You dont have javascript enabled! Please enable it! DIVCCON - Divine Common Wealth Conference 2020/2021.

DIVCCON – Divine Common Wealth Conference Organised by Church of Nigeria

DIVCCON 2020 and 2021 – Divine Common Wealth Conference

DIVCCON – Divine Common Wealth Conference 2020/2021. In case You Missed the 2020 Divine Commonwealth Conference (DIVCCON); This Is The Highlight Of The Praise And Worship Session. The Commissioner for Praise And Worship is live on the stage.

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DIVCCON - Divine Common Wealth Conference 2020/2021.


Today is Day-2 of the ongoing Divine Commonwealth Conference of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion, held at Christian Center, Abuja. The Conference is an annual event that brings together the house of Bishops, clergy and laity, and all other denominations who wish to attend.

The Conference was initiated by the immediate past Primate of the Church of Nigeria, The Most Rev’d Nicholas Okoh and upon his retirement, the new Primate retains the vision. The Conference is always graced with praise sessions in which the best dancers are always rewarded.

For the past 8 years since DIVCCON started, a man has always won the best worshiper and dancer and that man is a Bishop. He is the happiest Bishop in the Church of Nigeria. He is an example of a Davidic dance. He has been named the Commissioner for high Praise Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion worldwide(COHP)

He is no other person than His Lordship The Rt Rev Johnson N Ekwe Ph.D.  It is happening again in 2020 DIVCCON. The Commissioner of Praise and worship on the stage.


Activities in the DIVCCON

This is an update to this post. The post was made last year, 2020, during the ongoing DIVCCON in Abuja. This morning, I was a search query on my dashboard with says; “what are the Anglicans doing during DIVCCON that is organized by the church of Nigeria in Abuja?”


I don’t really know if I understood the question but I am thinking the searcher is asking about the activities of the Church of Nigeria during DIVCCON in Abuja. The answer should be prayers and hearing sound teachings from seasoned preachers from all corners of the earth.

One unique feature about DIVCCON is that it is not restricted to the Priests and wives or the Church Parochial Committee members; anybody can attend the conference so far the person is registered. When I said anybody, I mean other church denominations are allowed to attend DIVCCON.

I remember some years ago in the Divine Common Wealth Conference during the time of the immediate past Primate. The Most Rev. Mike Oko, Pa Adeboye came to minister in one of the sessions.

The program comes in sessions and the participants si permitted to choose under whose teaching he or she wants to sit. There is also a Bible study section which is also grouped. Some bishops also take up teaching classes during the Bible study.


Finally, at the end of the Conference, deliberations are made on the way forward for the Anglican Communion and the different Dioceses. Awards are given to the Diocese who has the highest registered and attended candidates and also the best dancers during the praises and worships sessions.