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Can Society Be Influenced By Human Beings Or Human Beings Influenced By Society

How are we influenced by society? Can Society influence human beings or Can Society Be Influenced by Human Beings?

ANSWER: This is a two-in-one question that needs to be given a yes or no answer and gives detailed explanations. The answer to this question in either way should be “Yes“. That is, society influences human beings and in turn, the human influences society.


There are three major keywords in this question which are: society, human beings, and influence. We shall define these three concepts in order to be able to arrive at how both influence each other.

By definition, Sociology is a social science that studies human societies, how they interact, and the processes that preserve and change them. This is done by examining the changing of constituent parts of societies such as institutions, populations, gender, racial, or age groups, community, etc. It does not end here. Sociology is also the studies of social status or stratification, social movement, and change, including societal disorders like crime, deviance, and revolution.

Society, simply put is the physical or natural environment where man is born into. Without society, human beings would cease to exist. Society is vital because it is natural to man and the animals. We find ourselves from birth placed into group settings and situations with particular common denominators: family, schools, government, and political systems.

The word ‘to Influence’ means the power or strong will an individual or entities weigh. This power or strong will has the capability of changing the way people think and do a certain thing. Every human is born into a family. Family plays roles in forming and influence the life of every human being.

The norms and culture of every family revolve around the societal norms. Therefore, we can say here that the family shapes the identity and behaviors of its members according to the family norms, and the societal norms also influence these values.

Society shapes (influences) who we are, and we in turn, what we have become (Our identity) shape (influences) society. What do I mean by this? As man grows, his identity evolves with time. This will influence the identity of future generations. These generations will live a different life in society as seen in the first man.


These basic organizations begin where specialized institutions stop. The first being the family. A child first all will follow how things are done in the family where he is born into. He will later join his community. The communal living will influence to learn how to live with others from different families. This influence may have to alter some of the family norms inculcated in the child. The same thing will continue when he joins peer groups, clubs, and other volunteer associations.

All these processes are geared at molding or influencing human beings by society to be able to live and interact with one another in society.


Can Society Be Influenced By Human Beings?

Like I had cited earlier, Society is one of the many factors that shape who we are, and in turn, our collective and personal identities…


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