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Ancient and Modern Revised (Anglican Hymnal) 501- 550 – Hymns A & M

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Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Hymns Ancient and Modern is a compilation of Anglican English Hymn. It is known as Hymns Ancient and Modern Revised aka A&M. Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550.

Ancient and modern hymns are 636  hymns and still counting. So, for the sake of convenience and easy navigation, we split it into sections (in 50s).

The Igbo version is known as Ekpere na Abu. We have also compiled Abu Anglican Igbo 1 to 400. See them here:

A & M 501 O GOD, whose mighty works of old
Our fathers to their sons have told

1. O GOD, whose mighty works of old
Our fathers to their sons have told,
Be with us still from age to nee.
Our children’s children’s heritage.

2. Thine are the kingdoms: at thy
All peoples of the earth do meet
In equal lowliness of prayer
To find thine equal pity there.

3. Thy strength made strong our
fathers’ hands,
A people great on seas and lands.
To win, till earth shall pass away,
Such honour as the earth can pay.

4. Be with their children: give us
To know, nor fear to hold, their place,
Nor meanly shrink, nor boast at
A people great on lands and seas.

5. Keep thou our boyhood free and
And quick to help and brave to dare:
From greed and selfishness and
Guard thou, O Lord, the English

6. Keep thou our girlhood fair and
In mirth and love and modesty
From ugly thought and deed and
Guard thou our English home, O Lord.

7. O God, whose mighty works of
Our fathers to their sons have told,
Be thou our strength from age to
Our children’s children’s heritage.

 A & M 502 Thou gracious God, whose mercy lends

1. Thou gracious God, whose mercy lends
the light of home, the smile of friends,
our gathered flock thine arms enfold
as in the peaceful days of old.

2. Wilt thou not hear us while we raise
in sweet accord of solemn praise
the voices that have mingled long
in joyous flow of mirth and song?

3. For all the blessings life has brought,
for all its sorrowing hours have taught,
for all we mourn, for all we keep,
the hands we clasp, the loved that sleep.

4. The noontide sunshine of the past,
these brief, bright moments fading fast,
the stars that gild our darkening years,
the twilight ray from holier spheres.

5. We thank thee, Father; let thy grace
our loving circle still embrace,
thy mercy shed its heavenly store,
thy peace be with us evermore.

A & M 503 The eternal gifts of Christ the King

1. The eternal gifts of Christ the King,
the apostles’ glory, let us sing,
and all, with hearts of gladness, raise
due hymns of thankful love and praise.

2. For they the Church’s princes are,
triumphant leaders in the war,
in heavenly courts a warrior band,
true lights to lighten every land.

3. Theirs is the steadfast faith of saints,
and hope that never yields nor faints;
and love of Christ in perfect glow
that lays the prince of this world low.

4. In them the Father’s glory shone,
in them the will of God the Son,
in them exults the Holy Ghost,
through them rejoice the heavenly host.

5. To thee, Redeemer, now we cry,
that thou wouldst join to them on high
thy servants, who this grace implore,
for ever and for evermore.

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

A & M 504 Let all on earth their voices raise

1. Let all on earth their voices raise,
re-echoing heaven’s triumphant praise,
to him who gave the apostles grace
to run on earth their glorious race.

2. Thou art whose word bore the light
of Gospel truth o’er heathen night,
to us that heavenly light impart,
to glad our eyes and cheer our heart.

3. Thou art whose will to them was given
to bind and loose in earth and heaven,
our chains unbind, our sins undo,
and in our hearts thy grace renew.

4. Thou in whose might they spake the word
which cured disease and health restored,
to us its healing power prolong,
support the weak, confirm the strong.

5. And when the thrones are set on high,
and judgment’s awful hour draws nigh,
then, Lord, with them pronounce us blessed,
and take us to thine endless rest.

A & M 505 O Christ, thou Lord of worlds

1. O Christ, thou Lord of worlds,
thine ear to hear us bow
on this the festival of thine apostle
who taught to men thy power to
free from sin’s offense
the souls of those that tread the
way of penitence.

2. Redeemer, save thy work,
thy noble work of grace,
sealed with the holy light that
beameth from thy face;
nor suffer them to fall o Satan’s
wiles a prey
for whom thou didst on earth
death’s costly ransom pay.

3. Pity thy flock, enthralled by sin’s
forgive each guilty soul and set
the bondmen free;
and those thou hast redeemed by
thine own passion sore
grant to rejoice with thee, O King,

A & M 506 Disposer supreme, and Judge
of the earth

1. Disposer supreme, and Judge
of the earth,
who choosest for thine the
weak and the poor;
to frail earthen vessels, and things
of no worth,
entrusting thy riches which ay shall

2. Those vessels soon fail, though full
of thy light,
and at thy decree are broken and
thence brightly appeareth thy truth
of thy might,
as through the clouds riven the
lightnings have shone.

