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Ancient and Modern Revised (Anglican Hymnal) 451- 500 – Hymns A & M

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Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Hymns Ancient and Modern is a compilation of Anglican English Hymn. It is known as Hymns Ancient and Modern Revised aka A&M. Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500.

Ancient and modern hymns are 636  hymns and still counting. So, for the sake of convenience and easy navigation, we split it into sections (in 50s).

The Igbo version is known as Ekpere na Abu. We have also compiled Abu Anglican Igbo 1 to 400. See them here:

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

A & M 451: Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

1. Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,
look upon a little child;
pity my simplicity,
suffer me to come to thee.

2. Fain I would to thee be brought,
dearest God, forbid it not;
give me, dearest God, a place
in the kingdom of thy grace.

3. Hide me, from all evil hide,
self and stubbornness and pride;
hold me fast in thine embrace,
let me see thy smiling face.

4. Lamb of God, I look to thee;
thou shalt my example be;
thou art gentle, meek, and mild;
thou wast once a little child.

5. Fain I would be as thou art;
give me thine obedient heart;
thou art pitiful and kind,
let me have thy loving mind.

6. Let me, above all, fulfill
God my heavenly Father’s will;
never his good Spirit grieve;
only to his glory live.

7. Thou didst live to God alone;
thou didst never seek thine own;
thou thyself didst never please:
God was all thy happiness.

8. Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb,
in thy gracious hands I am;
make me, Savior, what thou art,
live thyself within my heart.

9. I shall then show forth thy praise,
serve thee all my happy days;
then the world shall always see
Christ, the holy Child, in me.

A & M 452: There’s a Friend for little children

1. There’s a Friend for little children
above the bright blue sky,
a Friend who never changes,
whose love will never die;
our earthly friends may fail us,
and change with changing years,
this Friend is always worthy
of that dear Name he bears.

2. There’s a rest for little children
above the bright blue sky,
who love the blessed Saviour,
and to the Father cry
a rest from every turmoil,
from sin and sorrow free,
where every little pilgrim
shall rest eternally.

3. There’s a home for little children
above the bright blue sky,
where Jesus reigns in glory,
a home of peace and joy
no home on earth is like it,
nor can with it compare;
for every one is happy
nor could be happier there.

4. There’s a crown for little children
above the bright blue sky,
and all who look for Jesus
shall wear it by and by;
a crown of brightest glory,
which he will then bestow
on those who found his favor
and loved his Name below.

5. There’s a song for little children
above the bright blue sky,
a song that will not weary,
though sung continually;
a song which even angels
can never, never sing
they know not Christ as Savior,
but worship him as King.

6. There’s a robe for little children
above the bright blue sky,
and a harp of sweetest music,
and palms of victory.
All, all above is treasured,
and found in Christ alone:
lord, grant thy little children
to know thee as their own.


A & M 453: Hosanna we sing, like the children dear

1. Hosanna we sing, like the child-
ren dear,
in the olden days when the Lord
lived here;
he blessed little children and smiled
on them,
while they chanted his praise in

2. Alleluia, we sing, like the children
with their harps of gold and their
raiment white,
as they follow their Shepherd with
loving eyes
through the beautiful valleys of

3. Hosanna we sing, for he bends his ear,
and rejoices the hymns of his own to
we know that his heart will never wax
to the lambs that he feeds in his earthly

4. Alleluia we sing in the church we
alleluia resounds in the Church above;
to thy little ones, Lord, may such
grace be given,
that we lose not our part in the song
of heaven.


Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

 A & M 454: IN our work and in our play

1. IN our work and in our play,
Jesus, be thou ever near,
Guarding, guiding, all the day,
Keeping in thy holy fear.

2. Thou didst toll, O royal Child,
in the far-off Holy land,
Blessing labour undefiled,
Pure and honest, of the hand.

3. Thou wilt bless our play-hour too,
lf we ask thy succour strong;
Watch o‘er all we say and do.
Hold us back from guilt and wrong.

4. O, how happy thus to spend,
Work and play-time in his sight,
Till the rest which shall not end.
Till the day which knows not night!


Hymn A&M 455 LET us thank the Christ for all who
did their duty

1. LET us thank the Christ for all who
did their duty,
Famous men of old and great of
heart in fight:
Who fought their way and laboured
for their day,
And strove to make our England
A happy, lovely England,
Happy in his praise and lovely
in his light.

2. Now they thank the Christ who
called them to be captains;
Now they sing his praise in ever-
lasting light;
And still they pray, they pray the
Lord to-day
That he would make our England
A happy, lovely, etc.

3. Let us pray the Christ that he
would make us soldlers;
Truer in his ways and braver in his fight
That we, as they, may loyally obey,
And help to make our England
A happy, lovely, etc.

Hymn A&M 456 Jesus, kind above all other

1. Jesus, kind above all other,
gentle Child of gentle Mother,
in the stable born our Brother,
whom the angel hosts adore:

2. Jesus, cradled in a manger,
keep us free from sin and danger,
and to all, both friend and stranger,
give thy blessing evermore.


