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3 Times Gunmen Struck in Enugu Town; Killing Justice Nnaji, Mr Ifeanyi Okeke and Prof. Samuel Ndubisi

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How Gunmen killed Nnaji | Ifeanyi Okeke and Samuel Ndubisi in Enugu

The residents of Enugu Metropolis are now living in fear as the once peaceful town is gradually turning into a den for unknown gunmen and hired assassins. It is 3 times unknown gunmen struck in the heart of the town, killing a former Chief Judge, Justice Stanley Nnaji, Mr. Ifeanyi Okeke, and Prof. Samuel Ndubisis. How Gunmen killed Nnaji | Ifeanyi Okeke and Prof Samuel Ndubisi in Enugu.


How Gunmen killed Nnaji | Ifeanyi Okeke and Samuel Ndubisi in Enugu

Things began to shift for ugly in Enugu town when some cultists groups launched attacks at the popular Motor Parks known as Holy Ghost and Garriki. The victim of the attack was said to be a member of a cult who compromised and was escaping to another town outside Enugu. He was shot at the Park and he died at a spot.

On the 30th of May, 2021, the killings of government officials and popular figures by the unknown gunmen in Enugu town took to high gear. The first victim was a former Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Enugu, Justice Stanley Nnaji.

The Late Justice Nnaji was a former Chief Judge who was dismissed by the Board of Judiciary for assenting to the removal and the misjudgment in the case of Sen Ngige and the Ubas during his tenor as Anambra State Governor.

He was Shot at Ebeano Tunnel/ Turbulent Axis, Enugu by unknown gunmen on Sunday evening, 30th May 2021. The suspected gunmen trailed him with a white car. He was dragged out of his Jeep and shot at the back. Stanley Nnaji was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead by the doctor on arrival.

Unknown Gunmen killed Mr. Ifeanyi Okeke at Independent Layout in Enugu

How Gunmen killed Nnaji | Ifeanyi Okeke and Samuel Ndubisi in Enugu
Enugu-based Businessman Killed by gunmen in front of his 7-year-old son, Mr. Ifeanyi Okeke

The killing of Mr. Ifeanyi Okeke, an Enugu-based businessman was the second time suspected gunmen would strike in Enugu town. He was shot and killed in the presence of his 7-year-old son whom he went to pick from a barber’s saloon where he went for a haircut.

According to a reliable news source, the late Ifeanyi Okeke’s killing was a case of suspected hired assassins. “Gunmen suspected to be assassins have killed the Chief Executive Officer of AutoEase services in Enugu State, Mr. Ifeanyi Okeke”.

It was gathered that the deceased was shot dead by yet to be identified gunmen on Sunday night, July 4, while on his way to his house located at Brick Estate, by Ekweremadu Drive, Independence Layout Enugu.

According to the report, the assailants hit his car from the back and when he came out to investigate, they ordered him to lie down on the floor, then shot him in the leg and stomach. He was reported to die at the spot.


Spokesperson of the State Police Command, Daniel Ndukwe, who confirmed the incident in a statement on Monday, said operatives attached to the Layout’s Police Division, immediately raced to the scene upon receipt of a distress call.


“On sighting the Operatives, the criminal elements fled, while their victim, later identified as Ifeanyi Okeke, whom they shot severally, was rushed to the nearest hospital, where he was confirmed dead by doctors on duty,” Ndukwe stated.

How Gunmen killed Nnaji | Ifeanyi Okeke and Samuel Ndubisi in Enugu

The assasination of SEDI DG, Prof. Samuel Ndubisi

Prof Ndubisi Samuel Killed by Assassins at Portharcourt Expressway Enugu. Watch Video here.

Professor Samuel Ndubisi was a former dean, faculty of Engineering, Enugu State University of Technology ESUT. He was before his murder the Director general of SEDI. He was killed by suspected assassins in Enugu on the 7th July 2021 while on official assignment.

He was shot and killed in Enugu by Unknown assassins/ gunmen along the Portharcourt expressway by Centenary City has been revealed. According to the report, he was on his way to an important assignment before his assailants trailed him. Prof Ndubisi Samuel Killed by Assassins at Portharcourt Expressway Enugu.


He was in the company of his mobile Police escort when he was attacked. He was shot several times in the head. His Police escort took to his heel but he was shot and killed at the spot. It was reported that only the driver escaped unhurt.

Prof. Samuel Ndubisi was riding on his Prado Jeep with a Government number, traveling with his mobile Police Escort before the incident occurred. According to the video and the voice-over of the eyewitness, the gruesome murder happened at Portharcourt Expressway, close to  Centenary city, Enugu town.

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