3. Like clouds are they borne to do
thy great will,
and swift as the winds about the
world go:
the Word with his wisdom their
spirits doth fill;
they thunder, they lighten, the
waters o’erflow.

4. Their sound goeth forth, “Christ
Jesus is Lord!”
Then Satan doth fear, his citadels
as when the dread trumpets went
forth at thy word,
and one long blast shattered the
Canaanite’s wall.

5. O loud be their trump, and stirring
their sound,
to rouse us, O Lord, from slumber
of sin.
the lights thou hast kindled in
darkness around
o may they awaken our spirits

6. All honor and praise, dominion
and might,
to God, Three in One, eternally be,
who round us hath shed his own
marvelous light,
and called us from darkness his
glory to see.


Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Hymn A&M 507 Captains of the saintly band

1. Captains of the saintly band,
lights who lighten every land,
princes who with Jesus dwell,
judges of his Israel,

2. on the nations sunk in night
ye have shed the gospel light;
sin and error flee away,
truth reveals the promised day.

3. Not by warrior’s spear and sword,
not by art of human word,
preaching but the cross of shame,
rebel hearts for Christ ye tame.

4. Earth, that long in sin and pain
groaned in Satan’s deadly chain,
now to serve its God is free
in the law of liberty.

5. Distant lands with one acclaim
tell the honor of your name,
who, wherever man has trod,
teach the mysteries of God.

6. Glory to the Three in One,
while eternal ages run,
who from deepest shades of night
called us to his glorious light.


Hymn A&M 508 Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measures

1. Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measures,
sing of those who spread the treasure
in the holy Gospels shrined;
blessed tidings of salvation,
peace on earth their proclamation,
love from God to lost mankind.

2. Thou, by whom the words were given
for our light and guide to heaven,
Spirit, on our darkness shine;
graft them in our hearts, increasing
faith, hope, love and joy unceasing,
till our hearts are wholly thine.

3. O that we, thy truth confessing,
and thy holy Word possessing,
Jesus, may thy love adore;
unto thee our voices raising,
thee with all thy ransomed praising,
ever and forevermore.


Hymn A&M 509 Come sing, ye choirs exultant

1. Come sing, ye choirs exultant,
those messengers of God,
through whom the living Gospels
came sounding all abroad!
Whose voice proclaimed salvation
that poured upon the night,
and drove away the shadows,
and flushed the world with light.

2. He chose them, our Good Shepherd,
and, tending evermore
his flock through earth’s four quarters,
in wisdom made them four;
In one harmonious witness
the chosen four combine,
while each his own commission
fulfills in every line.

3. Four-square on this foundation
the Church of Christ remains,
a house to stand unshaken
by floods or winds or rains.
O glorious happy portion
in this safe home to be
by God, true Man, united
with God eternally!

Hymn A&M 510 How beauteous are their feet

1. How beauteous are their feet
who stand on Zion’s hill
who bring salvation on their tongues
and words of peace instil!

2. How happy are our ears
that hear this happy sound,
which kings and prophets waited for,
and sought, but never found.

3. How blessed are our eyes
that see this heavenly light!
Prophets and kings desired it long
but died without the sight.

4. The Lord makes bare his arm
through all the earth abroad:
let every nation now behold
their Saviour and their God.


Hymn A&M 511 SPIRIT of Jesus, who didst move

1. SPIRIT of Jesus, who didst move
The hearts and pens of men to write
The story of the world’s true light,
His words of power and deeds of

2. We thank thee for those scribes of
Who, while apostles journeyed still
Their worldwide witness to fulfil,
Set down the glorious tale they told;

3. We thank thee for the writers
Who from such fleeting records
The first three gospels, and so taught,
The truth for every age to see,

4. Then, as faith ripened, thou didst
A fourth evangelist, to show
The Christ whom souls had come to
As Way, as Truth, as Life for all.

5. Spirit of Jesus, give thy grace
To us who read, that so we may,
Know him more fully day by day
Until we see him face to face.

Hymn A&M 512 The God whom earth and sea and sky
adore and laud and magnify


1. The God whom earth and sea and sky
adore and laud and magnify,
whose might they own, whose praise they tell,
in Mary’s body deigned to dwell.

2. O Mother blest! the chosen shrine,
Wherein the Architect divine,
Whose hand contains the earth and sky,
vouchsafed in hidden guise to lie:

3. Blest in the message Gabriel brought,
blest by the work the Spirit wrought;
most blest, to bring to human birth
the long desired of all the earth.

4. O Lord, the Virgin-born, to thee
eternal praise and glory be,
whom with the Father we adore
and Holy Ghost for evermore.

Hymn A&M 513 Her Virgin eyes saw God
incarnate born

1. Her Virgin eyes saw God
incarnate born,
when she to Bethlem came that
happy morn;
how high her raptures then began
to swell,
none but her own omniscient Son
can tell.