Hymn A&M 457 Lord, behold us with thy blessing

1. Lord, behold us with thy blessing,
once again assembled here;
onward be our footsteps pressing,
in thy love and faith and fear;
still protect us,
by thy presence ever near.

2. For thy mercy we adore thee,
for this rest upon our way;
Lord, again we bow before thee,
speed our labors day by day;
mind and spirit,
with thy choicest gifts array.

3. Keep the spell of home affection
still alive in every heart;
may its power, with mild direction,
draw our love from self apart,
till thy children,
feel that thou their Father art.

4. Break temptation’s fatal power,
shielding all with guardian care,
safe in every careless hour,
safe from sloth and sensual snare;
thou, our Saviour,
still our failing strength repair.

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Hymn A&M 458 Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing

1. Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing,
thanks for mercies past receive;
pardon all, their faults confessing;
time that’s lost may all retrieve;
may thy children,
ne’er again thy Spirit grieve.

2. Bless thou all our days of leisure;
help us selfish lures to flee;
sanctify our every pleasure;
pure and blameless may it be;
may our gladness
draw us evermore to thee.

3. By thy kindly influence cherish
all the good we here have gained;
may all taint of evil perish
by thy mightier power restrained;
seek we ever
knowledge pure and love unfeigned.

4. Let thy father-hand be shielding
all who here shall meet no more;
may their seed-time past be yielding
year by year a richer store;
those returning,
make more faithful than before.

Hymn A&M 459 My God, accept my heart this day

1. My God, accept my heart this day,
and make it always thine,
that I from thee no more may stray,
no more from thee decline.

2. Before the cross of him who died,
behold, I prostrate fall;
let every sin be crucified,
and Christ be all in all.

3. Anoint me with thy heavenly grace,
and seal me for thine own,
that I may see thy glorious face,
and worship near thy throne.

4. Let every thought and work and word,
to thee be ever given;
then life shall be thy service, Lord,
and death the gate of heaven.

5. All glory to the father be,
all glory to the son,
all glory, holy ghost, to thee,
while endless ages run.


Hymn A&M 460 O GOD, in this thine hour of grace

1. O GOD, in this thine hour of grace,
With needy heart and empty hand,
Yet bidden of thee to seek thy face,
For blessing at thy feet we stand.

2. Ours are the vows, the frail desires,
The high resolve to dare and do:
Our flickering faith to thee aspires,
And passes like the morning dew.

3. Ours is the mighty need of thee,
How great, thy love alone can know:
Ours but the hunger and the plea
That strives and will not let thee go.

4. Thy word we clasp, thy touch we
Our eyes, O God, are unto thee,
whose lovingkindness makes us
Whose strength shall seal our victory


Hymn A&M 461 STRONG Captain, in thy holy ranks
We take our places now

1. STRONG Captain, in thy holy ranks
We take our places now:
Give us the mood befitting those,
Who make so great a vow.

2. For foolishness it were to come
in hardihood of pride,
And cowardice it were to come
And wish to be untried.

3. We’ll not mistrust our want of
Nor trust our strength of Will;
Our only confidence, that thou,
Believest in us still.

4. Make, then, our task to match our
Our strength to march our task,
And make us unafraid to do
Whatever thou wilt ask.


Hymn A&M 462 Once pledged by the cross, as
children of God

1. Once pledged by the cross, as
children of God,
to tread in the steps your Captain has
now, sealed by the Spirit of wisdom
and might,
go forward, Christ’s soldiers, go for-
ward and fight!

2. Your weapons of war are sent from above:
the Spirit’s good sword, the breastplate of love;
your feet with the Gospel of peace be well shod;
put on the whole armor, the armor of God.

3. Full well do ye know the foe must be met,
full well do ye feel that Satan has set
his powers of darkness in battle array;
but those who are for you are stronger than they.

4. The fight must be long, but triumph is sure,
and rest comes at last to those who endure;
the rest that remaineth, the victory won,
and (dearer than all things) your Captain’s “Well done!”

5. Then, on to the fight ‘gainst sin and the world!
Stand fast in his strength, his banner unfurled;
and, sealed by the Spirit of wisdom and might,
go forward, Christ’s soldiers, go forward and fight!


Hymn A&M 463 O perfect Love, all human
thought transcending

1. O perfect Love, all human
thought transcending,
lowly we kneel in prayer before thy
that theirs may be the love which
knows no ending,
whom thou forevermore dost join
in one.

2. O perfect Life, be thou their full
of tender charity and steadfast faith,
of patient hope and quiet, brave
with childlike trust that fears nor
pain nor death.

3. Grant them the joy which brightens
earthly sorrow;
grant them the peace which calms
all earthly strife,
and to life’s day the glorious unknown
that dawns upon eternal love and

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Hymn A&M 464 O thou who gavest power to love

1. O thou who gavest power to love
that we might fix our hearts on thee,
preparing us for joys above
by that which here on earth we see;

2. Thy Spirit trains our souls to know
the growing purpose of thy will,
and gives to love the power to show
that purpose growing larger still:

3. Larger, as love to reverent eyes
makes manifest another soul,
and shows to life a richer prize,
a clearer course, a nobler goal.

4. Lord, grant thy servants who implore
thy blessing on the hearts they blend,
that from that union evermore
new joys may blossom to the end.

