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Alpha Male meaning and Originator – Who is AllahKaduna?

Alpha male meaning and Originator – AllahKaduna

Alpha male is the new trend in town and on all social media platforms. As African, we can say that “slangs” and memes are the order of the day for us (Lol). When mummy G. O matter is still trending online, another one called Alpha male sets it. Alpha male meaning and Originator – AllahKaduna

In this article, we are going to be looking at the meaning of trending Alpha male slang and its Originator. Alpha male slang and Originator.

What is Alpha Male? What does Alpha male slang mean? Who invented or originate Alpha male slang? Who is AllahKaduna?

What is the meaning of Alpha male? The trending slang on social media

Alpha male is an english word that has been existed. However, it has become new trend and subject of discussion originated by AllahKaduna Nzeogwu, a popular social media commentator. Alpha male came recently but it has suddenly become the talk of the town. Alpha male is targeted at men and some mistakes they make in their relationship and how to stop these mistakes.

Alpha Male is simply used by men to encourage themselves for becoming brave men who will not take nonsense from their partner or spend lavishly on them anymore. Alpha male is always accompanied by “WHY ME?, WHY YOU?, WHY NOT SOMEONE ELSE?”. A slang that also means why should a female partner expect a male partner to spend on them without her doing the same.
“She said I should send her 2k, I was like why Me? Why not someone else? And she blocked me. My comrades, Have I done anything Bad”?
The above statement is how the Why me? Why not someone else? Is being used by social media user and this means they are now stinging and cannot afford to spend their money lavishly anymore and this in return make them Alpha Male that they are.
“With the look of things, it seems this movement is against the ladies o and I don’t think our gf will be happy with this” A social media reacted to the Alpha male slang.
But who is be behind Alpha Male? Who is the real Originator of this trending slang? Follow me as I show you the influencer who originated Alpha male and “Why me” Why not someone else” slang.

Alpha Male Originator? Who is AllahKaduna?

The name of Alpha Male originator is AllahKaduna Nzeogwu. He’s popularly known as AllahKaduna and he’s popular because of his view about women demanding what they cannot offer in a relationship. He is seen as a  relationship expert and adviser. His followers; Alpha Males” call him president and believe in whatever he says. AllahKaduna believes that there are limitations to what should be given to a female partner in a relationship and this movement has caused a lot of arguments on social media.
AllahKaduna is trending on all social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter not for any other reason but his movement; “Why me? Why Not someone else?” that gave birth to Alpha Male movement.
AllahKaduna became a social media influencer and recorded much success through Alpha Male movement. One of which a clothing company now use his Slang and movement to their new clothes.

Alpha male meaning and Originator - AllahKaduna


Alpha male meaning and Originator - AllahKaduna


Alpha male meaning and Originator – AllahKaduna


AllahKaduna’s motive is to teach his “Comrades” how to be stingy, vigilant, and be wise when it comes to giving their girlfriend money or doing anything for them. In his words, A comrade should not give his gf what she cannot give him.

AllahKaduna and Alpha Male apprentice has grown so wide and the attached screenshot below can testify that Comrades are indeed listening to their boss (Lol)
The pictures below show how the movement is going so far.

Reactions to Alpha Male movement From men)



Alpha male meaning and Originator - AllahKaduna

As you can see from the pictures, Men are learning so fast and it’s all about how to become an Alpha Male.
Just when this movement is going smoothly for the men, the ladies who seem to be at the receiving side are reacting to this movement. It is not from my mouth you will hear the reactions (Lol) Kindly check the attached screenshot to see what the ladies have got to say about Alpha Male movement and the originator; AllahKaduna.

Reactions to Alpha Male movement (Female version)



Alpha male meaning and Originator - AllahKaduna


We can judge based on the screenshots above that Alpha Male movement is not sitting well with the female gender.
While we sit and enjoy the movement, we also wait to see where and how far “Alpha Males” and the president himself AllahKaduna could take this movement.
I hope you find this interesting as we found it too. Don’t let your friends miss the gist. You can hit the share button on this page to share with all your friends on social media platforms. Who knows? Alpha male might have just come to stay.

More Reactions to Alpha Male movement

Alpha male meaning and Originator - AllahKaduna


Alpha male meaning and Originator - AllahKaduna


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