2. As Eve when she her fontal sin
wept for herself and all she should
blest Mary with man’s Savor in
joyed for herself and for all human

3. All saints are by her Son’s dear
influence blessed,
she kept the very fountain at her
the Son adored and nursed by the
sweet Maid
a thousandfold of love for love

4. Heaven with transcendent joys
her entrance graced,
next to his throne her Son his Mother
and here below, now she’s of heaven
all generations are to call her blest.

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Hymn A&M 514 VlRGlN-BORN, we bow before thee

1. VlRGlN-BORN, we bow before thee:
Blessed was the womb that bore thee;
Mary, Maid! and Mother mild,
Blessed was she in her Child.

2. Blessed was the breast that fed thee:
Blessed was the hand that led thee;
Blessed was the parent’s eye
That watched thy slumbering infancy.

3. Blessed she by all creation.
who brought forth the world‘s salvation,
And blessed they—for ever blest
who love thee most and serve thee best.

4. Virgin-born, we bow before thee:
Blessed was the womb bore thee;
Mary, Maid! and Mother mild,
Blessed was she in her Child.


Hymn A&M 515 Shall we not love thee, Mother dear

1. Shall we not love thee, Mother dear,
whom Jesus loves so well?
And to his glory year by year
thy joy and honor tell?

2. Bound with the curse of sin and shame
we helpless sinners lay,
until in tender love he came
to bear the curse away.

3. And thee he chose from whom to take
true flesh his flesh to be;
in it to suffer for our sake,
by it to make us free.

4. Thy Babe he lay upon thy breast,
to thee he cried for food;
thy gentle nursing soothed to rest
the incarnate Son of God.

5. O wondrous depth of grace divine
that he should bend so low!
And, Mary, O what joy ’twas thine
in his dear love to know!

6. Joy to be Mother of the Lord,
and thine the truer bliss,
in every thought and deed and word
to be for ever his.

7. And as he loves thee, Mother dear,
we too will love thee well;
and to his g lory year by year
thy joy and honor tell.

8. Jesu, the Virgin’s holy Son,
we praise thee and adore,
who art with God the Father One
and Spirit evermore.


Hymn A&M 516 O God, thy soldiers’ great reward

1. O God, thy soldiers’ great reward,
their portion, crown and faithful Lord,
from all transgressions set us free,
who sing thy martyr’s victory.

2. By wisdom taught, he learned to know
the vanity of all below,
the fleeting joys of earth disdained,
and everlasting glory gained.

3. Right manfully his cross he bore,
and ran his race of torments sore;
for thee he poured his life away,
with thee he lives in endless day.

4. We therefore pray thee, Lord of love,
regard us from thy throne above;
on this thy martyr’s triumph day,
wash every stain of sin away.

5. All praise to God the Father be,
all praise, eternal Son, to thee,
whom with the Spirit we adore
for ever and for evermore.

Hymn A&M 517 Our Lord the path of suffering trod

1. Our Lord the path of suffering trod;
and, since his blood for man hath flowed,
’tis meet that man should yield to God
the life he owed. Alleluia!

2. No shame to own the Crucified!
Nay, ’tis our immortality
that we confess our God who died,
and for him die. Alleluia!

3. Beholding his predestined crown,
into death’s arms the martyr goes:
dying, he conquers death; o’erthrown,
o’erthrows his foes. Alleluia!

4. Lord, make us thine own soldiers true;
grant us brave faith, a spirit pure,
that for thy Name, thy cross in view,
we may endure. Alleluia!

5. Eternal Father of the world,
eternal Word, we thee adore,
eternal Spirit, God and Lord
for evermore. Alleluia!


Hymn A&M 518 Let our choir new anthems raise

1. Let our choir new anthems raise,
wake the morn with gladness;
God himself to joy and praise
turns the martyrs’ sadness:
bright the day that won their crown,
opened heaven’s bright portal,
as they laid the mortal down
to put on the immortal.

2. Never flinched they from the flame,
from the torture never;
vain the foeman’s sharpest aim,
Satan’s best endeavor:
for by faith they saw the land
decked in all its glory,
where triumphant now they stand
with the victor’s story.

3. Up and follow, Christian men!
Press through toil and sorrow;
Spurn the night of fear, and then,
O the glorious morrow!
Who will venture on the strife?
Blessed who first begin it!
Who grasp the land of life?
Warriors, up and win it!


Hymn A&M 519 HE Who to Jesus manfully bore

1. HE Who to Jesus manfully bore
He whom God’s people join to-day
to honour,
Now in the hidden mansions of the
Bideth for ever .

2. With store of virtues God adorned
his spirit,
Guiding his willing feet in paths of
Through all the earthly years while
in his body
Mortal breath tarried.

3. Wherefore with voices linked in
happy chorus
Hymn we his braises on his holy
Praying for grace to follow in his
Now and hereafter.