5. Make what is best in each combine
to purge all earthly dross away,
to strengthen, purify, refine,
to beautify each coming day.

6. So may they hand in hand advance
along life’s paths from troubles free;
brave to meet adverse circumstance
because their love points up to thee.

Hymn A&M 465 O FATHER, by whom sovereign

1. O FATHER, by whom sovereign
The sun and stars in order move,
Yet who hast made us bold to say
Thy nature and thy name is love:

2. O royal Son, whose every deed
Showed love and love’s divinity,
Yet didst not scorn the humblest
At cana’s feast in Galilee:

3. O Holy Spirit, who dost speak
I6n saint and sage since time began,
Yet givest courage to the weak
And teachest love to selfish man:

4. Be present in our hearts today,
All powerful to bless, and give
To these thy children grace that they
May love, and through their loving


Hymn A&M 466 Day of wrath! O day of mourning!

1. Day of wrath! O day of mourning!
See fulfilled the prophets’ warning,
Heaven and earth in ashes turning!

2. Oh what fear man’s bosom rendeth,
when from heaven the Judge descendeth,
on whose sentence all dependeth.

3. Wondrous sound the trumpet flingeth;
through earth’s sepulchers it ringeth;
all before the throne it bringeth.

4. Death amazed and nature quaking,
see all creatures now awaking,
to the Judge their answer making.

5. Lo! the book, exactly worded,
wherein all hath been recorded:
thence shall judgment be awarded.

6. When the Judge his seat attaineth,
and each hidden deed arraigneth,
not a sin unjudged remaineth.

7. What shall I, frail man, be pleading?
Who for me be interceding,
when the just are mercy needing?

8. King of Majesty tremendous,
who dost free salvation send us,
Fount of pity, then befriend us!

9. Think, good Jesu, my salvation
cause thy wondrous Incarnation;
leave me not to reprobation!

10. Faint and weary, thou hast sought me,
on the cross of suffering bought me.
shall such grace be vainly brought me?

11. Righteous Judge! for sin’s pollution
grant thy gift of absolution,
ere that day of retribution.

12. Guilty, now I pour my moaning,
all my shame with anguish owning;
spare, O God, thy suppliant groaning!

13. By the sinful woman shriven;
by the dying thief forgiven;
thou to me a hope hast given.

14. Worthless are my prayers and sighing,
yet, thy mercy not denying,
save me from wrath undying!

15. With the sheep vouchsafe to place me;
do not with the goats abase me;
but to thy right hand upraise me.

16. While the wicked are confounded,
doomed to grief and loss unbounded
call me with thy saints surrounded.

17. Low I kneel, with heart submission,
bowed to dust in sore contrition;
shield me, dying, from perdition.

18. Ah! that day of tears and mourning!
From the dust of earth returning
man for judgment must prepare him;

19. Spare, O God, in mercy spare him!
Lord, all pitying, Jesu blest,
grant them thine eternal rest.


Hymn A&M 467 Now the laborer’s task is o’er

1. Now the laborer’s task is o’er;
now the battle day is past;
now upon the farther shore
lands the voyager at last.
Father, in thy gracious keeping
leave we now thy servant sleeping.

2. There the tears of earth are dried;
there its hidden things are clear;
there the work of life is tried
by a juster Judge than here.
Father, in thy, etc.

3. There the sinful souls, that turn
to the cross their dying eyes,
all the love of Christ shall learn
at His feet in Paradise.
Father, in thy, etc.

4. There no more the powers of hell
can prevail to mar their peace;
Christ the Lord shall guard them well,
he who died for their release.
Father, in thy, etc.

5. “Earth to earth, and dust to dust,”
calmly now the words we say;
leaving him to sleep in trust
till the resurrection day.
Father, in thy, etc.


Hymn A&M 468 O Lord, to whom the spirits live
of all the faithful passed away

1. O Lord, to whom the spirits live
of all the faithful passed away,
unto their path that brightness give
which shineth to the perfect day:
O lamb of God, redeemer blest,
grant them eternal light and rest.

2. Bless thou the dead that die in thee,
as thou hast given them release,
so quicken them thy face to see,
and give them everlasting peace.
O lamb of God, etc.

3. Direct us with thine arm of might,
and bring us perfected with them
to dwell within thy city bright,
the heavenly Jerusalem.
O lamb of God, etc.


Hymn A&M 469 Jesus, Son of Mary

1. Jesus, Son of Mary,
fount of life alone,
here we hail thee present
on thine altar-throne.
Humbly we adore thee,
Lord of endless mighty,
in the mystic symbols
veiled from earthly sight.

2. Think, O Lord, in mercy
on the souls of those
who, in faith gone from us,
now in death repose.
Here ‘mid stress and conflict
toils can never cease;
there, the warfare ended,
bid them rest in peace.

3. Often were they wounded
in the deadly strife;
heal them, good Physician,
with the balm of life.
Every taint of evil,
frailty and decay,
good and gracious Savior,
cleanse and purge away.

4. Rest eternal grant unto them,
after weary fight;
shed on them the radiance
of thy heavenly light.
Lead them onward, upward,
to the holy place,
where thy saints made perfect
gaze upon thy face.


