilize BCAA plus powder to build up their muscles and acquire weight. Modern BCAA powder comes in a number of flavors, so you may pick the one that suits you best. It has a great flavor and contains no colourants.


This weight gain supplement is a multivitamin that contains essential amino acids for improved energy metabolism. It contains a total of 19 nutrients. It also has other benefits, including as encouraging physical and mental growth and boost immunity to help individuals recover from illnesses faster.

Astymin was developed to assist both males and females in maintaining their entire health and energy. The supplement can also assist users in gaining weight by restoring nutrients lost as a result of stress or other hormonal influence.

AMINO 3000

Amino 3000 is a well-known, high-quality multivitamin. It’s a popular weight-gain supplement. It’s loaded with essential amino acids, as the name suggests, making it incredibly effective. It has a very well-balanced formula that can supply the body with additional essential nutrients.

Furthermore, the Amino 3000 has been microbiologically treated to help guarantee that its consumers do not suffer any unwanted health consequences.

Top 7 Best Weight Gain Supplements in (2022)


Cypri Gold is a weight-growth supplement aimed mostly at ladies who desire to acquire weight quickly. Cypri Gold syrup is an excellent supplement because it provides all of the elements necessary for a healthy immune system.

Cypri Gold also aids in the preservation of blood cells. It contains Cyproheptadine, which helps to stimulate hunger. Furthermore, this supplement has been researched and confirmed to be a safe and effective supplement with no side effects.

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The bulk of the best weight gain supplements in Nigeria operate by boosting your food intake. It also facilitates fat or flesh growth by accelerating the rate at which you feed. They primarily aid users in acquiring the nutrients they require for growth. Although having a slim shape is not humiliating, you may decide to enhance it by adding weight. We hope you find these Nigeria’s best weight-gain supplements to be beneficial.

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