4. Glory and honour, power and
Be unto him, who, throned in the
Ordereth meetly earth and sky and
Triune, eternal.


Hymn A&M 520 STALWART as pillars bearing
high their burden

1. STALWART as pillars bearing
high their burden,
So do the Church‘s doctors stay
the temple
Where truth abideth, on the one
Grounded for ever.

2. O faithful stewards in God‘s holy
Out of your treasure new and old
things bringing,
Still do your writings to the light of
Steadfastly witness.

3. Souls wise and loyal to the spirit’s
Leading, [delivered,
Bravely ye battled for the faith
While of Its ageless mysteries ye
New understanding.

4. Now with unclouded gaze ye are
Him of whose face ye strained to
catch the vision
To whom be glory, father, son and
Through endless ages.


Hymn A&M 521 O Jesus, thou the virgins’ crown

1. O Jesus, thou the virgins’ crown,
thy gracious ear to us bow down,
born of that Virgin whom alone
the Mother and the Maid we own.

2. In thee, their Bridegroom and their Lord,
the virgins find their bright reward,
and wheresoe’er thy footsteps wend
with hymns and praises thee attend.

3. O gracious Lord, we thee implore
thy grace into our minds to pour;
from all defilement keep us free,
and make us pure in heart for thee.

4. All praise to God the Father be,
all praise, eternal Son, to thee,
whom with the Spirit we adore,
for ever and for evermore.

Hymn A&M 522 THE saints who rolled from place
to place

1. THE saints who rolled from place
to place.
Spreading the Gospel of Gods grace,
Now in their heavenly homeland Dwell
With Christ. whom here they served
so well.

2. Alert at thy command to go,
And everywhere thy word to sow,
They went, O Master, far and wide.
Eager, but yet unsatisfied.

3. Thine was the task they took in Hand,
Thine their good news for every Land,
Thine was their power, and thine again
Their passion for the souls of men.

4. That task of thine, by them begun,
Must now by our weak hands be done:
Strengthen, O Lord, to work for Thee
These hands, at home and over sea.


Hymn A&M 523 Joy and triumph everlasting
hath the heavenly Church on high

1. Joy and triumph everlasting
hath the heavenly Church on high;
for that pure immortal gladness
all our feast days mourn and sigh:
yet in death’s dark desert wild
doth the mother aid her child;
guards celestial thence attend us,
stand in combat to defend us.

2. Here the world’s perpetual warfare
holds from heaven the soul apart;
legioned foes in shadowy terror
vex the Sabbath of the heart.
O how happy that estate
where delight doth not abate!
for that home the spirit yearneth,
where none languisheth nor mourneth.

3. There the body hath no torment,
there the mind is free from care,
there is every voice rejoicing,
every heart is loving there.
Angels in that city dwell;
them their King delighteth well:
still they joy and weary never,
more and more desiring ever.

4. There the seers and fathers holy,
there the prophets glorified,
all their doubts and darkness ended,
in the Light of Light abide.
There the saints, whose memories old
we in faithful hymns uphold,
have forgot their bitter story
in the joy of Jesus’ glory.


Hymn A&M 524 Soldiers, who are Christ’s below

1. Soldiers, who are Christ’s below,
strong in faith resist the foe:
boundless is the pledged reward
unto them who serve the Lord.

2. ‘Tis no palm of fading leaves
that the conqueror’s hand receives;
joys are his, serene and pure,
light that ever shall endure.

3. For the souls that overcome
waits the beauteous heavenly home,
where the blessed evermore
tread on high the starry floor.

4. Passing soon and little worth
are the things that tempt on earth;
heavenward lift thy soul’s regard;
God himself is thy reward.

5. Father, who the crown dost give,
Savior, by whose death we live,
Spirit, who our hearts dost raise,
Three in One, thy Name we praise.

Hymn A&M 525 Lo! round the throne, a glorious band

1. Lo! round the throne, a glorious band,
the saints in countless myriads stand,
of every tongue redeemed to God,
arrayed in garments washed in blood.

2. Through tribulation great they came;
they bore the cross, despised the shame;
from all their labors now they rest,
in God’s eternal glory blest.

3. They see their Saviour face to face,
and sing the triumphs of his grace;
him day and night they ceaseless praise,
to him the loud thanksgiving raise:

4. “Worthy the Lamb, for sinners slain,
through endless years to live and reign;
thou hast redeemed us by thy blood,
and made us kings and priests to God.”

5. O may we tread the sacred road
that saints and holy martyrs trod;
wage to the end the glorious strife,
and win, like them, a crown of life.


Hymn A&M 526 Hark! the sound of holy voices

1. Hark! the sound of holy voices,
chanting at the crystal sea,
Alleluia, alleluia,
alleluia! Lord, to thee!
Multitude which none can number
like the stars in glory stands,
clothed in white apparel, holding
palms of victory in their hands.

2. Patriarch, and holy prophet,
who prepared the way for Christ,
king, apostle, saint, confessor,
martyr and evangelist,
saintly maiden, godly matron,
widows who have watched to prayer,
joined in holy concert, singing
to the Lord of all, are there.