Hymn A&M 470 Christ is gone up; yet ere he passed

1. Christ is gone up; yet ere he passed
from earth, in heaven to reign,
he formed one holy Church to last
till he should come again.

2. His twelve apostles first he made
his ministers of grace;
and they their hands on others laid,
to fill in turn their place.

3. So age by age, and year by year,
his grace was handed on;
and still the holy Church is here,
although her Lord is gone.

4. Let those find pardon, Lord, from thee,
whose love for her is cold;
bring wanderers in, and let there be
one Shepherd and one fold.


Hymn A&M 471 O thou who makest souls to shine

1. O thou who makest souls to shine
with light from brighter worlds above,
and droppest glistening dew divine
on all who seek a Savior’s love;

2. Do thou thy benediction give
on all who teach, on all who learn,
that all thy Church may holier live,
and every lamp more brightly burn.

3. Give those that teach pure hearts and
faith, hope, and love, all warmed by prayer;
themselves first training for the skies,
they best will raise their people there.

4. Give those that learn the willing ear,
the spirit meek, the guileless mind;
such gifts will make the lowliest here
far better than a kingdom find.

5. O bless the shepherd, bless the sheep,
that guide and guided both be one
one in the faithful watch they keep,
until this hurrying life be done.

6. If thus, good Lord, thy grace be given,
in thee to live, in thee to die,
before we upward pass to heaven
we taste our immortality.


Hymn A&M 472 The earth, O Lord, is one wide field
of all thy chosen seed

1. The earth, O Lord, is one wide field
of all thy chosen seed;
the crop prepared its fruit to yield;
the laborers few indeed.

2. We therefore come before thee now
with fasting and with prayer,
beseeching of thy love that thou
wouldst send more laborers there.

3. Not for our land alone we pray,
though that above the rest;
the realms and islands far away,
O let them all be blest.

4. Endue the bishops of thy flock
with wisdom and with grace,
against false doctrine, like a rock,
to set the heart and face.

5. To all thy priests thy truth reveal,
and make thy judgments clear;
make thou thy deacons full of zeal
and humble and sincere.

6. And give their flocks a lowly mind
to hear and not in vain,
that each and all may mercy find
when thou shalt come again.


Hymn A&M 473 Lord, pour thy Spirit from on high

1. Lord, pour thy Spirit from on high,
and thine ordained servants bless;
graces and gifts to each supply,
and clothe thy priests with righteousness.

2. Within thy temple when they stand,
to teach the truth as taught by thee,
Savior, like stars in thy right hand,
let all thy Church’s pastors be.

3. Wisdom and zeal and faith impart,
firmness with meekness, from above,
to bear thy people in their heart,
and love the souls whom thou dost love.

4. To watch and pray and never faint,
by day and night their guard to keep,
to warn the sinner, cheer the saint,
to feed thy lambs and tend thy sheep

5. So, when their work is finished here,
may they in hope their charge resign:
when the chief shepherd shall appear,
may they with crown of glory shine.


Hymn A&M 474 Blessed city, heavenly Salem

1. Blessed city, heavenly Salem,
vision dear of peace and love,
who of living stones art builded
in the height of heaven above,
and, with angel hosts encircled,
as a bride dost earthward move;

2. Christ is made the sure foundation,
Christ the head and corner stone,
chosen of the lord, and precious,
binding all the church in one,
holy sion’s help for ever,
and her confidence alone.

3. To this temple, where we call thee,
come, O lord of hosts, today;
with thy wonted loving kindness
hear thy servants as the pray;
and thy fullest benediction
shed within its walls always.

4. Here vouchsafe to all thy servants
what the ask of thee to gain,
what the gain from thee for ever
with the blessed to retain,
and hereafter in thy glory
evermore with thee to reign.


Hymn A&M 475 O Word of God above

1. O Word of God above,
who fillest all in all,
hallow this house with thy sure love,
and bless our festival.

2. Here from the font is poured
the grace to cleanse from sin;
here the anointing of the Lord
confirms the soul within.

3. Here Christ to faithful hearts
his body gives for food;
the Lamb of God himself imparts
the chalice of his blood.

4. Here guilty souls that pine
may health and pardon win;
the Judge acquits, and grace divine
restores the dead in sin.

5. Yea, God enthroned on high
here also dwells to bless;
here trains adoring souls that sigh
his mansions to possess.

6. Against this holy home
rude tempests harmless beat,
and Satan’s angels fiercely come
but to endure defeat.

7. All might, all praise be thine,
Father, co-equal Son,
and Spirit, bond of love divine,
while endless ages run.


Hymn A&M 476 In our day of thanksgiving one psalm

1. In our day of thanksgiving one psalm
let us offer
for the saints who before us have
found their reward;
when the shadow of death fell upon
them, we sorrowed,
but now we rejoice that they rest in
the Lord.

2. In the morning of life, and at noon,
and at even,
he called them away from our
worship below;
but not till his love, at the font and the
had girt them with grace for the
way they should go.

