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Can Society Be Influenced By Human Beings

 Questions on sociology: How are we influenced by society?  Can Society Be Influenced By Human Beings

The first time I saw this question, it came as a pair. In fact, I offered the answers in pairs. I decided to separate the question to be able to do justice to it. The original question is; “Can Society influence human beings or Society influenced by Human beings”?


It is expected that before one goes deep in explaining the question, the person should first and foremost, give a “yes” or “no” answer. The answer to this question in either way should be “Yes“. That is, society influences human beings and in turn, the human influences society.

Society, simply put is the physical or natural environment where man is born into. Without society, human beings would cease to exist. Society is important because it is NATURAL to us humans and in fact MANY other animals as well. From birth, we are placed into group settings and situations with particular common denominators: family, schools, government, and political systems.

Can Society Be Influenced By Human Beings?

Yes, society can be influenced by human beings. Human beings can influence society as they too are being influenced by society. The identities of human beings evolve. The younger generations are influenced to follow the pattern of the evolved behaviors thereby, influencing society. There are other ways through which human influence society. They are through social movement and change, through revolution and deviant.

According to an expert view; “Society is one of the many factors that shape who we are, and in turn, our collective and personal identities shape society. As we grow individually and together, our identities evolve and influence the identities of future generations.”

Take, for instance, the recent ENDSARS Protests in Nigeria. During the protests, the country was put to a standstill. It was no longer what society said. It was what the Protesters in the streets were doing. Society is bent on meeting the demand of the youths in the streets. That is a form of influence.

In sum, human beings and society are dynamic. None is static, both can change at any given time. Human beings live in society and abide by the rules of that society. But because he evolves with time, he revolts in some cases and alters some of these rules which may have become obsolete. Society on its own will have to adjust in order to accommodate man with his evolving environment.

On this, one can say that society influences human beings, and Human beings in turn influence society.


Can Society Be Influenced By Human Beings Or Human Beings Influenced By Society


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