3. They have come from tribulation,
and have washed their robes in blood,
washed them in the blood of Jesus;
tried they were, and firm they stood;
mocked, imprisoned, stoned, tormented,
sawn asunder, slain with sword;
they have conquered death and Satan
by the might of Christ the Lord.

4. Marching with thy cross, their banner,
they have triumphed following
thee, the Captain of salvation,
thee, their Savior and their King.
Gladly, Lord, with thee they suffered;
gladly, Lord, with thee they died;
and by death to life immortal
they were born and glorified.

5. Now they reign in heavenly glory,
now they walk in golden light,
now they drink, as from a river,
holy bliss and infinite;
love and peace they taste for ever,
and all truth and knowledge see
in the beatific vision
of the blessed Trinity.

6. God of God, the One begotten,
Light of light, Emmanuel,
in whose body joined together
all the saints forever dwell;
pour upon us of thy fullness
that we may for evermore
God the Father, God the Son, and
God the Holy Ghost adore.


Hymn A&M 527 For all the saints, who from their
labours rest

1. For all the saints, who from their
labours rest,
who thee by faith before the world
thy Name, O Jesu, be forever blest.

2. Thou wast their Rock, their Fortress
and their Might;
thou, Lord, their Captain in
the well-fought fight;
thou, in the darkness, still their one
true Light.

3. O may thy soldiers, faithful, true,
and bold,
fight as the saints who nobly fought
of old,
and win, with them the victor’s
crown of gold.

4. O blest communion, fellowship
we feebly struggle, they in glory
all are one in thee, for all are

5. And when the strife is fierce, the
warfare long,
steals on the ear the distant
triumph song,
and hearts are brave, again, and
arms are strong.

6. The golden evening brightens in
the west;
soon, soon to faithful warriors
comes their rest;
sweet is the calm of paradise the

7. But lo! there breaks a yet more
glorious day;
the saints triumphant rise in bright
the King of glory passes on his way.

8. From earth’s wide bounds, from
ocean’s farthest coast,
through gates of pearl streams in
the countless host,
and singing to Father, Son and Holy

Hymn A&M 528 How bright these glorious spirits

1. How bright these glorious spirits
Whence all their white array?
How came they to the blissful seats
of everlasting day?

2. Lo! these are they from sufferings
who came to realms of light,
and in the blood of Christ have
those robes which shine so bright.

3. Now with triumphal palms they
before the throne on high,
and serve the God they love amidst
the glories of the sky.

4. Hunger and thirst are felt no more,
nor suns with scorching ray;
God is their sun, whose cheering
diffuse eternal day.

5. The Lamb who dwells amidst
the throne
shall o’er them still preside,
feed them with nourishment divine,
and all their footsteps guide.

6. Midst pastures green he’ll lead his
where living streams appear;
and God the Lord from every eye
shall wipe off every tear.

7. To Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
the God whom we adore,
be glory, as it was, is now,
and shall be evermore.


Hymn A&M 529 The Son of God goes forth to war

1. The Son of God goes forth to war,
a kingly crown to gain;
his blood red banner streams afar:
who follows in his train?
Who best can drink his cup of woe,
triumphant over pain,
who patient bears his cross below,
he follows in his train.

2. That martyr first, whose eagle eye
could pierce beyond the grave;
who saw his Master in the sky,
and called on him to save.
Like him, with pardon on his tongue,
in midst of mortal pain,
he prayed for them that did the wrong:
who follows in his train?

3. A glorious band, the chosen few
on whom the Spirit came;
twelve valiant saints, their hope
they knew,
and mocked the cross and flame.
They met the tyrant’s brandished
the lion’s gory mane;
they bowed their necks, the death
to feel:
who follows in their train?

4. A noble army, men and boys,
the matron and the maid,
around the Savior’s throne rejoice,
in robes of light arrayed.
They climbed the steep ascent of
through peril, toil and pain;
O God, to us may grace be given,
to follow in their train.


Hymn A&M 530 Palms of glory, raiment bright

1. Palms of glory, raiment bright,
crowns that never fade away,
gird and deck the saints in light,
priests, and kings, and conquerors

2. Yet the conquerors bring their
to the Lamb amidst the throne,
and proclaim in joyful psalms
victory through his cross alone.

3. Kings for harps their crowns
crying, as they strike the chords,
“Take the kingdom, it is thine,
King of kings, and Lord of lords.”

4. Round the altar priests confess,
if their robes are white as snow,
’twas the Savior’s righteousness
and his blood that made them so.

5. They were mortal too like us;
ah! when we like them shall die,
may our souls translated thus
triumph, reign, and shine on high.