3. These stones that have echoed their
praises are holy,
and dear is the ground where their
feet have once trod;
yet here they confessed they were
strangers and pilgrims,
and still they were seeking the city
of God.

4. Sing praise, then, for all who here
sought and here found him,
whose journey is ended, whose
perils are past:
they believed in the Light; and its
glory is round them,
where the clouds of earth’s sorrow
are lifted at last

Hymn A&M 477 Thou to whom the sick and dying
ever came, nor came in vain

1. Thou to whom the sick and dying
ever came, nor came in vain,
still with healing word replying
to the wearied cry of pain,
hear us, Jesus, as we meet
suppliants at thy mercy-seat.

2. Still the weary, sick and dying
need a brother’s, sister’s care,
on thy higher help relying
may we now their burden share,
bringing all our offerings meet
suppliants at thy mercy-seat.

3. May each child of thine be willing,
willing both in hand and heart,
all the law of love fulfilling,
ever comfort to impart;
ever bringing offerings meet
suppliant to thy mercy-seat.

4. So may sickness, sin and sadness
to thy healing virtue yield,
till the sick and sad, in gladness,
rescued, ransomed, cleansed, healed,
one in thee together meet,
pardoned at thy judgment-seat.


Hymn A&M 478 Thine arm, O Lord, in days of old

1. Thine arm, O Lord, in days of old
was strong to heal and save;
it triumphed o’er disease and death,
o’er darkness and the grave.
To thee they went, the blind, the dumb,
the palsied, and the lame,
the leper with his tainted life,
the sick with fevered frame.

2. And lo! thy touch brought life and health,
gave speech, strength, and sight;
and youth renewed and frenzy calmed
owned thee, the Lord of light:
and now, O Lord, be near to bless,
almighty as of yore,
in crowded street, by restless couch,
as by Gennesareth’s shore.

3. Be thou our great deliverer still,
thou Lord of life and death;
restore and quicken, soothe and bless,
with thine almighty breath:
to hands that work and eyes that see,
give wisdom’s heavenly lore,
that whole and sick, and weak and
may praise thee evermore.

Hymn A&M 479 From thee all skill and science flow

1. From thee all skill and science flow,
all pity, care, and love,
all calm and courage, faith and hope:
O pour them from above!

2. And part them, Lord, to each and all,
as each and all shall need,
to rise, like incense, each to thee,
in noble thought and deed.

3. And hasten, Lord, that perfect day
when pain and death shall cease,
and thy just rule shall fill the earth
with health and light and peace.

4. When ever blue the sky shall gleam,
and ever green the sod,
and man’s rude work deface no more,
the paradise of God.


Hymn A&M 480 O Lord of heaven and earth and sea


1. O Lord of heaven and earth and sea,
to thee all praise and glory be;
how shall we show our love to thee,
who givest all?

2. The golden sunshine, vernal air,
sweet flowers and fruits, thy love declare;
where harvests ripen, thou art there,
who givest all.

3. For peaceful homes and healthful days,
for all the blessings earth displays,
we owe thee thankfulness and praise,
who givest all.

4. Thou didst not spare thine only Son,
but gav’st him for a world undone,
and freely, with that blessed One,
thou givest all.

5. Thou giv’st the Spirit’s blessed dower,
Spirit of life and love and power,
and dost his sevenfold graces shower
upon us all.

6. For souls redeemed, for sins forgiven,
for means of grace and hopes of heaven,
Father, all praise to thee be given,
who givest all.

7. We lose what on ourselves we spend,
we have as treasure without end
whatever, Lord, to thee we lend,
who givest all.

8. To thee, from whom we all derive
our life, our gifts, our power to give:
O may we ever with thee live,
who givest all.

Hymn A&M 481 Praise, O praise our God and King

1. Praise, O praise our God and King;
hymns of adoration sing;
for his mercies still endure
ever faithful, ever sure.

2. Praise him that he made the sun
day by day his course to run;
for his mercies, etc.

3. And the silver moon by night,
shining with her gentle light;
for his mercies, etc.

4. Praise him that he gave the rain
to mature the swelling grain;
for his mercies, etc.

5. And hath bid the fruitful field
crops of precious increase yield;
for his mercies, etc.

6. Praise him for our harvest-store,
he hath filled the garner-floor;
for his mercies, etc.

7. And for richer food than this,
pledge of everlasting bliss;
for his mercies, etc.

8. Glory to our bounteous King;
glory let creation sing;
glory to the Father, Son,
and blest Spirit, Three in One.


Hymn A&M 482 Come, ye thankful people, come

1. Come, ye thankful people, come,
raise the song of harvest home;
all is safely gathered in,
ere the winter storms begin.
God our Maker doth provide
for our wants to be supplied;
come to God’s own temple, come,
raise the song of harvest home.

2. All the world is God’s own field,
fruit unto his praise to yield;
wheat and tares therein are sown
unto joy or sorrow grown.
ripening with a wondrous power,
till the final harvest-hour;
grant, O lord of life, that we
holy grain and pure may be.

3. For we know that thou wilt come,
and wilt take thy people home;
from thy field wilt purge away
all that doth offend, that day;
and thine angels charge at last
in the fire the tares to cast;
but the fruitful ears to store
in the garner evermore.