Hymn A&M 531 For all thy saints, 0 Lord

1. For all thy saints, 0 Lord,
who strove in thee to live,
who followed thee. obeyed, adored,
our grateful hymn receive.

2. For all thy saints, o Lord,
who strove in thee to die,
and found in thee a full reward,
accept our thankful cry.

3. Thine earthly members fit
to join thy saints above,
in one communion ever knit,
one fellowship of love.

4. Jesu, thy name we bless,
and humbly pray that we
may follow them in holiness
who lived and died for thee.

5. All might, all praise, be thine,
Father, co-equal Son,
and Spirit, bond of love divine,
while endless ages run.

Hymn A&M 532 WE praise thee, Lord, for all the
martyred throng

1. WE praise thee, Lord, for all the
martyred throng,
Those who by fire and sword or
suffering long
Laid down their lives, but would
not yield to wrong:

2. For those who fought to keep the
faith secure,
For all whose hearts were selfless
strong and pure.
For those whose courage taught us
to endure:

3. For fiery spirits held and God-
For gentle natures by his power
made bold,
For all whose gracious lives God’s
love retold.

4. Thanks be to thee, O Lord, for
saints unknown,
Who by obedience to thy word
have shown
That thou didst call and mark them
for thine own.


Hymn A&M 533 Jesus calls us; o’er the tumult
of our life’s wild, restless sea

1. Jesus calls us; o’er the tumult
of our life’s wild, restless sea,
day by day his clear voice soundeth,
saying, “Christian, follow me;”

2. As, of old, Saint Andrew heart it
by the Galilean lake,
turned from home and toil and kindred,
leaving all for his dear sake.

3. Jesus calls us from the worship
of the vain world’s golden store;
from each idol that would keep us,
saying, “Christian, love me more.”

4. In our joys and in our sorrows,
days of toil and hours of ease,
still he calls, in cares and pleasures,
that we love him more than these.”

5. Jesus calls us! By thy mercies,
Savior, may we hear thy call,
give our hearts to thine obedience,
serve and love thee best of all.


Hymn A&M 534 WHO dreads, yet undismayed
Dares face his terror

1. WHO dreads, yet undismayed
Dares face his terror;
who errs, yet having strayed
Avows his error—
Him let Saint Thomas guide,
Who stirred his fellows’ pride
To move to death beside,
Their Lord and Master.

2. Who longs for guidance clear
When doubts assail him,
Nor dares to move for fear
Lest faith should fail him—
For such let Christ’s reply
To his disciple‘s cry.
‘l am the Way.’ supply,
The light in darkness.

3. Who grieves that love lies dead
On fate’s wheel broken:
And stands uncomforted
By any token-
His faith shall be restored
By Christ’s compelling word
When Thomas saw the Lord.
And seeing worshipped.


Hymn A&M 535 Yesterday with exultation
joined the world in celebration

1. Yesterday with exultation
joined the world in celebration
of her promised Savior’s birth;
yesterday the angel-nation
poured the strains of jubilation
o’er the Monarch born on earth:

2. But today, O deacon glorious,
by thy faith and deeds victorious,
Stephen, champion renowned,
thee we hail who, triumph gaining,
mid the faithless faith sustaining,
first of martyr saints wast found.

3. For the crown that fadeth never
bear thy murderer’s brief endeavor;
victory waits to end the strife:
death shall be thy life’s beginning,
and life’s losing be the winning
of the true and better life.

Hymn A&M 536 Word supreme, before creation
born of God eternally

1. Word supreme, before creation
born of God eternally,
who didst will for our salvation
to be born on earth, and die;
well thy saints have kept their station,
watching till thine hour drew nigh.

2. Now ’tis come and faith espies thee;
like an eaglet in the morn,
one in steadfast worship eyes thee;
thy beloved, thy latest born;
in thy glory he descries thee
reigning from the tree of scorn.

3. Lo! heaven’s doors lift up, revealing
how thy judgments earthward move;
scrolls unfolded, trumpets pealing,
wine-cups from the wrath above,
yet o’er all a soft voice stealing
“Little children, trust and love!”

4. Thee, the Almighty King eternal,
Father of the eternal word;
thee, the Father’s Word supernal,
thee, of both, the Breath adored;
heaven, and earth, and realms infernal
own, one glorious God and Lord.


Hymn A&M 537 TO you was given, O saint beloved

1. TO you was given, O saint beloved,
A vision of Christ’s glory
Before he lived his earthly life
Begun with Christmas story;
The story of the Son of God
Before the world’s creation,
in whom all things that are were
And have their consummation.

2. In you he found his closest friend,
A friend though frail and mortal,
Whose love so pure gave sight so
it pierced beyond heavens portal:
So to the world you witness gave,
With prophet‘s, eye descrying
The life of grace and fellowship,
The life in God undying.

3. O love of God that overflowed
in glories of creation!
O crowning glory of all life
in wondrous incarnation!
All praise to God whose saint and
Declared the love excelling [seer
Now shed abroad in faithful hearts
Abounding and indwelling.