4. Come then, Lord of mercy, come,
bid us sing thy harvest home;
let thy saints be gathered in,
free from sorrow, free from sin,
all upon the golden floor
praising thee for evermore:
come, with all thine angels come,
bid us sing thy harvest home.


Hymn A&M 483 We plough the fields, and scatter
the good seed on the land

1. We plough the fields, and scatter
the good seed on the land,
but it is fed and watered
by God’s almighty hand;
he sends the snow in winter,
the warmth to swell the grain,
the breezes and the sunshine,
and soft refreshing rain.
All good gifts around us
are sent from heaven above,
then thank the Lord,
O thank the Lord
for all his love.

2. He only is the Maker
of all things near and far;
he paints the wayside flower,
he lights the evening star;
the winds and waves obey him,
by him the birds are fed;
much more to us, his children,
he gives our daily bread.
All good gifts, etc.

3. We thank thee, then, O Father,
for all things bright and good,
the seed time and the harvest,
our life, our health, and food;
accept the gifts we offer,
for all thy love imparts,
and, what thou most desirest,
our humble, thankful hearts.
All good gifts, etc.


Hymn A&M 484 To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise
in hymns of adoration


1. To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise
in hymns of adoration,
to thee bring sacrifice of praise
with shouts of exultation.
Bright robes of gold the fields adorn,
the hills with joy are ringing,
the valleys stand so thick with corn
that even they are singing.

2. And now, on this our festal day,
thy bounteous hand confessing,
Upon thine altar, Lord, we lay
the first fruits of thy blessing.
By thee the souls of men are fed
with gifts of grace supernal;
thou, who dost give us earthly bread,
give us the bread eternal.

3. We bear the burden of the day,
and often toil seems dreary;
but labor ends with sunset ray,
and rest comes for the weary.
May we, the angel reaping over,
stand at the last accepted,
Christ’s golden sheaves, forevermore
to garners bright elected.

4. O blessed is that land of God
where saints abide forever,
where golden fields spread fair and broad,
where flows the crystal river;
the strains of all its holy throng
with ours today are blending;
thrice blessed is that harvest song
which never hath an ending.


Hymn A&M 485 Praise to God, immortal praise

1. Praise to God, immortal praise,
for the love that crowns our days;
bounteous source of every joy,
let thy praise our tongues employ:

2. For the blessings of the field,
for the stores the gardens yield,
flocks that whiten all the plain,
yellow sheaves of ripened grain:

3. All that spring with bounteous hand
scatters o’er the smilling land;
all that liberal autumn pours
from her rich o’erflowing stores.

4. These to thee, my God, we owe,
source whence all our blessings flow;
and for these my soul shall raise
grateful vows and solemn praise.


Hymn A&M 486 The sower went forth sowing

1. The sower went forth sowing,
the seed in secret slept
through weeks of faith and patience,
till our the green blade crept;
and warmed by golden sunshine
and fed by silver rain,
at last the fields were whitened
to harvest once again.
O praise the heavenly Sower,
who gave the fruitful seed,
and watched and watered duly,
and ripened for our need.

2. Behold the heavenly Sower
goes forth with better seed,
the word of sure salvation,
with feet and hands that bleed;
here in his Church ’tis scattered,
our spirits are the soil;
then let an ample fruitage
repay his pain and toil.
O beauteous is the harvest
wherein all goodness thrives!
And this the true thanksgiving–
the first fruits of our lives.

3. Within a hallowed acre
he sows yet other grain,
when peaceful earth receiveth
the dead he died to gain;
for though the growth be hidden,
we know that they shall ripen
in sunny Paradise.
O summer land of harvest,
O fields for ever white
with souls that wear Christ’s raiment,
with crowns of golden light!

4. One day the heavenly Sower
shall reap where he hath sown,
and come again rejoicing,
and with him bring his own;
and then the fan of judgment
shall winnow from his floor
the chaff into the furnace
that flameth evermore.
O holy, awful Reaper,
have mercy in the day
thou puttest in thy sickle,
and cast us not away.

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Hymn A&M 487 Eternal Father, strong to save

1. Eternal Father, strong to save,
whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
who bidd’st the mighty ocean deep
its own appointed limits keep:
O hear us when we cry to thee
for those in peril on the sea.

2. O Christ, whose voice the waters heard
and hushed their raging at thy word,
who walkedst on the foaming deep,
and calm amid the storm didst sleep;
O hear us when we cry to thee
for those in peril on the sea.

3. Most Holy Spirit, who didst brood
upon the chaos dark and rude,
and bid its angry tumult cease,
and give, for wild confusion, peace:
O hear us when we cry to thee
for those in peril on the sea.

4. O Trinity of love and power,
our brethren shield in danger’s hour;
from rock and tempest, fire and foe,
protect them wheresoe’er they go;
thus evermore shall rise to thee
glad hymns of praise from land and sea.


Hymn A&M 488 Holy Father, in thy mercy
hear our anxious prayer

1. Holy Father, in thy mercy
hear our anxious prayer;
keep our loved ones, now far distant,
‘neath thy care.

2. Jesus, Savior, let thy presence
be their light and guide;
keep, O keep them, in their weakness,
at thy side.

3. When in sorrow, when in danger,
when in loneliness,
in thy love look down and comfort
their distress.

4. May the joy of thy salvation
be their strength and stay;
may they love and may they praise thee
day by day.

5. Holy Spirit, let thy teaching
sanctify their life;
send thy grace, that they may conquer
in the strife.

6. Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
God the One in Three,
bless them, guide them, save them,
keep them
near to thee.


Hymn A&M 489 God be with you till we meet again

1. God be with you till we meet again;
by his counsels guide, uphold you,
with his sheep securely fold you;
God be with you till we meet again.

2. God be with you till we meet again;
‘neath his wings protecting hide you;
daily manna still provide you;
God be with you till we meet again.

3. God be with you till we meet again;
when life’s perils thick confound you;
put his arms unfailing round you;
God be with you till we meet again.

4. God be with you till we meet again;
keep love’s banner floating o’er you,
smite death’s threatening wave before you;
God be with you till we meet again.


Hymn A&M 490 O God of love, O King of peace

1. O God of love, O King of peace,
make wars throughout the world to cease;
the wrath of sinful man restrain,
give peace, O God, give peace again!

2. Remember, Lord, thy works of old,
the wonders that our fathers told;
remember not our sin’s dark stain,
give peace, O God, give peace again!

3. Whom shall we trust but thee, O Lord?
Where rest but on thy faithful word?
None ever called on thee in vain,
give peace, O God, give peace again!

4. Where saints and angels dwell above,
all hearts are knit in holy love;
O bind us in that heavenly chain,
give peace, O God, give peace again!


Hymn A&M 491 God the all-terrible! King who

1. God the all-terrible! King who
great winds thy clarions, the light-
ning thy sword;
show forth thy pity on high where
thou reignest:
grant to us peace, O most merciful

2. God the omnipotent! mighty
watching invisible, judging unheard,
doom us not now in the day of our
grant to us peace, O most merciful

3. God the All-merciful! Earth has for-
thy ways of blessedness, slighted thy
bid not thy wrath in its terrors awaken:
grant to us peace, O most merciful Lord.

4. So shall thy children in thankful
praise him who saved them from
peril and sword,
singing in chorus from ocean to ocean,
‘peace to the nations, and praise to
the lord.’


Hymn A&M 492 LORD of the worlds, unseen or

1. LORD of the worlds, unseen or
Whose eyes behold all things that
Who rulest earth and sea and air
And guid’st the course of every star,
Look pitying from thy throne, nor
To draw the nations to thy peace.

2. And if, at duty‘s trumpet call,
Our manhood now be summoned
To battle for the right, the just,
O shield them by thy providence.
How confident are those that stand
Beneath the shelter of thy hand!

3. To all who, spurning earthly joys,
Seek undismayed the trackless way
High in the wide expanse of heaven,
Be thou their help, by night and day;
Through fire, through cloud, o‘er
land, o’er wave,
Still be thy presence strong to save.

4. But should, O God, thy Sovran
will ’
Allow the final sacrifice,
To thee their lives are dedicate:
Not theirs to falter at the price.
O Lord of earth and sea and air,
For those in peril hear our prayer.

5. Not given in vain, these gallant
The silent passing of the years,
Shall touch them not, who fought
and fell:
They ask no tribute of our tears.
O loyal hearts, from death set free!
Not lost, but living unto thee.


Hymn A&M 493 HOW joyful ’tis to sing
To God enthroned on high

1. HOW joyful ’tis to sing
To God enthroned on high,
To raise the ancient strain
Of tuneful psalmody
As Choristers, who thus delight,
To chant his praise by day and

2. Yet art is not enough,
Nor voice that charms the ear,
Unless the heart be tuned
And worship be sincere:
Help us to fix our minds on thee,
And lead us to simplicity.

3. Should we with wondering
our minds allow to stray,
Nor heed God’s holy word,
And, kneeling, fail to pray,
Help us to serve with godly fear,
Lest we forget thy presence near.

4. We seek to perfect praise,
On earth, in hope that we,
Some glimpses here may gain
Of heavenly harmony,
Where discord ne’er shall mar the
Of those that sing around the throne

5. Then in the praise of God
Let boys and men unit,
And, mindful of our trust,
Gird on our robes of white,
As symbol of the purity
That all must seek, who seek for


Hymn A&M 494 Hands that have been handling

1. Hands that have been handling,
holy things and high,
still, Lord, in thy service
bless and fortify.

2. Ears which heard the message
of the words of life,
keep thou closed and guarded
from the noise of strife.

3. Eyes whose contemplation
looked upon thy love,
let them gaze expectant
on the world above.

4. “Holy, holy, holy,”
thee our lips confessed:
on those lips for ever
let no falsehood rest.

5. Feet which trod the pavement
round about God’s board,
let them walk in glory
where God’s light is poured.

6. Bodies that have tasted
of the living Bread,
be they re-created
in their living Head.

7. Be we all one Body,
all our members one,
measured by the stature
of God’s full-grown Son.


Hymn A&M 495 LORD and Master, who hast called us
All our days to follow thee

1. LORD and Master, who hast called us
All our days to follow thee,
We have heard thy clear commandment
Bring the children unto me.