Hymn A&M 538 O MARTYRS young and fresh as

1. O MARTYRS young and fresh as
Your day was in its morning hours
When Christ was sought and you
were found
Like rain-strewn petals on the

2. How weak to hurt you was the
You are Christ‘s morning offering,
His pretty lambs, his children, gay
With martyr-crowns and palms at

3. And you had cheated Herod’s rage,
You little boys of Jesus’ age;
For he whom Herod sought to
Jesus, untouched escaped away.

4. Glory, O Christ the Lord, to thee,
Child of the blessed Virgin, be,
Whom with the Father we adore
And Holy Spirit evermore.


Hymn A&M 539 The ancient law departs

1. The ancient law departs,
and all its terrors cease;
for Jesus makes with faithful hearts
a covenant of peace.

2. The Light of Light divine,
true brightness undefiled,
he bears for us the shame of sin,
a holy, spotless Child.

3. Today the Name is thine,
at which we bend the knee;
they call thee Jesus, Child divine!
our Jesus deign to be.

4. All praise, eternal son,
for thy redeeming love,
with father, spirit, ever one,
in glorious might above.


Hymn A&M 540 From heaven’s height Christ
spake to call

1. From heaven’s height Christ
spake to call
the gentiles’ great apostle, Paul,
whose doctrine, like the thunder,
to the wide world’s remotest bounds.

2. O bliss of Paul, beyond all though,
to paradise, yet living, caught!
He hears the heavenly mysteries
which mortal tongue cannot declare.

3. The word’s good seed abroad he
straightway a mighty harvest
and fruits of holy deeds supply
God’s everlasting granary.

4. The lamp his burning faith displays
has filled the world with glorious
that darkness’ realm may be
and Christ may reign, and reign alone.


Hymn A&M 541 We sing the glorious conquest
before Damascus’ gate

1. We sing the glorious conquest
before Damascus’ gate,
when Saul, the Church’s spoiler
came breathing threats and hate.
The ravening wolf rushed forward
full early to the prey;
but lo! the Shepherd met him,
and bound him fast today.

2. O glory most excelling
that smote across his path!
O light that pierced and blinded
the zealot in his wrath!
O voice that spake within him
the calm, reproving word!
O love that sought and held him
the bondman of his Lord!

3. O Wisdom ordering all things
in order strong and sweet,
what nobler spoil was ever
cast at the Victor’s feet?
What wiser master builder
e’er wrought at thine employ
than he, till now so furious
thy building to destroy?

4. Lord, teach thy Church the lesson,
still in her darkest hour
of weakness and of danger,
to trust thy hidden power;
thy grace by ways mysterious
the wrath of man can bind,
and in thy boldest foeman
thy chosen saint can find.

Hymn A&M 542 PAUL the preacher, Paul the poet

1. PAUL the preacher, Paul the poet,
Fearless fighter for the truth,
Mystic, pioneer, and prophet.
Builder of the Church’s youth:

2. Foremost or Gamallel’s pupils
Pharisee of Christian fame.
Great apostle of the Gentiles,
we as Gentiles bless thy name

3. Loyal Jew, yet born a Roman.
Citizen, yet slave of Christ,
Wealth, position, kindred, freedom.
To thy Lord were sacrificed.

4. Still to-day we need thy teaching
Stern yet loving, hard yet true:
Only those who share his passion
Can their lives in Christ renew.

5. Paul the fiery, Paul the saintly,
Worship with us at thy feast;
May our love to Christ be strength-
And our faith through thee in-

6. Till, when faith no more is needed,
There where faith and sight are one,
We in heaven shall praise the Father
in the Spirit through the Son.


Hymn A&M 543 O Zion, open wide thy gates

1. O Zion, open wide thy gates,
let symbols disappear;
a Priest and Victim, both in one,
the Truth himself, is here.

2. No more the slaughtered beast
must die;
behold, the Father’s Son
his temple enters, soon himself
for sinners to atone.

3. Conscious of hidden deity,
the lowly virgin brings
her newborn Babe, with two young
her humble offerings.

4. There waiting Simeon sees at last
the saviour long desired,
and Anna welcomes Israel’s hope,
with holy rapture fired.

5. But silent stood the mother blest
of the yet silent Word,
and pondering in her steadfast
with speechless praise adored.

6. All glory to the Father be,
all glory to the Son,
all glory, holy Ghost, to thee,
while endless ages run.

Hymn A&M 544 Hail to the Lord who comes

1. Hail to the Lord who comes,
comes to his temple gate!
Not with his angel host,
not in his kingly state;
no shouts proclaim him nigh,
no crowds his coming wait.

2. But borne upon the throne
of Mary’s gentle breast,
watched by her duteous love,
in her fond arms at rest;
thus to his Father’s house
he comes, the heavenly Guest.

3. There Joseph at her side
in reverent wonder stands,
and, filled with holy joy,
old Simeon in his hands
takes up the promised Child,
the glory of all lands.