2. So we come to thee, the Teacher,
At my feet we kneel to pray:
We can only lead the children
when thyself shalt show the way.

3. Teach us thy most wondrous method,
As of old in Galilee
Thou didst show thy chosen servants
How to bring men unto thee.

4. Give us store of wit and wisdom,
Give us love which never tires,
Give us thine abiding patience,
Give us hope which ay inspires.

5. Mighty Wisdom of the Godhead,
Thou the one eternal Word,
Thou the Counsellor, the Teacher
Fill us with thy fullness, Lord.


Hymn A&M 496 Unchanging God, who livest
enthroned in realms on high

1. Unchanging God, who livest
enthroned in realms on high,
to men the power thou givest
thy name to magnify.
We raise the bells for ringing
with ready mind and will,
and come before thee, bringing
our hearts, our strength, our skill.

2. We call, from tower and steeple,
upon the day of days,
all faithful Christian people
to worship, prayer, and praise;
we ring with joyous gladness
when man and wife are blessed;
we peal in muffled sadness
for loved ones laid to rest.

3. By union free and willing
the work of God is done;
our Master’s prayer fulfilling,
we would in him be one:
one, as the Church our Mother
would have her children stand,
befriending one another,
a strong and steadfast band.

4. Our lives, like bells, while changing,
an ordered course pursue;
through joys and sorrows ranging,
may al those lives ring true.
May we, through Christ forgiven,
our faults and failures past,
attain our place in heaven,
called home to rest at last.


Hymn A&M 497 Rise at the cry of battle

1. Rise at the cry of battle,
arm for the coming strife;
by night and day you must fight your way
till you pass through death to life;
ready to face the danger,
ready to right the wrong.
There is many a foe on the way you go:
quit you like men, be strong!

2. Fiery and fierce the conflict,
daring and swift the foe;
his hosts are found on the battle ground,
where they wait to lay you low.
Sharp are his darts and deadly,
keen is the strife and long;
then arm for the fight in the armor
of light:
quit you like men, be strong!

3. Strive till the strife is over,
fight till the fight is won;
though sore opprest, seek not for rest
until the day is done.
After the well-fought battle
join in the victor’s song;
your trophies bring to Christ your King.
Quit you like men, be strong!


Hymn A&M 498 Lord of life and King of glory

1. Lord of life and King of glory,
who didst deign a child to be,
cradled on a mother’s bosom,
throned upon a mother’s knee:
for the children thou hast given
we must answer unto thee.

2. Since the day the blessed Mother
thee, the world’s Redeemer, bore,
thou hast crowned us with an honor
women never knew before;
and that we may bear it meetly
we must seek thine aid the more.

3. Grant us, then, pure hearts and patient,
that in all we do or say
little souls our deeds may copy,
and be never led astray;
little feet our steps may follow
in a safe and narrow way.

4. When our growing sons and daughters
look on life with eager eyes,
grant us then a deeper insight
and new powers of sacrifice:
hope to trust them, faith to guide them,
love that nothing good denies.

5. May we keep our holy calling
stainless in its fair renown,
that when all the work is over
and we lay the burden down,
then the children thou hast given
still may be our joy and crown.

Hymn A&M 499 Hail, O Mary, full of grace

1. “Hail, O Mary, full of grace,
daughter true of David’s race!
Thou, of women first and best,
art beyond all others blessed.

2. “Fear not, thou shalt bear a Son,
aided by the Holy One;
greater than the greatest, he
Son of God most high shall be.”

3. Thus the holy angel said,
Blessed Mary bowed her head:
“Lo, the handmaid of the Lord;
with his word may all accord.”

4. So to hearts still undefiled
comes the promise of a child,
full of joy, akin to tears,
full of hope, yet full of fears.

5. Happy she who answers still,
“Be it, Lord, as thy sweet will;
all I am to thee I owe,
all thy purpose thou dost know.

6. “What thou givest to be mine,
may it ne’er be aught but thine:
be it good or be it ill,
still be all at thy sweet will.”

7. Holy Mary, taught by thee
let us vain forebodings flee.
God is giving; fears must cease:
in his will is perfect peace.

Hymn A&M 500 GO forth with G0d! the day is

1. GO forth with G0d! the day is
That thou must meet the test of
Salvation’s helm upon thy brow,
Go, girded with the living truth,
in ways thine elder brethren trod,
Thy feet are set, Go forth with

2. Think fair of all, and all men love, `
And with the builder bear thy part:
Let every day and duty prove
The humblest witness of thy heart.
Go forth! tis God bids thee increase,
The bounds of love and joy and

3. Behold with thine unlifted eyes
Beauty through all that sorrow
And make of earth a paradise.
The substance of thy dearest dreams.
Bring laughter to thy great employ:
Go forth with God and find his joy.

4. Go forth with God! the world
The coming of the pure and strong;
Strike for the faith and storm the
That keep the citadel of wrong.
Glory shall shine about thy road.
Great heart, if thou go forth with

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Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 451- 500