4. Hail to the great First-born
whose ransom-price they pay!
The Son before all worlds,
the Child of man today,
that he might ransom us
who still in bondage lay.

5. O Light of all the earth,
thy children wait for thee!
come to thy temples here,
that we, from sin set free,
before thy Father’s face
may all presented be!


Hymn A&M 545 The highest and the holiest place
guards not the heart from sin

1. The highest and the holiest place
guards not the heart from sin;
the Church that safest seems without
may harbor foes within.

2. Thus in the small and chosen band,
beloved above the rest,
one fell from his apostleship,
a traitor-soul unblest.

3. But not the great designs of God
man’s sins shall overthrow;
another witness to the truth
forth to the lands shall go.

4. The soul that sinneth, it shall die;
thy purpose shall not fail;
the word of grace no less shall sound,
the truth no less prevail.

5. Righteous, O Lord, are all thy ways;
long as the worlds endure,
from foes without and foes within
thy Church shall stand secure.

Hymn A&M 546 Praise we the Lord this day

1. Praise we the Lord this day,
this day so long foretold,
whose promise shone with cheering ray
on waiting saints of old.

2. The prophet gave the sign
for faithful men to read:
a virgin born of David’s line
shall bear the promised seed.

3. Ask not how this should be,
but worship and adore,
like her whom heaven’s Majesty
came down to shadow o’er.

4. Meekly she bowed her head
to hear the gracious word,
Mary, the pure and lowly maid,
the favored of the Lord.

5. Blessed shall be her name
in all the Church on earth,
through whom that wondrous
mercy came,
the incarnate Savior’s birth.

6. Jesu, the Virgin’s Son,
we praise thee and adore,
who art with God the Father one
and Spirit evermore.

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Hymn A&M 547 GABRIEL to Mary came,
She saw him in her chamber


1. GABRIEL to Mary came,
She saw him in her chamber:
Mary’s heart stood still with fear,
But gently did he greet her: [said,
Thou Queen of maidens, hall!’ he
Thou shalt become a Mother-maid;
Thy Son shall be the Lord of earth
and heaven:
He comes to save mankind
That men, their sins forgiven.
The gate of heaven may find.

2. ‘How can I a mother be
That am a maid unwedded?
How can I a mother be
That am a maid betrothed?
He answered to her questioning.
The Holy Ghost shall do this thing.
Be not afraid, nor let thy heart be
God guards thy purity;
His power shall make thee Joyful,
And blessed shalt thou be.’

3. Unto whom our Lady then
Returned her answer meekly
‘Here am I, the handmaiden
Of God the Lord almighty
O messenger of God most high.
Revealer of this mystery,
With all my heart I long to see fulfil-
Of what I hear thee tell:
Behold his handmaid ready,
To do his holy will.

4. Ah, thou Mother of my Lord,
What peace through thee was given!
Thy dear Child, our Christ adored
Makes peace on earth and heaven.
Beseech thy Son for us, that he,
Would look upon us graciously,
And, all our shame and misery re-
Would give us grace to come,
To comfort out of grieving
And, out of exile, home.


Hymn A&M 548 From out the cloud of fiery light

1. From out the cloud of fiery light,
borne on the whirlwind from the
four living creatures winged and
before the prophet’s eye came forth.

2. The voice of God was in the four
beneath that awful crystal mist,
and every wondrous form they
foreshadowed an evangelist.

3. The lion-faced, he told abroad
the strength of love, the strength
of faith;
he showed the almighty Son of
the man divine who won by death.

4. O Lion of the Royal Tribe,
strong Son of God, and strong to
all power and honor we ascribe
to thee who only makest brave.

5. For strength to love, for will to
for fiery crowns by martyrs won,
for suffering patience, strong and
we praise thee, Lord, and thee alone.


Hymn A&M 549 Hail! princes of the host of

1. Hail! princes of the host of
to whom by Christ your Chief ’tis
on shining thrones to sit on high,
and judge the world with equity.

2. Through you was borne the Gospel
to those who lay in sin’s dark night;
that Christ, the Life, the Truth, the
might lead them to eternal day.

3. Not in the power of the earthly sword
or arts of speech ye preached the
the Cross, the Cross which men
’twas this achieved your victories.

4. And now to God, the Three in One,
be highest praise and glory done,
who calls us from the gloom of night
to share the glory of his light.

Hymn A&M 550 O Son of God, our Captain of salvation


1. O Son of God, our Captain of salvation,
thyself by suffering schooled to
human grief,
we bless thee for thy sons of consolation,
who follow in the steps of thee their Chief.

2. For all true helpers, patient, kind,
and skillful,
who shed thy light across our
darkened earth,
counsel the doubting, and restrain
the willful,
soothe the sick bed, and share the
children’s mirth.

3. Such was thy Levite, strong in
to cast his all at thine apostles’ feet;
he whose new name, through every
Christian nation,
from age to age our thankful strains


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Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550

Ancient and Modern (Anglican Hymns) A&M 501- 550